Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Surround yourself with people who will inspire you

 If you want inspiration you need to surround yourself with people who inspire you. If you surround yourself with people who pull you down you will stay down.

 Even if you have to go it alone it is better to swim alone then be swimming with sharks waiting to attack you. Of course that is UNLESS they are sharks from SHARK TANK who want to swim along side you to share in your success.

  WHO AND WHAT you surround yourself with in life plays a huge role in where you go in life. To be inspired to be the best that you can be you need to surround yourself with people who will inspire you to do your best.

  Don't let anyone steal your JOY nor hold you back from being the best that you can be.

  Remember anyone can make a mountain out of a mole hill if you keep adding dirt. No matter what difficult circumstances you find yourself in don't make it more difficult by letting anyone else convince you that there is no way to have a positive outcome.

  The outcome is not determined by the negative circumstances you may face but by how you REACT to the circumstances you may face. 


Monday, March 29, 2021

Stay true to yourself as you navigate through life

   When you face rough situations make sure that you stay true to yourself to get through them. You will pay the consequences both the good or the bad for every thing you do. 

  Don't do anything to simply get through it that at the end of the day you will regret. Sometimes it may seem like there is no positive outcome but as long as you did what you thought was the right thing to do, you will have a positive outcome. 

  Because having PEACE OF MIND about what you did is the only way to have true PEACE OF MIND. 

  It's not about whether you win or lose it is about how you handled it. The circumstances that you face doesn't determine the outcome, it is how you reacted to your circumstances that will determine the outcome. 

  At the end of the day will you be PROUD of what you did? That is the question you should always ask yourself before deciding how you are going to react. 

  There are many choices you will have to make on your life's journey. Remember that choosing to do NOTHING is still a choice you make. 


Friday, March 26, 2021

Nothing nor no one is perfect

   Nothing is perfect so don't wait until everything is perfect to take any action. You can't sit there and wait for the perfect opportunity and miss out on your opportunities. 

  No one is perfect either. If someone is TOXIC for you then without a doubt you definitely have to get away from them because they are toxic. 

  But don't throw away people in your life because they aren't perfect. In healthy relationships there will be quirks about each and every one of your relationships that they might do that annoys you.

  Accept that no one nor anything is perfect. 

  Accept that you are not perfect. You will make mistakes in life. But don't judge yourself so harshly because we all make mistakes. Our mistakes help us to grow.

  There will be tough times and tough decisions you will have to make during your lifetime. That's just LIFE. No matter if you are rich or poor or old or young or male or female or where you live, Life is tough at times.

  But regardless the only way to ENJOY life is to ENJOY it while you are living it. Pandemic or not. There will be good days and bad days. Every day you wake up is a good day even if you have to face tough circumstances. Being alive to face them is a reason to smile.

  The rollercoaster called LIFE is full of ups and downs as well as twists and turns, that's just LIFE. And you have to accept that nothing is perfect so you can ENJOY life while you are living it.

Wednesday, March 24, 2021

If it doesn't matter then JUST FLUSH IT

   If it doesn't matter in the "BIG PICTURE" in your life then JUST FLUSH IT out of your mind. Because at the end of the day it doesn't matter.

  Sometimes we worry ourselves sick over things that are out of our control. We stress over things that at the end of the day they don't even matter.

  Sometimes we keep negative things from our past FRESH on our minds and it has a negative affect on our today's. Take the painful experiences from your past and JUST FLUSH IT out of your mind.

  If it doesn't matter in the "big picture" in your life then it doesn't matter, so JUST FLUSH IT so you can enjoy life while you are living it. 

  Yesterday is already gone, tomorrow may never come but TODAY is yours to enjoy so enjoy it. 


Monday, March 22, 2021

You don't have to be scared of the dark if you...

   You aren't scared of the dark as long as you know you can turn the lights on. If your electricity goes out during a storm you know you can grab your flashlight so you are able to see.

  When you are going through dark times in your personal life you can find comfort if you can see a light at the end of the tunnel. If you can't see a light then you will feel nothing but despair. 

  It may be hard to find a glimmer of hope during dark times. But if you look for it you will find it. Surround yourself with people who can shed a light of hope so that you will have hope.

  Avoid people who spew nothing but negativity because that will make it harder for you to see the light of hope. If you don't have anyone physically around you that can inspire you then you need to search your social media or Google for positive quotes. 

  If you see someone going through dark times be there for them to say something or do something to give them a glimmer of hope. Be the beacon of light that they need. Give them the strength they need to get through the dark times so they then can be the beacon of light for others. 

