Friday, September 29, 2023

If You know it's TIME, you know

    If you see that you are headed the wrong way that leads to a Dead end then STOP and turn around.

   If you see TROUBLE coming then get out of the way so you don't get knocked down.

   If you realize that you made the wrong decision then STOP and do things DIFFERENTLY.

   If you KNOW then you KNOW what you need to do so you KNOW you have to JUST DO IT.

   If it is TIME for a CHANGE then does it matter what TIME it is?

   You may not like CHANGE but if things CHANGE then you have to make the necessary CHANGES, that's just Life.

   You can't get too comfortable in Life because Life is always CHANGING.

   You can't PRETEND that it IS what it ISN'T because it IS what it IS.

   Life is full of CHANGES and the sooner you make the CHANGES the sooner you will adapt to the CHANGES.

   If it is TIME for a CHANGE then you already KNOW it doesn't matter what TIME it is.


Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Do it when you know it is doable

    Obviously you CAN'T always DO whatever you want to DO, you can only DO what is DOABLE.

   You may have wanted to DO it twice a week but you should still be THANKFUL if you manage to DO it regularly at all.

   Accepting THINGS that you can not change is the only way to see THINGS for what they truly are so you know what THINGS that you have to WORK WITH.

   You DON'T have what you DON'T have.......... PERIOD. 

   You WON'T appreciate what you GOT if you DON'T even ACKNOWLEDGE what you GOT.

   Start by being HONEST with yourself about what YOU NEED to DO to make sure that you DO EVERYTHING that you CAN DO to be the BEST YOU, that you can be.

   When Life gives you nothing but LEMONS then LEARN how to make LEMONADE.


   You CAN'T always DO what you WANT to DO but..... you CAN always DO what is DOABLE.




Monday, September 25, 2023

You can't change what happened but you can make sure you don't let it happen again

    You may have made the wrong decision but you know that you won't make that decision again.

    You may have chosen the wrong way but you definitely won't go that way again.

   You may have said the wrong thing but you can make sure that you say it differently next time.

   No one is perfect, we all make mistakes.

   As long as you admit the mistake you made you can learn from it and you can make sure you don't repeat it again.

   But don't judge yourself or anyone so harshly if they make a mistake.

   The first time you do anything it is a learning experience that you have to just learn as you go. 

   Now if you repeat it then it isn't a mistake it is a habit you have that you need to break.

   Don't blame it on the moon or you won't learn anything.

   You can't change what happened but you can make sure it doesn't happen again.





Friday, September 22, 2023

Everything has more than one possibility

    You can't predict exactly what will happen because not everything happens like you predicted.

   You have to keep an open mind that everything happens for a reason no matter if you understand the reason or not.

  It may feel like you have bad luck but one day you will see that you are so lucky it happened exactly the way it did because it could have been worse.

   Be patient and go with the flow and accept that everything happens for a reason.

  There are hard challenges that you have to face on your Life's Journey but being alive to face them is something you can be thankful for.

Wednesday, September 20, 2023

Standing on top let's you see what you accomplished

    When you reach your destination you can be thankful for how far you have come.

   After you celebrate making it you can reflect upon everything that you did to get there.

   Reaching where you want to be takes a lot of hard work to get there.

   All the challenges you had to endure were not all part of your plan but they were important parts that were necessary if you were going to make it there.

   If you wanted to go to the top of the mountain you could take a helicopter up there but you can't say you climbed to the top of the mountain.

    But if you climb up the mountain to reach the top you can proudly say that you climbed to the top.

   Although it is a breathtaking view from the top of the mountain looking down at how far you climbed to reach the top is so exciting that it takes your breath away 

   Your hard work and your dedication and your unwavering commitment to complete anything is a testament to you that you can do anything.

   You did it because you were willing to do whatever it takes to accomplish it and that is way more satisfying then just taking a quick helicopter ride.

  Enjoy the climb!

Monday, September 18, 2023

Your first impression is based on assumptions not facts

    Sometimes you walk in a room and you can feel the negativity in the air.

   You form an opinion based purely on that feeling and you choose to see it as a fact without anything to back it up as factual.

   Your opinion then decides how you approach your time at that place as well as the people who work there.

