Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Did you forget?

Don't get me wrong I am all for taking the painful experiences from your past and Just Flushing It out of your mind. But that doesn't mean you should forget about it and repeat it. Your past experiences are important tools to help you in life by reminding you which experiences you never want nor need to repeat again. To repeat it would be insane because the very definition of insanity is to do the same thing the same way over and over again and expecting a different result. If you know that something hurt you, why on earth would you let it hurt you again. Remembering what not to do is just as important as remembering what to do.

Monday, May 29, 2017

Your memories will comfort you

Today we remember all those who have gone before us. The treasured memories we have of them comfort our broken hearts. Today is a reminder that we should spend every precious moment we can creating memories with those we love. What memories they will have of you after you pass will be the memories you make with them while you were alive. What will they remember about you?

Friday, May 26, 2017

Are you building a future that can withsatand the test of time?

I have been watching a bluebird build a best on my Sago Palm. Unfortunately I know that a new stalk of leaves is sprouting in the middle which means the old leaves will wilt and fall. That means her best will not be secure. I wish I would have stopped her from building her best there before she laid her eggs. I placed an old blanket on the ground below it to soften the blow when it comes tumbling down. But even if they survive the fall they probably won't survive an encounter with my dogs. It's a reminder as you go throughout your life make sure the future you are building for yourself is built on a solid foundation that can withstand the test of time.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Being unique is a reason to celebrate not a reason to fight

All around the World there are many conflicts and wars that were started over religion. We all should be free to believe in what we want as long as we don't hurt others so peace on earth can be possible. It starts with you and I by allowing everyone the freedom to choose what they want to believe in so we too can be free to choose. Peace on earth starts by bringing peace of mind to one person at a time. Tension starts when someone tries to force their opinions on others. Your opinion counts but their opinion counts just as much to them. Being unique should make things more interesting not put you in danger. It would be boring if we were all the same so our unique differences add spice to the World.

Monday, May 22, 2017

To enjoy today you have to leave yesterday behind you

To have a fresh start you have to FLUSH away the things that were stinking up your yesterday's. It's a new day only if you don't bring any baggage from your yesterday. Otherwise it would be the same problems just a different day. You may not be able to totally forget about what has happened in your past. But keeping your yesterday's fresh on your mind will prevent you from having a fresh start today. So for a fresh start today and every day start off by taking what happened yesterday and JUST FLUSH IT out of your mind. Yesterday is gone and tomorrow may never come but today is yours to enjoy. You wouldn't drive your car  while looking in the rearview mirror and you can't enjoy today if your looking back at yesterday.

Friday, May 19, 2017

Are you kidding me?

I find myself shaking my head in disbelief and always thinking, are you kidding me. The things people get away with leaves me wandering how on earth can they be doing it and getting away with it. Just because others do it doesn't make it right. There was a time when your reputation was everything. Nowadays your reputation doesn't matter at all because no one is held accountable for their bad behavior. In order for good behavior to be rewarded bad behavior has to not be tolerated. We all must stand up for what is right if we want to be treated right. If you ignore it then it becomes something that is a common problem for us all.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

In the heat of the moment can you keep your cool?

You may feel like you are about to explode by what is happening but that would only make the situation worse. Although there may be nothing you can do to make the situation better, an explosion will make a mountain out of a mole hill because it will just add more dirt. You can climb a mole hill without too much effort but if you have a mountain to climb you may not reach the top. You may find that you may have no options in the situation but you do have a choice on how you react to it. When your car starts to overheat you know you have to stop immediately and let the engine cool down or you will blow your engine. When you find yourself in a situation that makes your blood boil and your blood pressure rise you need to stop and cool down before your body breaks down.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Monday madness

Monday madness lasted until Tuesday. It's easy to get so busy that you forget what day it is. And when you lose a day it becomes yesterday. Today is another day you have to enjoy so don't waste it because before you know it, it too will be yesterday. Putting off what you should do today means it won't ever get done until tomorrow which will always be a day away.

Friday, May 12, 2017

Make the most of your 15 minutes

Some days your schedule can be crammed with things to do. Which can seem to be more than you can do. Those are the times when you will surprise yourself with what you can do in 15 minutes. You may not be able to complete a project all at one time but it's enough time to get a good start. And if you get started early in the day you will find enough 15 minute intervals that allows you to get the job done. If you don't do a little at a time with the time you have then you won't get it done at all. Your task may take an hour that you don't have but you will find that you do have four 15 minute intervals which is an hour in your schedule today. You don't always have everything you need but you do have enough to get by.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

If you can smell it from afar can you imagine what it's like for those who are close to it.

The fire on the Georgia and Florida line has been burning for a month. From over a hundred miles away the wind is blowing in the smoke and ashes cover our cars. No matter how hard I try I don't think I could imagine just how hard daily life is for those who are living close to the fire. They are predicting that it will burn till November. We all need to go out and do our best rain dance to bring them some much needed relief in the form of rain.

Monday, May 8, 2017

You will know in a second or two

I wander if nurses and doctors realize that their patients well being is in their hands. You are at their mercy. Not only their experience matters but also their bedside manners. If you have ever been in a hospital you know that with every shift change it is a roll of the dice. You hope your nurse is thorough and compassionate. Within a few seconds of shift change you know what the next 12 hours will be like for you. Unfortunately there are times when you end up with a nurse who doesn't want to deal with patients that day and it shows. Your chances of a speedy recovery is either helped or hindered by a show of or lack of compassionate care. I have learned that you can ask to have a different nurse and they will switch. If you know it in 10 seconds then you don't have to endure it 12 hours. Just like when you recognize a negative thought has popped up in your mind JUST FLUSH IT out of your mind before it has time to do any damage.

Friday, May 5, 2017

Tick tock it's time

If you are like me you don't like change. But sometimes a change can do you good. And if it's time for a change then it doesn't matter what time it is. The clock never stops it keeps on flying by. Life is full of changes you have to go through along the way. Life is like a roller coaster it is filled with ups and downs as well as curves. To enjoy life while You are living it you just have to be willing to bend like a pretzel if necessary.

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Teach them by showing them

The best way to teach somebody is to show them. You can tell them and they might remember but if you show them they have a memory of it. You can tell them how much you love them but showing them you love them let's them feel it. You may have a lot of love in your heart but can anyone feel it? Create memories that will last for a lifetime.

Monday, May 1, 2017

It's time we start focusing on what is going on in schools these days

Night after night the news is reporting on the violence on the school buses going to and from school yet it continues. Students from elementary to junior high to high school are bringing guns and knives to school making schools unsafe. There are students day after day disrupting the teachers from teaching yet those students are free to do it everyday with no consequences. The other students don't get taught due to it paying the consequences struggling to do well in school. Bullying and fighting are ignored by the faculty because there are no actions that will be taken against those students so they don't bother. Yet this simply has allowed this behavior to continue making it apparently accepted and therefore a common occurrence. It's time we start focusing on what is going on in our schools theses days and start doing something to fix the problems that we can and stop ignoring them!