  PASS IT ON. Every random or planned ACT OF KINDNESS is a chance to make a positive difference in someone's life. Share a smile with them because the natural response is to smile back. Your smile AT A SOCIAL DISTANCE will HUG their face without fear of it spreading the coronavirus.


  Unfortunately there are some people who don't care and they will suck the JOY out of you if you let them. Don't let anyone or anything suck the JOY out of you. 

  There is a light at the end of the tunnel it just may be hard to find at times. Let your light shine on to others and be their beacon of HOPE. PASS IT ON.

Friday, March 19, 2021

Your encouragement gives them the courage they need

 Encouraging words build the courage they need. Pointing out someone's weaknesses will only make them weaker. Pointing out someone's strengths will make them build on the strengths they have. 

  If you come at someone harshly they close their ears so they can't hear you. Even if later you try to give them encouraging words, it will fall on deaf ears because they already shut you out.

  Berating someone else does nothing but have a negative affect on them and you. But encouraging words will have a positive affect on you both. 

  If you want to comfort someone after a negative situation you definitely can't say I told you so or you should have known better. You won't comfort them if you point out the things they did wrong.

  If you want to encourage someone it is only possible if you give them words of encouragement. 

Wednesday, March 17, 2021


 Not every situation is ALL ABOUT YOU. 

  When other people are involved or are affected by your decisions, then you need to consider what is best for EVERYONE. Of course you have to make sure that you are in NO WAY affected NEGATIVELY in every and any situation. 

  But making sure that they, them, everyone else benefits, then you will benefit too. Making sure that they see you have their best interest at heart, will surround yourself with people who have your best interest at heart.


  The only way to have true happiness takes you having and showing kindness, fairness, respect and compassion for others in everything and anything you do. It's beneficial for your personal life as well as your professional life.

  Every seed of kindness you plant into your "COMMUNITIES" will grow and spread. Plant seeds of HUMANITY every chance you get to STOP the INSANITY we see in our SOCIETY.


Monday, March 15, 2021

Times are tough but..

 We all have good days and bad days. But no matter how tough a day may seem you have to be thankful that you are alive to deal with it. Just waking up each day makes it a good day even if it is a bad day. 

There are many people who we admire because despite the many things going against them they push through it.

  You may not have everything you could ever want but as long as you have everything you need, you have to be thankful. When times get tough for you, write a list of all the things that you are thankful for to get you through the tough times.

  The climb up the mountain of life is hard enough without carrying sand bags of all the negative things you can think of with you on your journey. Just accept it for what it is and JUST FLUSH IT out of your mind to lighten your load.

  Don't focus on what you don't have or the negative situations that you have to face. Don't judge yourself too harshly for things that you have no control over just focus on what you can do and do it.

  You only have one LIFE to live so enjoy it while you are living it on the good days and the bad days. Like the plaque on my wall says, "I asked God for all things that I might ENJOY life. He gave me LIFE that I might ENJOY all things."


Friday, March 12, 2021

It doesn't mean you failed just because what you tried didn't work

 You didn't fail because what you tried didn't work. You learned that it just can't be done that way. A mistake is not a mistake it is part of the learning process that you must go through to be successful at doing it.

  When you were learning how to ride a bike there were many times when you fell. But you knew that if you kept trying you would eventually be able to ride a bike. So you kept trying and before you knew it you were an expert at riding a bike.

  We encourage children to not give up but we also need to encourage adults to not ever give up. Every failure is a growing spurt that was needed to succeed.

  You can never fail as long as you learn from it and keep trying. You only fail if you quit trying. Every failure teaches you what you need to know to be successful. 

Don't set yourself up for failure by making your expectations and dreams too high to achieve. Be realistic and keep focused no matter how many times your attempts may fail. As long as you never give up you eventually will accomplish whatever you set out to do. 

  Don't judge yourself so harshly. You can either be your biggest chearleader or your worst enemy. Keep reminding yourself that whatever you are doing it's just like riding a bike. Accept that you will fall but as long as you keep trying you will be riding a bike before you know it.

Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Kids aren't the only one that says the darndest things

 Kids definitely say the darndest things because they say what they feel. Sometimes it is funny. But there are times when you sure wish they didn't say it out loud because it's details you didn't want others to know. It's easy to forgive them because it was an honest mistake.

  The older you get the more you understand that not everything that pops in your mind should pop out of your mouth. At least it shouldn't. Unfortunately I have heard a lot of angy words flying out of a lot of adults mouth.

  I often wander do they not realize how hurtful their words are or do they just don't care? It has become so common anymore especially on the internet to see. Didn't their Mom teach them that if they didn't have anything nice to say then they shouldn't say anything at all?