  Your opinion determines the mood you have every time you go there.

   You don't give the people or the establishment a chance to prove to you that your opinion is totally wrong. 

   You are so closed minded because in your opinion you already know all the facts.

   You miss out on the benefits that you could have enjoyed if you just would have kept an open mind until you truly new the facts.

   Most of the time you don't go there enough times to get the facts and your opinion is forever engraved in your mind.

   Luckily I was able to go enough times to see that my first impression was way off the true facts.

   I realized that I was in the best place and had the nicest people there that helped me through every step of the way.

   Thank goodness they didn't know what my first impression was of them or they would have formed a terrible opinion of me and might not have been so helpful to me.

   Before you let what you assume to be a fact that you base your opinion on guide you, keep an open mind and gather the facts so you choose wisely.

   Like they say if you ASSUME you can make an ASS of U and ME. Get the facts so you can make an informed decision not assumptions.

   Don't judge a book by it's cover because what is inside the cover is a book you will benefit from reading.


Friday, September 15, 2023

Looking for a way to have a positive outcome

    As I sit here exhausted from the chaotic circumstances I am facing I am looking for a way to have a positive outcome. 

   I can either keep looking or keep sitting on my pity potty all clogged up.

   I keep thinking about the church sign that inspired the positive message behind JUST FLUSH IT.

  It said.... It's okay to sit on your pity-potty every now and again just be sure and FLUSH when you are done.

  It's a reminder to us all that God knows that S*** happens and we all have every right to sit on our pity-potty when it does.

   But the only way to ENJOY LIFE is to take the painful experiences from your past and JUST FLUSH IT.

   As I grab the PLUNGER to get unclogged I want to remind you that anyone can get CLOGGED but luckily PEACE OF MIND is just a FLUSH away.

   So if you ever get CLOGGED, Remember to grab the PLUNGER!

   Because if you want PEACE OF MIND sometimes you will have to do whatever it takes to JUST FLUSH IT out of your mind to make ROOM for PEACE OF MIND to get in.



Wednesday, September 13, 2023

Life is Life not.... what you think Life is

   When you are young you think Life will be a certain way but...

   You make a plan to have the Life you thought was guaranteed but...

   You can make a plan and stick to it through thick and thin to have a certain type of Life but....

   Unfortunately Life does NOT always turn out like you thought it would.

   Unfortunately you don't ALWAYS get what you thought you had earned through your hard work.

   You must accept that Life is like a rollercoaster and there will be ups and downs as well as twists and turns, that's just Life.

   We only have one Life to live and we have to ENJOY LIFE every day while we are living it on both the good days and the bad days. 

  Even on a bad day we should be THANKFUL that we are alive to live it.

  To ENJOY LIFE you have to ENJOY it while you are living it.

Monday, September 11, 2023

Is it a coincidence?

    Is it just a coincidence or is it part of how to put everyone where they need to be?

   Running behind may be frustrating but sometimes you are better off because if you were on time you wouldn't have been where you needed to be when you needed to be there.

   I don't like change but I can clearly see how important that change had been for me and it wouldn't have happened if things hadn't change.

   I realize that sometimes it takes a tornado in your personal life to get you where you are supposed to be and it was the only way to get you there. 

   Your Life's Journey is a bumpy road so don't expect it to be smooth every step of your way, because it's not, it's going to be bumpy.

   Stop getting angry every time things get tough.

    Learn to just ADJUST to the situation and you will be able to continue merrily on your Life's Journey.

   Like the plaque on my wall says....

So this isn't HOME SWEET HOME.... ADJUST.



Friday, September 8, 2023

There may not be any answer to your question

    It is natural when something happens to want to know why it happened.

   Unfortunately some questions there just are no answer for, not even on Google.

   Even though everything happens for a reason you may not ever know the reason.

    If you don't get an answer you have to JUST FLUSH IT out of your mind so it doesn't CLOG you up and weigh you down.

   You will have questions in Life that there just isn't an answer for, that's just Life.

   Life is a rollercoaster and there will be ups and downs, there will be good days and bad days, that's just Life.

   We only have the time we have so don't waste a moment of it looking for an answer to your question that there just is no answer for, not even on Google.

