Friday, March 31, 2023

Is a bargain really worth it?

    Sometimes a BARGAIN isn't really a BARGAIN.

   Sometimes the CONS just far outweighs the PROS, so it's a BARGAIN that you just don't need.

  For instance you may have the opportunity to buy a well made piece of furniture at a BARGAIN price.

  But if you don't need it then you shouldn't get it no matter how much of a BARGAIN it is.

  It's important to STOP and think about what that BARGAIN will bring BEFORE YOU decide if it's a BARGAIN for you.

  Because once you REACT you can't take it back. 

  When you walk around a store remember no matter how much of a BARGAIN it is if you don't need it then DON'T buy it!

  Because it's not a BARGAIN at all, it's just MONEY WASTED because you don't need it!

  Sometimes you get STUCK with more than you BARGAINED for. 

  If you DON'T NEED it then you DON'T NEED it no matter how good of a BARGAIN it is.


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