Friday, June 28, 2013

Don't waste a perfectly "good day"

We all have good days and bad days on our journey called life. Where we may differ is can we flush away a bad day so that we can have a good one. If you only focus on what has happened that caused you to have a bad day yesterday then you will create an avalanche of bad feelings. You will bury yourself. You got to get up and "Just Flush It" out of your mind and move on so you can enjoy the good days that are waiting ahead on your journey through life. We all only have so many days on Earth so why on Earth would you relive a bad day wasting a perfectly good day?

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

If it is Broken.....Fix It

Don't be in such a hurry to throw away what is broken, "Just Fix It." You don't throw away your future because you have been hurt by your past. You don't give up on your dreams because they are harder to reach than you thought. If you give up when the going gets tough then you won't get anywhere. Back in the "Good old days" they fixed it if it was broken. Nowadays people fill our Dumps with things that still work just because they want something different. Unfortunately it is not only material things people just throw away. They throw away people and their values dumping emotional distress like it was just trash. If it is broken then Fix It.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Young mind but old Body

I keep hearing people say age 50 is the new 30. What the heck is that suppose to mean? I am about to turn 50 and I sure don't feel like nor look like I am 30. I think others who have turned 50 say that to distance themselves from "old age." In my opinion now that I am almost 50 , it really means I sure wish I was turning thirty. Funny how no one wishes to be a teenager again. Those years most of us definitely lived through some scary stuff so we pick 30 because we don't want to have to live through it again. Your mind might try to say your 30 but your body functions at the age of 50 so remember that before you pull a muscle and then you will feel like your 80.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Cross it off if it's not necessary

Often it seems as if no matter how many things I cross off my "to do" list it never ends. As I am working on one thing I realize that there is something else that needs to get done so I have to add it to the list. I decided to add "cross off anything that is unnecessary" to the list to help lighten my load. Each time you cross something off you will smile as you feel refreshed now that you can "Just Flush It" out of your mind. There are always things on your "to do" list that is part of life. Take the time to add it to your list so that you can enjoy life while you are living not stressed out over anything that is unnecessary.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Reach out and touch someone

With a helping hand you can help them stand on their own. You don't have to solve any problem they may be facing simply lending a hand to help them stand so they can be on solid ground to solve it on their own. If you think that what they are facing is too big of a problem for you to help them with you clearly underestimate how far an act of kindness can go. It's like seeing a stranded motorist and saying.....I cant afford to buy them a new car so you leave them stranded when all they needed was a little bit of gas. All they may need is a helping hand so reach out and touch someone.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Don't let them "steal your joy"

Why do people try to "steal the joy" from other people? If it makes them happy then why do they care? From "your point of view" you see things in a positive way yet there are those who insist you see it their way and they suck the joy right out of you. Even worse when they convince you that their is a negative point of view that brings you way down they smile and say "things aren't as bad as they seem" as if they suggested a positive view to it. People will "steal your joy" and suck the life out of you if you let them. Don't let them "steal your joy!"

Friday, June 14, 2013

You can be your own worst enemy

Did you know that you can be your own worst enemy? It's true. You don't have to be diagnosed with split personality to talk to yourself. We all do it or at least we should because that is how we talk ourselves out of doing something crazy. If you keep looking at yourself in a negative way and keep reminding yourself of all the negative issues you have had to face then you will defeat any chance you have of a positive feeling. It is bad enough when you are hurt by others or had to live through a tough situation but to do it to yourself over and over again will make you your worst enemy.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Just waking up everyday is a reason

The fact that you are alive and reading this is a reason to smile. Lets face it there are days when we experience some tough things that make it hard to find a reason to smile. That is why I said there is always one reason and that is the simple fact that your alive is a reason to smile. Anytime you need a second reason you can visit my home page and flush the Virtual Toilet to hear the sound to make you giggle as you smile. Everyday you have is precious but that doesn't mean every second you will smile because everything is going your way. I'm just saying waking up every day is a reason to smile and you should enjoy every precious second of it.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Here's an Idea..."Don't Do It"

If you start to think about doing something and you suddenly feel sick to your stomach it doesn't mean you have gas nor the flu. It is your built in warning system that is trying to stop you from making a "big mistake." When you are about to do something and a little voice in your head called your conscience starts telling you that you shouldn't do it then you need to stop to listen. If you ignore all your built in warning signals and do it anyways you will eventually say "I knew this was a bad idea." If you knew then why did you do it? If your built in warning system goes off and you know it is a bad idea then here is an idea "Don't Do It."

Friday, June 7, 2013

"JFI" so you can get up and get-r-done

The most inspiring people are the ones who are facing the most dreadful circumstances. It inspires you to tackle hard issues you may be facing by making you realize that compared to their issues you have no reason to not be able to figure it out. Everyone has to do what they got to do even those facing dreadful circumstances. As issues arise in your life from time to time remind yourself that it is OK to sit on your pity-potty every now and again just be sure and flush when you are done so you can get up and get-r-done.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

You have to adjust as you go

As we grow older our vision grows weaker but our minds see much better because by then we have seen so much more. With age comes all the aches and pains that slow us down yet we get more done because we save time and energy by knowing the importance of reading instructions. Unfortunately as we grow older we have seen those before us pass away far too young which makes us realize how precious everyday and every moment really is. Just like you have to adjust your thermostat from one season to the next or even twice in the same day so too will you have to adjust as you grow older.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Despite whether anyone else believes it

As I struggle while trying to market "Just Flush It" with all the negative outcomes I stay motivated by imagining how they will feel when JFI is successful. I hope like Vivian from "Pretty Woman" I can one day return with tons of order slips in my hand and say "Big Mistake." My Billie Bob Dream has at times felt like a nightmare. I am sure glad that I have learned how to "Just Flush It" so it didn't clog me up and I am able to keep flowing along so I can fulfill my Billie Bob Dream. I believe that your dreams can come true as long as you believe in yourself despite whether anyone else believes it.