Monday, July 31, 2023

You do it for yourself because you are worth it

    Those that don't mind spending either their time, money or energy to help others are the ones that rarely do something for themselves.

   Doing something for yourself is not being selfish, it's actually necessary for your overall well being.

   After all you have to take care of yourself first so you will be able to take care of those around you when they need you.

   Like the flight attendants always say, you have to put your own oxygen mask on first in an emergency so you can help those around you that need your help.

   It's nice to help others but you can't let yourself suffer to help anyone. 

   You can't spread yourself too thin by taking on more than you can handle because you will be taking a risky chance when you walk on thin ice.

   You also can't carry sandbags of negative experiences from your past that weigh you down on your Life's Journey.

  Take the painful experiences from your past and learn what you need to from them then...JUST FLUSH IT out of your mind to ease your load. 

  And from time to time make sure you do something special for yourself because you know that you are worth it.


Friday, July 28, 2023

You have influences that influence you.

    Don't underestimate how important it is who you choose to surround yourself with.

   Have you ever heard the phrase....Misery loves company?

   The company you keep will either keep you down or propel you up.

   It is better to swim alone then to swim surrounded by sharks.

   Surrounding yourself with people who will inspire you will be inspirational to you.

   Don't keep thinking about everything that could go wrong and start thinking about how you can have a positive outcome.

   If you only look for the negative in every situation then you will find it.

   If you look for the positive in every situation then you will find it.

   What you look for is what you will find.

   What are you looking for?

   Surround yourself with people who will point out the positive things in life.

   Remember... misery loves company.

  Who you want to be is the type of person who you should surround yourself with.




Wednesday, July 26, 2023

Did you notice as you rushed by?

    Would you be able to ENJOY what is right in front of you?

   As you rush through your day is it possible for you to see what is right in front of you?

   Do you ever stop and take a moment in your busy day to smell the roses?

  You can't appreciate anything in life unless you acknowledge it.

   We all are so busy that we are too busy to STOP  and ENJOY LIFE while we are living it.

  We only have the time we have so take the time to stop and smell the roses to ENJOY the time you have.

  Like the plaque on my wall says....I asked God for all things that I might ENJOY LIFE he gave LIFE that I might ENJOY all things.

   STOP and smell the roses while they are blooming.



Monday, July 24, 2023


    Have you heard the phrase...If you don't USE IT you will LOSE IT?

   This is true for things like learning a new language when you are young.

   If you don't at least occasionally practice talking in that language before you know it you only remember how to count to ten in that language.

  This is also true about staying active to stay mobile.

   If you don't keep moving to keep your muscles healthy, then before you know it getting up and getting moving will be harder to do.

   Doing something as simple as puzzles when you are older to keep your mind thinking is necessary to maintain your brains ability to keep thinking.

  You may not ever forget how to ride a bike but there are many things that you will forget.

  Remember if you don't USE IT you could LOSE IT so if you want to KEEP DOING IT then you have to KEEP DOING IT.

Friday, July 21, 2023

If you BLINK you might miss it

    Things can change in an instant so you have to pay attention so you will know when things change.

   If you BLINK you could miss it.

   You could be about to reach the end of a task and find out that the rules have changed and you have more steps to accomplish before your task would be completed.

  Even the slightest change can have a big impact on just how different things truly are.

   You shouldn't have to check daily on what may have changed but... you have to keep up with all the changes to achieve what you hope to accomplish.

   Like they say you can't get too COMFORTABLE in Life because Life is ALWAYS changing.

  In the BLINK of your eye what you see can change so drastically that it is unrecognizable.

  Sometimes it looks the same but to accomplish what you want to, you have to completely change how you navigate through it.

  It is what it is, until it ain't.

Wednesday, July 19, 2023

Make a list of "TOOLS" to fill your "TOOLBOX"

   When you want to turn a bad day around try a "TOOL" that might help you TURN it into a good day.

  Sometimes I use the "TOOL" of taking a walk outside and enjoy nature and sometimes that helps.

  Sometimes I use the "TOOL" of a mini shopping spree and sometimes that helps.

   Sometimes I use the "TOOL" of getting out my Adult coloring books and sometimes that helps.

  Sometimes I use the "TOOL" of writing down what I am thankful for and sometimes that helps.

   Sometimes I use the "TOOL" of calling a friend or relative and sometimes that helps.

  Sometimes I use the "TOOL" of ......

  Whatever "TOOL" works for you one day may not work every time which is why you need a whole"TOOLBOX OF TOOLS" to try that may help.

   Write a list of "TOOLS" that you can try keeping in mind that the more "TOOLS" you have to try the more likely you are to have just the "TOOL" you need at that MOMENT.

   You can't always go outside so OBVIOUSLY that can't be your only "TOOL".

   What works one day may not work every day which is why you need a "TOOLBOX OF TOOLS" at your disposal to make sure you have the RIGHT "TOOL" for the MOMENT you are in.

Monday, July 17, 2023

In between the rain clouds

    I woke up to rain but I still had many errands that I had to do today, whether it was raining or not.

   As the rain poured down I sat down and made a list of all the errands and planned on what order I should do them.

   The rain finally let up and I got in the car and started going from one errand destination to another on the way to the grocery store.

   Just as I got home and got the groceries inside I could hear the rumbling of more rain heading my way.

  As I listened to the thunder and lightning outside I got all the stuff put away but I still had errands to do. 

  Just as I got done the rain once again stopped and I went back out to finish my errands.

   While I was inside Walmart I could hear that it was raining once again.