   On your Life's Journey you will have to CLIMB but you don't have to carry SANDBAGS of unanswered questions to make your CLIMB harder 

   Lighten your load by accepting that something's there just isn't an ANSWER for, not even on Google.

Wednesday, September 6, 2023

Don't let a two minute traffic jam effect your entire day

    No one likes to be stuck in a traffic jam but traffic jams are part of getting from point A to point B.

   Don't let a two minute delay in a traffic jam effect you negatively for the entire day.

   When you get stuck in traffic remind yourself that two minutes won't really effect your day unless you allow it to.

   Just take a deep breath and slowly exhale and before you know it you will feel relaxed and traffic will be moving again.

   If you feel your jaw tightening because the traffic jam is weighing heavy on your mind just STOP thinking about it and you will feel your jaw suddenly relax.

  You can't have a feeling without a thought so don't fill your mind with negative thoughts about the two minute traffic jam so it can't have a negative effect on your whole day.

   When you are stuck in a traffic jam spend that two minutes singing a song or reading bumper stickers on the cars stuck with you.

   Spend that two minutes looking at the different colors of the cars around you.

   Spend that two minutes thinking about all the things that you are thankful for.

  Don't let a two minute delay effect you negatively for hours.

  Before you know it the traffic will be moving again and you can enjoy the rest of your day.


Monday, September 4, 2023

Your POINT OF VIEW determines what you see

    Which ANGLE you look at is the ANGLE you see it from.

    If you NARROW your POINT OF VIEW the LESS you will be able to see.

   Ten people could look at the SAME THING yet see something totally DIFFERENT.

   Ten people could READ the SAME fortune cookie yet INTERPRET it totally DIFFERENTLY.

   Ten people could EXPERIENCE the SAME CIRCUMSTANCES yet it will IMPACT their life DIFFERENTLY.

   Your POINT OF VIEW is all you can see but with an OPEN MIND you can see DIFFERENT VIEWS.

   Each time you REWATCH a movie you NOTICE things that you didn't NOTICE the FIRST time you had WATCHED IT.

   The movie DIDN'T CHANGE but you CHANGED what you needed to LOOK at now that you already knew how it ended.

   You ALREADY KNEW what was coming so you could FOCUS on the LITTLE THINGS that you hadn't NOTICED while you were so FOCUSED on what was possibly coming.

   It's like ART. The beauty of ART is in the EYES of the BEHOLDER.

  Your POINT OF VIEW is what you see and their POINT OF VIEW is what they see.

   You base your DECISIONS on how you see it and they base their DECISIONS on what they see.

   The best thing is we are all ENTITLED to have our OWN OPINIONS and if we want everyone to RESPECT our OPINION we have to RESPECT their OPINION.

   How EACH of us LOOK at something DETERMINES what EACH of us will be able to see because we can only see from OUR POINT OF VIEW.

   We can AGREE to DISAGREE without ANYONE having to be WRONG about what they SEE.

   Your POINT OF VIEW is what you will SEE unless you CHANGE your POINT OF VIEW to SEE things from DIFFERENT VIEWS.




Friday, September 1, 2023

Will you choose to only ENJOY your BIG moments?

    In a lifetime you have only a handful of BIG MOMENTS.

   Will you choose to only ENJOY your BIG MOMENTS?

   You may only achieve a BIG MOMENT about once every few years. 

   Heck you may only achieve a BIG MOMENT once every decade.

   Will you choose to only ENJOY LIFE once in a decade?

   As you go through your Life's Journey you will have many PRECIOUS LITTLE MOMENTS that you can ENJOY.

   But will you choose to acknowledge them so that you can ENJOY them?

   Don't ignore the LITTLE JOYS because you are so focused on a once in a decade CHANCE to have a BIG MOMENT.

   Reaching your goals is something to CELEBRATE.

   But all the LITTLE STEPS that it took to reach your goal is something you should CELEBRATE because it is the only reason you were able to reach your goal.

   But will you choose to acknowledge them so you can ENJOY them?

   Every MOMENT is a chance to have a MOMENT you can treasure.

   Sometimes one of the hardest moments in yours Life turns out to be one of of the BEST moments of your Life.