Wednesday, November 29, 2017

One after another

   Have you heard the expression "when it rains it pours"? They are not talking about the rainy weather outside.They are talking about things in your personal life.And sometimes in Life you have to deal with rainy moments where you have many challenges to face at the same time. Remember these challenges are temporary and just like rain storms, eventually will pass.

Monday, November 27, 2017

Don't let it suck the life out of you

Especially at this time of year but all throughout the year don't try to help others until it hurts. It is nice to help others and we should but not if you try to help more than you possibly can. Keeping your own life in balance is necessary if you plan on helping anyone. It doesn't make you selfish it makes it so you can stand strong so you can give a helping hand when someone really needs your help. Unfortunately I have seen people ask for help not because of necessity but just because they know you will. Be careful to not let your kindness cause you to fall short of what necessities you need. And don't spend a bunch of money buying presents people don't want nor that they need just to be buying gifts. The best gift you can give most people is your time and attention creating memories that are priceless.

Friday, November 24, 2017

Usually you can't find one anywhere

In all the holiday excitement there were a couple of necessities we needed from the store. So after dinner here we went to Wal-Mart. As you got out of your car to go in you were greeted by the site of six police cars parked out front. As we worked our way through the store there were wrapped stacks of items lining the walkways. There was employees litterally standing guard so they couldn't be unwrapped for sale until midnight madness. Usually you can't find an employee around anywhere. But they couldn't leave their post of guarding the black Friday bargains. You could clearly see what was wrapped up but they kept quiet about what price they would be at the stroke of midnight. But the sight of all the police presence out front made you wander how safe it would be as you shopped for a bargain. Without a doubt I knew I didn't want to be no where out shopping at midnight and fighting for a bargain.

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Take some pictures

Family gatherings are full of memories we create together. Take some pictures to enjoy the moment because over time we all grow and it is a great way to remember what we each look like over the years. Our hairstyles change our clothes change and to capture the changes physically is a whole new level of a memory. As we glance through the pages of holidays from the past through the photo books it helps us transform to that very moment. Creating memories to enjoy for a lifetime is what life is all about. Happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours.

Monday, November 20, 2017

Old Christmas classics

My grandkids and I have been watching old Christmas show classics. Some of them are so old that I have forgotten the stories. But after they get into the story it becomes clearly back into my mind how the story goes. We have many memories buried deep in our mind that take triggers to jog our memory bank to bring them front and center clearly. Some buried memories are just waiting to finally be enjoyed again. What fun it is to relive them with my grandchildren. Treasured memories are buried treasure to enjoy for a lifetime. Everyday is a chance to create memories with those you love.

Friday, November 17, 2017

Only your thoughts matter

Other people can tell you what they think but the only thing that matters is what you think. Even the facts right in front of you doesn't matter because your thoughts determines your reality. Trying to convince them that their way of thinking is causing their problems is nearly impossible. Trying to show them the facts to change their way of thinking doesn't convince them. Its hard to watch someone you care about have such negative thoughts that are making their reality so negative is painful. How you see things determines what you see. Your thoughts are powerful enough to either make you or break you. Be careful what you are thinking and when your thoughts turn negative it's time to rethink about it and try to see it from every angle until you see a positive side. Your reality is what you think it is. Changing your way of thinking is all it takes to make your reality a positive one.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Your familly looks forward to it

Your family goes out to eat more often than they should. Thanksgiving is something they look forward to because they get homemade food. That is why I make plenty of extra for them to take home.  They all have their favorite foods. They eat so much that they need to take a nap after eating. I honestly thought it was the turkey that made us all so tired. So last year I only ate the ham but I was just as tired. It has to be because there are so many choices and we can't help ourselves we eat a little bit of everything. Unfortunately you can't leave any items off the list of food to prepare because they look forward to all of them. So we just have to accept that a nap is just part of Thanksgiving. I make desserts but they never have room to eat it but they take it home so they can eat it after their nap. A lot of stores have sales that day but we are all too full and tired to go shopping. Speaking of shopping you need to go soon for the items you need for your Thanksgiving dinner because there is always something you forget and you will need to have time to go back to the store and get them.

Monday, November 13, 2017

You cant always avoid it

I started off with a cold then it turned into bronchitis now I have caught the flu. I tried to avoid the germs but the flu is everywhere and my son couldn't avoid going to school where it was running rampidly. Now he got it and somehow the mask I wore didn't prevent it from spreading it to me. Good thing you can't catch it in cyberspace. We had all intentions of getting a flu shot but we put it off too long. If you haven't got yours yet don't put it off any longer or you will catch the flu before you know it.  If it is important then just do it so you don't have to deal with the consequence for not doing it.

Friday, November 10, 2017

You don't want to regret it

In life your journey is full of decisions you will have to make. Just make sure every decision you make you won't regret it. When you know you did all you could then you will not have to regret it. If you can say you truly did what you thought was best then you will not have to regret it. It doesn't matter what anyone else thinks about your decision it only matters that you have no regrets for the decisions you made. You are the only one who has to live with the decisions that you make so base your decisions on whether you can live with the decisions you made without regret.

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

The money is all that matters

Everyone wants money and needs it. But what some industries do to make money is totally barbaric. There ought to be moral ethics that outweighs their profitability. If someone needs something to live they shouldn't make it too expensive for people to get. If it cost 10 dollars how can they charge 2,000 to get it and get away with it? There are some places like pharmacies that if you ask they have discounts but they aren't allowed to tell you. Luckily I knew to ask but why can't it just always be that reduced price if it can be? Now there are many more places that no matter if you beg they won't budge on price. In the old days you could barter for necessities for livestock or services and everyone looked out for each other. Unfortunately today well I am sure you or someone you love has experienced what happens when money is all that matters. All the more reason why you should treat everyone you meet with kindness because you have no idea what they may be facing.

Monday, November 6, 2017

What will it look like this year?

Every year I tape different wrapped Christmas presents for someone and call it their robot. The after halloween clearance helps make each one unique. There are all  different shapes and sizes after they are made. They grab your attention as they are staring back at you. There are plenty of traditionally wrapped presents under the tree but the grandkids can't wait to tear apart their robot. Unlike traditional ribbon and bows they throw in the trash the costume accesories they have been looking at just waiting to finally wear them. They decorate the room leading up to Christmas and you don't have to pack it away after the holiday.

Friday, November 3, 2017

Your opinions will be your guide

Your opinion of yourself will lead you. But is it where you want or need to go? If in your opinion you are not worthy of something then you will not try to obtain it. If you do not respect yourself then others will not show you respect. If you do not believe in yourself then how can others believe in you? You can be your worst enemy. Learn to respect yourself and love yourself so you can allow yourself to be the best you can be. What anyone else thinks about you doesn't matter. All that matters is that you know you are awesome because if you don't your lack of self-worth, self-love and self-respect will get in the way of good health and happiness. Every now and then remind yourself how awesome you are so you never forget.

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Dont miss it as it flies by

When Halloween night finally arrived it makes you realize how fast the year has flown by. The countdown to Christmas begins. Soon followed by the celebration to ring in the New Year. For the young the faster time flies the faster the next Christmas gets here. But when you are older you wish time would slow down so you will have time to enjoy each moment you have. As you begin to shop for Christmas gifts I want to remind you that it is not necessary to buy gifts you can't afford. Christmas is a time of joy but there is no joy if you have to stress out over having to make payments on gifts you couldn't afford. To have a holly jolly Christmas all you have to do is relax and enjoy the time you get to spend with those you love.