  By the time I got out of the checkout line to head to the car the rain had once again stopped so luckily nothing got wet.

  As I was once again was unloading my car from my shopping trip I could hear the rumbling of another rainstorm heading my way.

  Now that my errands were done I sat down to relax a moment to talk to my friend before I cooked my dinner.

  Luckily I decided to go out in between the rain storms and I got all my errands done including getting the groceries so I could cook dinner.

  Just goes to show you that even on a rainy day you can stay dry and still get your errands done if you go in between the rainy moments.

  Don't let Stormy Weather or Stormy moments in your personal life keep you from accomplishing what you want.

Friday, July 14, 2023

You may not see what is right in front of you

    What you find is determined  by what you are looking for.

   It could be right in front of you but you don't see it because you are looking through it.

   If you are only looking for the negative in every situation then that is what you will find.

   If you look for the positive in every situation then that is what you will find.

   When you are optimistic you will have a positive outlook.

   If you are pessimistic you will have a negative outlook.

   You will either manifest positivity in your life because you have a positive attitude.

  Or you will manifest negativity in your life because you have a negative attitude.

   What you seek is what you shall find.

   What are you looking for?

Wednesday, July 12, 2023

Where did that thought come from?

    Have you ever had a THOUGHT that POPS up in your mind that didn't even sound like you at all?

    Our minds have an endless stream of THOUGHTS that POP up front and Center, like an advertisement on TV trying to grab your attention.

   Every THOUGHT will evoke a feeling.

   If it is a THOUGHT that makes you feel good then "grab it" when it POPS into your mind and you will have a good day.

  If it is a THOUGHT that you know will simply bring up negative emotions such as anger, hurt, and those that STRESS you out, then "JUST FLUSH IT"out of your mind.

   It's like changing the channel on the TV and then wait for the next positive one to come along.

  Although the THOUGHT may only stay away for a short time and keeps POPPING UP in your mind again and again, you can get in the HABIT of FLUSHING it as it comes.


Monday, July 10, 2023

Who you are at the moment you are in

    When your circumstances CHANGE there will be some CHANGES, that's just Life.

    What used to work for you may not work for you anymore as you are on your Life's Journey and you will have to ADJUST as you go.

   Just when you FIGURE things out things can change and you will just have to FIGURE out how to navigate through the changes.

  You can't get too COMFORTABLE in Life because whether you like it or not things CHANGE.

   You can only do what you can do in the MOMENT you are in with what you have to work with at that MOMENT.

   There are different SEASONS in your Life and just like you do in the different weather seasons, you ADJUST your plans according to the weather.

  Whatever you can do with the CIRCUMSTANCES you are in is all you can do under the CIRCUMSTANCES you are in. 

  Don't get frustrated that there is NOTHING that you can do because if there is NOTHING that you can do then you can't do anything.

  Life is a rollercoaster and there is ups and downs as well as twists and turns.






Friday, July 7, 2023

Sometimes you wait too long

   If you keep putting it off then it will never get done, so just do it.

   You shouldn't spend 10 minutes a day thinking about reasons why you have to put off doing it.

   Now if you put it off for three days, that's thirty minutes out of your time wasted on a job that would have taken you five minutes or less.

  Just like if you keep putting off doing it when you are young, before you know it you will be too old to even do it.

  You can't keep putting it off until tomorrow to get it done because tomorrow may never come.

  Do what you got to do first, so you will have the rest of your time to ENJOY doing something else.

   For the fun of it I set a timer for five minutes then picked a project to do. Surprisingly I realized you can do more than you think in just five minutes.

  Don't spend thirty minutes making excuses for why you can't do that five minute job, JUST DO IT.

Wednesday, July 5, 2023

When things change you have to REGROUP

    When you have to make a plan the FIRST thing that you have to do is to take inventory of what you have to work with.

    Then you can make a plan with what you have to make things work out.

    But as you know you can't get too COMFORTABLE in Life because Life is ALWAYS changing.

    And when it does then what you have to work with CHANGES so you will have to REGROUP and see what you have to work with and CHANGE your plan.

   No matter how well thought out your plan was if things CHANGE your plan will have to CHANGE to make things work for you.

    You can make a budget based on what you make but if what you make CHANGES then your budget will CHANGE. 

   And whether you like it or not Life is full of CHANGES and CHALLENGES on your Life's Journey, that's just Life.

   So you will have to constantly REGROUP and CHANGE your plan accordingly.

    You will have to ADJUST as you go so you can ENJOY Life while you are living it.


Monday, July 3, 2023

Be a role model that people want to model after

    We can all agree that people need a good role model in their lives to look up to.

    Unfortunately not everyone has anyone in their lives that they can look up to.

   We need to highlight those individuals who are great role models to get them out front and Center for them to look up to.

   Even a brief encounter with someone can have a positive lifetime affect on that person.

   So EVERY encounter you have with anyone could be just what they need to model after.

   Your encouraging words can be just what they need to hear 

   Your compliment may be just what they need to know how special they are.

   Be that person that they can look up to.

   Be that person that encourages them.

   Be that person that they want to be like, that role model that they want to be like.

  Like they say it takes a village to raise a child.

   You may only have a brief encounter with them but it can have a positive lifetime affect on them.

   If you want to make a positive difference in someone's life then do something positive, say something positive, conduct yourself in a positive way so they inspire to be like you.

   They are watching you and listening to you so let that be the only reason you need to be the role model they need.

  You may have a lot of love in your heart but can anyone see it or feel it?