Monday, August 31, 2015

Slow down or you will lose it

In this fast paced World we live in don't forget about what is really important to you. Running around so fast your head spins making thinking clearly a little cloudy at times. Take the time and give the attention necessary to take care of the necessities in Life. You can hop off the fast lane and hop back on again unless you neglect to keep a place to be able to hop off and get some rest at. How fast you can go to keep up in this fast paced World depends on how smart you are to slow down long enough to take care of the necessities in Life.

Friday, August 28, 2015

Change the channel

Every time you think about it you feel it. So if you don't like the feeling it brings you then don't think about it. I know the thought may pop up in your mind over and over but you will have to"Just Flush It". Our minds have an endless stream of thoughts that never ends. But just because it pops up in your mind from and center trying to "grab" your attention doesn't mean you have to pay attention to it. Learn to "JFI" out of your mind at a quick glance without giving it a chance to make you feel it. Just like changing the channel at the first sign of a commercial.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Will you face the storms alone?

Are they a fair weather friend or a friend you weather the storms with? It is not hard to figure out. As you go through Life make sure you choose your friends wisely. The same is true no matter what age you are. The best friend you will ever have though is yourself. And keep in mind that you can also be your own worst enemy. So be true to yourself. Don't abandon your standards nor abandon your true friends when a fair weather friend blows in one season. Because the next storm that blows in they will follow the sun and you will be standing alone as the storm rages in.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Gets your boots on and climb

Once you become an adult the more understanding you have of Life in general. And unfortunately you may think the challenges you face seems a lot harder then what you saw your parents go through. But trust me it isn't. We all face challenges throughout our lives. It is just growing pains. There will be boulders thrown in your way as you go through your Life's journey and mountains to climb. You must learn to go around the boulders and put on your boots and start climbing. It is just Life and it is your choice whether you get angry and stay where you are or get up and get moving and enjoy your Life while you are living it.

Friday, August 21, 2015

I need you to help spread it

Have you ever saw a product and say why didn't I think of that? Or even worse to see a product that you did think of it and thought it was something that was needed by others yet you didn't do anything to be the first one to get it out to others. Thousands of people could also say they thought of it yet the first person to pursue it is the only one who can benefit from it. And then there are also those that acted on it and own it yet they haven't figured out how to grow it nor market it, like me. To anyone out there reading this who has any advice or ideas or who just wants to spread peace on earth by bringing peace of mind to as many people as possible please help me spread the message behind JFI. Peace of mind will be possible for them if they learn how to JFI out of their mind so it has room to get in.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Will you choose to think about it?

How important is a memory? A memory is never forgotten. A memory of something that hurt you or angered you will make you feel angry and hurt. A pleasant memory will make you smile. As a memory is triggered by a sight, smell or sound thoughts pop up in your mind. Choose quickly at a glance which memories you want to relive again. As the endless stream of thoughts goes through your mind learn which ones will evoke a negative feeling at a quick glance and "Just Flush It" out of your mind. Not all the memories you have in your mind are ones you want to remember but at least. You can choose to FLUSH away the bad memories. Peace if mind really is just a FLUSH Away so "JFI".

Monday, August 17, 2015

Watching your children grow up is confirmation your getting OLD

One day your kids are born and you get to hold them and rock them. Then they turn two and are squirming out of your hands to go exploring. Then comes the I am independent stage when they think they know everything. Then comes those teenage years when they think they are invincible and try everything. Then they fall in Love,get married and have their own children that you get to hold and rock them. It's the circle of Life so pass on the good things as you live it.

Friday, August 14, 2015

Your choice this time

How many times do you have to relive the same day over and over again? If it was a positive memory then the more times the better. But if it is a memory of something that hurt you then once is enough! It was bad enough the first time and why would you choose to relive it over and over again in your mind? It wasn't your choice to live it the first time but you can choose to "Just Flush It" out of your mind when it pops into your mind so you never have to relive it again.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

A thought away

You miss out on a lot when you walk around angry all the time. You are too angry to see what is right in front of your face. You can be so angry that those in your path run away from you. When you are angry you raise your blood pressure causing physical damage to your body that can't be undone. You don't wake up angry but as soon as you think about something that angers you then you become angry. You got to "Just Flush It" as the angry thoughts come. Because one thought at a time can make a world of difference on how you feel.

Monday, August 10, 2015

Now I see it

When I was younger I didn't understand nor did I even notice really. As I Look back now I see it clearly and I have many moments that I say oh yeah that was how they felt or now I remember. That is why when those that are younger question why I feel a certain way or do things they just don't understand I simply tell them one day when you are my age you will see. I used to try to explain my point but realized that some things you just can't see until you are older. You may not agree nor understand how anyone else see's things but don't harshly judge them just because you can't see it. We are all unique and our experiences are different so of course how we feel and think is gonna be different.

Friday, August 7, 2015

It's your choice how you choose to remember it

A recent phone call with a family friend brought up all kinds of memories. We laughed the hardest when we reminisced about the day we got drenched by a heavy down pour. She reminded me that if I hadn't forgot where my car was parked we would have got only a little wet not drenched. We laughed so hard at the fun we had stomping in the puddles since we were drenched anyways. From one end of the parking lot to a football field away at the garden center entrance. Now we could have been frustrated and forgotten about it over all these years but instead we cherish that memory more than any other one we shared. It really is all in how you choose to remember it.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

take your time or waste it

When you have something that you need to get done take the time necessary to do it. Don't rush just to say you did it because if you skipped a step you didn't get the job done. The step you missed will cause you to eventually do it all over again because a staircase that is missing a step won't allow you to reach the top. It's like putting only three tires on your car knowing you can't drive anywhere till you put all the tires on.

Monday, August 3, 2015

The frustrating circle

Funny how "little things" happen that you know are just a part of "The Circle of Life". For example my teenage son had a friend over for a day of fun playing his new video game. As I was close by I could hear my son tell him "no you don't want to do that you will just lose a life. But his friend did it anyways and became frustrated when in fact just like my son had warned him he lost his life in the game. Over and over again I would hear my son warn him about dangers hidden in the game. After all it was his game that his friend was playing for the first time. Over and over again he wouldn't listen and he would lose a life. I mean hour after hour through all different levels he would warn his friend and his friend did it anyways. Well the point is we all have wisdom to pass on to spare others the turmoil in their life but just like my son those you tried to warn ignored the warning. The Circle of Life.....