  It's okay to disagree with someone. It's okay to just not like someone. But it is not okay to spew your hurtful words on others. I don't care what anyone says words do hurt. 

  What happened to common decency, common courtesy and common sense? Teach the Habit of Humanity by treating others the same way that you would want to be treated even in cyberspace. 







Monday, March 8, 2021

You should write many TO DO LISTS

 Sure we all know about the "TO DO LIST" but what about the other "TO DO LISTS?" There are "TO DO LISTS" of chores that you need to do. There are "TO DO LISTS" of things we put on our "BUCKET LIST" of things we plan to do one day.

  But there are many other "TO DO LISTS" that we need to make. Like the "TO DO LISTS" of things we need TO DO for ourselves because you have to enjoy life while you are living it. 

  There is always things you have TO DO or need TO DO but taking care of yourself should be at the top of your list. You can't do your best if you are too busy for yourself.

  You can't be there like you want for everyone and everything unless you take time out for yourself to maintain your overall well being. You won't be able to help anyone if you don't take care of yourself.

  If you need a break, take one before you breakdown. Make time TO DO things you need TO DO for yourself just like you make time TO DO everything else. 

  You can only do what you can do no matter how long your "TO DO LISTS" are. So if there are things that you just can't do then put it on a "NOT GOING TO DO LISTS" so your "TO DO LISTS" isn't more than you can handle. 

  But to maintain your overall well being taking care of yourself should always be at the TOP of your LIST. 





Friday, March 5, 2021

How do you know if you really know them?

    Social media is complex. You can easily socialize by the touch of a button without leaving home. But it is extremely hard to know just who you are really socializing with. 

  When someone builds a bio they can write down anything they want to. So keep that in mind as you bounce from one social media to another. They could be a seasoned chef named Joe as well as also they can be an investment advisor named Jane.

  I watched a documentary where I learned people could buy likes, followers and even comments so they can look reputable. I had no idea. Did you know that?

  It's okay to be entertained by these cyberspace friends but don't let them have any chance to negatively affect you in your real life. Just because they have a million followers doesn't mean you need to follow in their foot steps. 

  A real friendship is not necessarily real if they only exist in cyberspace. Perhaps they send you a POKE because you can't get a real hug from a fake bio in cyberspace.


Wednesday, March 3, 2021

First time I saw it from a doctors point of view

   After not going to the doctor for a long time due to covid-19, there was a lot to talk about. I had written down a list of things that I needed to discuss with her. 

  She patiently listened and responded to them one at a time as I went through my list. Suddenly when I had checked off every question I had, it was her turn to ask the questions.

  With the look of exhaustion on her face she said I did a lot of work to determine what you needed to do to stay healthy.  But you didn't do what I told you to do. 

  I felt terrible that I hadn't followed her instructions. I started to see things from a doctors point of view. If you have any chance of making a patient better they have to do what you tell them to do. 

  All their hard  work to study your chart and tests is wasted time and energy if you don't do what they tell you. We all have helped certain people over and over again yet they repeat what made them need help. After a while you quit helping them because it is a waste of time. 

  It doesn't only matter whether you got a good doctor or not. It won't make any difference unless you do what they say. We all judge our doctors but I learned they also judge their patients. And the look of exhaustion on her face told me I wasn't being a good patient.

  Like they say You can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink it. I think my doctor today was saying I was a horse. At least I don't think she was calling me a donkey. 

  You are going to a doctor to get their advice so take it. 

Monday, March 1, 2021

When triggered it comes out from nowhere

 There are millions of memories buried deep in our minds. We can easily recall a few hundred memories but there are millions that we have no memory of at all.

  But with a song, or certain places or sounds it can trigger a memory that you had no memory of. When it pops up front and center in your mind you suddenly remember every little detail. If it hadn't been triggered by something it would have remained hidden from you. 

  It makes you wander just how many special memories are buried deep in your mind that you might never remember in order to enjoy. It takes something to trigger it. It's not something you can search your mind for and find. 

  When I hear a song I listened to as a teenager, I instantly get transported back in time. The memory is so vivid that I almost feel like a teenager. There are also songs that trigger painful memories so I don't listen to them because I don't want to be transported back in time to relive them again.

  The more "small talk" you have with others the more chances you have of triggering a memory to enjoy. I spoke to an aunt that I hadn't talked to in years. I got transported to so many places as we talked. 

  When a memory gets triggered make a quick decision on whether it is a memory that evokes happiness or pain. Then choose to relive the good ones and take the painful ones and JUST FLUSH IT out of your mind so you don't have to relive them.