Friday, March 10, 2023

The clock will SPRING forward because SPRING is here.

   It will take some adjustments to get the SPRING in your step but you always have to adjust as you go through your Life's Journey.

   They are talking about NO LONGER CHANGING the time clocks as we mark the CHANGE in fall and spring seasons.

  But we are all used to the TIME CHANGE so why stop what we are used to? 

  We are used to waking up to a certain amount of daylight so we might wake up late.

  We are used to it being dark at a certain time so I hope we manage to get enough sleep.

   We are all still ADJUSTING to the CHANGES that the PANDEMIC brought.

  Do we really need to CHANGE the SPRING and FALL TIME CHANGES?

  Most CHANGES we have to make to keep up with the CHANGES that we are not in control of.

  But we are in control of keeping the Spring and fall TIME CHANGES so DON'T CHANGE IT.

   Unfortunately I am not in control of whether they STOP CHANGING the time or not so I will have to ADJUST to whatever they decide.


  But for now get ready for the clock to SPRING FORWARD SOON.

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