Monday, March 27, 2023

Being part of a TEAM means you aren't the only one

    Working together with a TEAM means you are a PART of something.

   Being part of a TEAM means you didn't do it all alone you did it TOGETHER.

  Being part of a TEAM means you don't have to figure it out ALONE.

  As a TEAM MEMBER you compromise on what you think should be done and you collaborate to decide what should be done and how to do it.

   There is NO YOU if you are part of a TEAM.

   There is NOT ONE PERSON who deserves the credit for a job well done.

   A person who takes credit for what the TEAM accomplishes is NOT A TEAM PLAYER.

   He knows he is not being honest because he knows he couldn't have done it without the work of everyone on the TEAM.

   If you work with your TEAM you should celebrate the victories with your TEAM because being PART of a TEAM means you proudly did it TOGETHER.

   I watched a manager get credit for doing it ALONE and they sent him ALONE to do it at another store and he FAILED because it couldn't be done ALONE.

  Give CREDIT where CREDIT is due and you will get the CREDIT for your PART of what the TEAM ACCOMPLISHES.

  Like they say TWO HEADS are better than ONE because TOGETHER you have TWICE the amount of EFFORT to get it done.

  And if you want to be part of a TEAM you have to remember that you are NOTHING without the TEAM.


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