Wednesday, March 8, 2023

A free event to enjoy

   Outside my dining room window tucked tightly in the bushes that are six feet tall covering the entire window, was a Blue Bird making a nest. 
   I gave her privacy and kept the blinds shut only peeking occasionally as she slowly brought back little twigs that she tucked tightly together till it was strong enough for her to lay her eggs. 
   She sat patiently keeping them warm all day long day after day until all four eggs hatched. 
   After they hatched I realized she needed that long rest as they began chirping day and night requiring her to fly back and fourth with a tiny bite for one of the four beaks held widely open squawking loudly to get her attention to get some food. 
   Once they were born I could open the shades as she had to feed them. 
   Although the mother Bird was annoyed as I sat watching and enjoyed the natural Wonder of it all, she still had to take care of her babies.
   As they grew they began walking out on the branches to start stretching their wings to prepare to fly away from the nest. 
   Before I knew it the nest was empty, they had gotten strong enough and had flown away. 
   I will remove the nest now so another Bird will see an empty bush and build her nest there so I can ENJOY it again.
   In your own Yard there are many natural events that are FREE for you to ENJOY.

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