Friday, August 31, 2018

If you want the answer you have to ask the question

You can't expect anyone to know what you need. If you need something then let them know. You can't get upset that you didn't get the answer you needed if you didn't ask the question you wanted an answer to. You will never know if you can do something if you never try to do it. If you make your decision without getting the facts then for a fact you may make the wrong decision. Even when you get all the facts you could still make the wrong decision but at least you know for a fact that you did so only after you considered all the facts. Without facts you are taking an uneducated guess.

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Why didn't they warn us?

You learn many lessons throughout your lifetime. But will you pass on what you have learned? Will you give those around you heads up on what to expect? Unfortunately people hide the truth on what they have been through to learn what they know. Sometimes it's because they are embarrassed. Sometimes it's because they think it is something only they had to go through. Other times it's because they don't think anyone cares. It sure would be nice if you knew what to expect so you can be better prepared for it. If I would have known that your body is old at fifty I definitely would have been better prepared for it. I honestly thought you would be in good health still at fifty yet the truth is that is when you start facing the aches and pains, not when you turn seventy like I thought. I am sharing this with everyone now so you won't be caught off guard. Don't put too many stairs in your house or you will regret making it hard on yourself later in life. Don't put off what you can do today because tomorrow you might not be able to do it.

Monday, August 27, 2018

At the top of the list

You may have a long list of things to do but not all them are a necessity to get done. If you put them in order of importance you will find that a lot of them are not even important at all. You may have many dreams throughout your life time but some of them were just a fleeting thought. As time goes on what you dream about changes. You will find that what was important to you back then isn't important to you at all today. Your bucket list that you work on throughout your life is reserved for only the things on the top of your list. The key words above are "work on throughout your life." Some things you have to do while you are young and healthy so you can't wait to do it when you are old and frail. If you miss your window of opportunity then you may find the things on your bucket list turn into a list of things that you can't do. If it's important to you then it is important that you put it at the top of your list. If it doesn't really matter to you then it won't matter if you do it or not.

Friday, August 24, 2018

It feels like Twilight Zone

There are times when you feel like this really can't be happening. It feels like you are in Twilight Zone. As if this can't possibly be real. If you have ever seen the old show you know that nothing is ever what it seems to be. It is an eerie uneasy feeling. Trouble is it is your "new reality." As uncomfortable as it may be it is something that you have to accept because it is what it is. You may feel like you can make things go back to what you were comfortable with but you can't. You just can't. No matter how drastically different it is the sooner you can accept it the sooner you will feel comfortable with it. Struggling to understand how on Earth it could even be happening will only make you struggle harder to adapt to it. If it is what it is then do whatever it takes to feel comfortable in the skin your in.

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Today is yours to enjoy or not

Yesterday is already gone and tomorrow may not come but today is yours to enjoy or not enjoy. It is that simple. There is nothing you can do about what happened yesterday. Tomorrow may never come for you or someone you love. But today is yours to enjoy. Like the plaque on my wall says... I asked God for all things that I might enjoy Life. He gave me Life that I might enjoy all things. Will you choose to enjoy today? Or will you spend it thinking about what happened yesterday. It is necessary to plan for your future but you may not be around to enjoy it. The only way to enjoy Life is to enjoy it while you are living it.

Monday, August 20, 2018

Just because you can't see it now doesn't mean it wasn't there

Have you ever went to grab something that you had seen many times before yet now it isn't there? You search your memory bank to see if that is where you saw it. You are certain that is where you saw it. You look all around the area thinking the only logical answer is that it must have fallen close by. Since you need it you keep looking elsewhere yet keep returning to look where you last saw it. As if it was just temporarily invisible but now you will be able to see it sitting right where you remembered. As you keep searching other places in your house you finally find it. You try to figure out how it could have been moved there. Then a memory pops up front and center in your mind. You suddenly remember moving it there so you wouldn't forget where it was later when you need it. You realize that if you would have just left it where it was you would have found it a long time ago.

Friday, August 17, 2018

Deciding what to do can make your head spin

I gave my grandkids some inexpensive new tablet chargers. They were just as  excited about them as they were on Christmas morning when they opened their new tablets. They were all a different color so they would always know if it was theirs or one of their siblings. It was like Christmas in August. Which got me thinking about when I start my Christmas shopping. Instead of expensive presents I am going to by the adults and children more useful inexpensive items. Like chargers and head phones, and extension cords, rechargeable battery set, and flashlights. All the little things that they need throughout the year. Buying someone what they need sometimes means more to them then buying them what they say they want.

