Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Telling the Elf on a shelf helps kids to Just Flush It out of their mind

When Elf on a Shelf first came out I thought it was cute but not very useful. My grandkids got one and now I can see first hand just how useful it is. When they are squabbling over stuff they run and tell the Elf on a Shelf. When someone is mean to them at school they go home and tell the Elf on a Shelf and it makes them feel better. So I have learned that it is more than just telling it what they want for Christmas. It is like the virtual toilet on my web site where you can go to push the handle to hear it flush to help you Just Flush It out of your mind. Use whatever it takes whether it is a toilet,an Elf on a Shelf, or anything else if it works to help you Just Flush It

Monday, November 28, 2016

They skip from toddlers to teenagers

My grandkids know how to work my phone better than I do. My youg four year old granddaughter said lets text daddy and before I knew it she had pulled up text and found his name. And she can't even read. The other day she was playing a game on my phone and somehow when she got bored with it she managed to start downloading a new game. When I asked her what she wanted for Christmas she said she wanted her own phone. I am afraid to ask her older brother who is seven what he wants he will probably say a car.Enjoy them while they are young because nowadays they grow up way too fast.

Friday, November 25, 2016

Open with no lines on black Friday

All the stores were full of people looking for a bargain. But to my surprise it was a good day to take care of business stuff. I went to the cable company and there was no one there. I walked straight up to the clerk and was done in a minute. I went to get a new ID that I had been putting off and there was no one there. Usually you waited to be called for an hour or two but I went straight up and was out in just a few minutes. There was no line at the grocery store either. Looks like black Friday is the best day to take care of business because they are all open with no lines. And the Thanksgiving leftovers tasted even better because the work was done preparing yesterday so I could just eat. Hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

There is no time to be clogged up there is just too much to get done for Thanksgiving!

Really? Today this has to happen. It's been one thing after another today and I have way too much to do. It was happening so fast that I didn't have a chance to FLUSH IT as it was coming and now I am all clogged up and half the day is gone. Time to GRAB THE PLUNGER! Got to JUST FLUSH IT because tomorrow is Thanksgiving and I need to have room to focus on getting ready. Things happen in life which is why if you want to enjoy it there are times when you got to JUST FLUSH IT so you can.

Monday, November 21, 2016

Busy time of year

Time to thaw out the turkey and ham. Before you know it a marathon of cooking begins. We all have our favorites we look forward to having. And no matter how many times I remind myself to not eat to much it just happens. And cleaning up afterwards is hard to do when you just want to sit down and rest. But you know everyone is expecting a few special leftovers to take home. We all enjoy lunch the next day and put up our Christmas tree. Then we enjoy a whole month of Christmas Joy in the air as the little ones dream about what they will get to open soon. Christmas is the only holiday that we get to feel for 30 days not just one day. Truly a Holly Jolly time of year.

Friday, November 18, 2016

A minute of anger

You can't get angry about what you think might happen. Well you can but why would you? It will put stress on your organs which causes damage to them even though you later find out you didn't need to be angry at all. Once the damage is done it's done no matter what the outcome is. It can't be undone. Life is short enough without shortening it by getting angry when in reality you had nothing to be angry about. Every minute of anger is another minute that you shorten your time by. Every minute of laughter adds a minute.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

A day to count your blessings not your calories

Just over a week now until our Thanksgiving dinner. As you gather to feast don't forget everything you should be thankful for. If you know someone who would be all alone on Thanksgiving invite them over to eat because we all definitely make enough to share. Surprisingly many stores start their Christmas sales that day but not surprisingly I always eat so much that I need a nap more than I need the bargains. Thanksgiving is definitely a day when no one should count their calories they should only count their blessings.

Monday, November 14, 2016

We can if united we stand

I have been trying to figure out what the protesters over the presidential election results hope to accomplish. There are millions of people who's candidate they voted for didn't win. The results of the election will not change by protesting. All the voters want there to be unity and we should all stand united and work together. Which is necessary no matter who would have won the presidential election. Protest only keep us divided and it makes life uncomfortable for every American, no matter what party you identify with. If you want to stop the insanity we see in our society then we all must do our part. Be a part of the solutions instead of causing havoc on our streets. Let your voice be heard by campaigning to get the legislations passed that are important to you. How you voice your opinion will determine whether your voice will be heard. United we stand is our motto so come on everybody lets stand united.

Friday, November 11, 2016

They deserve more than a day of appreciation

To all those who have served in our armed forces both past and present I want to thank you for all that you sacrifice to keep all of us safe. The sights, sounds and feelings that you experienced I wish there was a way to thank you that you deserve. It is nice that there is a Holiday named in your honor but what about all the other days of the year? There were many wounded physically and mentally who struggle every moment everyday. Unfortunately even the VA doesn't make treatment you need a priority. Many say they are treated as if they should not be given help to be treated for the injuries you sustained while fighting for our freedom. Show veterans that their personal sacrifices were appreciated every day as everyday you live in freedom because they were willing to fight for your freedom. Freedom isn't free it cost our veterans to sacrifice to earn it for us.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

The phone calls keep coming

What a late night of elections. Makes me wonder why it can't be on a weekend day. So many people were up till 3:30 in the morning then had to get up a couple hours later for work. I like many had to take a nap after work was done. I was surprised that I was jolted out of my nap to a phone call to ask my reaction to the election results. After months of phone calls asking me who I was voting for they now want to poll me some more. Really their polls were wrong. And calling to poll my reaction is just wrong, enough of the phone calls. I know I will definitely not believe their polls anymore. Unfortunately in four years they will bombard us all for months again to gather their polls. I think they should take a poll to see who will pay attention to their poll results again to see that they are wasting our time answering the questions because the poll results don't mean anything.

Monday, November 7, 2016

You have to vote to make your vote count

As the time to cast your vote for president nears it will be a relief in some ways but uncertainty of who and what it will mean brings fear. Even if who I vote for wins it doesn't mean that what they promised will really happen. If they lose then at least I will be able to say with pride that I voted. There is nothing worse than hearing people complain about how things are run yet they didn't even vote. It's like watching a crime being committed and doing nothing about it then being shocked when eventually they or someone they know falls victim to the same crime. No matter who wins tomorrow I hope common courtesy, common decency and common sense become common again replacing the insanity we see in society today.

Friday, November 4, 2016

Take them from ordinary to extraordinary

Here I go to search through the Halloween clearance. It's time to buy some accessories to make robots out of each person's Christmas presents. They know they are getting presents but they never know what they will be wrapped in. It just makes it a little more interesting. It also decorates my home during the Christmas season. So far I have made both my granddaughters couches with cats on them out of their boxes of presents. And the boys boxes were turned into an alien and a super hero. Who knows what I will find in the Halloween clearance to make some spooky ones. Ribbons and bows make a package festive but turning them into robots takes their packages from ordinary to extraordinary.

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Today is a day you were lucky to have had

Everyday is a day you have to be thankful for. There is no guarantee of a tomorrow and yesterday is gone so today is one you need to enjoy while you can. If you let things from your past consume you or spend today worrying about tomorrow you will find that you wasted your today. So each day focus on what you can do to enjoy today.