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

It can be as different as night and day

Depending on where you live will be what you experience in your life. Sometimes you live where it is very cold and you learn how to adapt to the cold. Likewise those living where it is hot or dry or rainy learn to adapt. The differences from place to place makes all the difference in the world on what you will have to do to make your life the best it can be.  Heck even if you never live in but one town your whole life you will have to adapt to the changes that naturally occur over time. As you grow older you will learn that even if you don't like the way things keep changing you better adapt as they change. Because like it or not that's just how things are going to be. And it's important to get done what you need and to do that you will have to know what has changed so you will know how to get it done. How things worked in the past won't work today. Things may be different for someone else so what works for you may not work for them and visa versa. Like they say, different strokes for different folks.

Monday, August 13, 2018

Why won't they let them close their doors?

We all at some time have been excitedly waiting for the UPS truck to arrive to deliver a package. Have you ever wandered why delivery drivers like UPS always have their doors open? When it is blistering hot outside they can't be cooled by the air conditioning. It definitely isn't as safe if they happen to wreck either. Unfortunately sometimes when packages arrive they are occasionally broke when you take them out of the box.
  Now you have to find a way to send it back. When you own a little car the box might not fit in it for you to return it. It happened to a friend and she wore herself out trying to make it fit. Then out of nowhere as she started to bring the large package back inside a UPS truck pulled up to her house. She had not been waiting on a package but she had never been so excited to see a UPS truck that she wasn't waiting for but she sure was praying for help. Although he looked exhausted after he had been hauling packages all day he took her big box to return it.
  She said she felt more happy about UPS taking away her box than she had ever felt when getting any box she had ordered. She was so excited about UPS showing up unexpectedly when she felt defeated. She was no longer angry that it was delivered late and it had arrived broken. She was no longer frustrated  that it wouldn't fit in her car. She was able to JUST FLUSH IT all because she focused on the fact that the UPS truck showed up out of the blue and took the big box.

Friday, August 10, 2018

Will you regret it?

You will make many choices throughout your life. Some choices are everyday routine things that you automatically do out of habit. You don't have to think about it at all. Some choices will have a huge impact on your life and those you need to think long and hard about before you make a choice you will regret. Your built in warning system will usually go off when you are about to make a choice you will regret and you need to choose to listen to it. You sure don't want to be saying to yourself later when you are suffering the consequences,  that you knew better than to make that choice. It's bad enough to hear someone else tell you I told you so. It is worse when you knew better and yet you chose to do it. We all make mistakes that at the time we think are the right thing to do. But it is not a mistake when you did it despite knowing it was a mistake before you did it. When you feel your warning system go off deep down inside, it's not gas. Before you make your choice ask yourself, will I regret this?

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

A lightning bolt can strike without warning

One minute it can be slightly raining then out of nowhere, you are jolted by the sound of a lightning strike. It may have hit the ground but it shook the house. Your body quivers as it is caught off guard by the sound when it strikes the ground. When mother nature brings severe weather you are reminded that it can strike anyone, anywhere at anytime. With hurricane season upon us I hope you are prepared to ride out the storm if it heads your way. We also face storms out of nowhere in our personal lives too. There are good days and bad days. At anytime we may experience an unexpected negative situation that came out of nowhere. You can't prepare for something that you never saw coming. But what you do after it strikes will determine how well you survive it. Your life's journey is made as you go through it. If you know it is going to rain then bring an umbrella. If you see trouble coming get out of the way.

Monday, August 6, 2018

Waiting is easier if you search the internet while you wait

When you find yourself sitting in a busy waiting room you have too much time to think about how long you are having to wait. In the old days lots of the waiting rooms had fish tanks there to distract you. They didn't want to be greeted by an angry person. The sound of the water filter of the tank as you watched the fish swim around made your time waiting peaceful and relaxing. Nowadays they may have a tv on but it is usually on something you don't want to watch. With the help of your phone you can now be distracted as you search the internet. You know it's easy when you are on the internet at home to feel like you were only on it fifteen minutes or so but it had actually been an hour. If you find yourself having to wait somewhere just visit my web site to read old blogs. I have been blogging three days a week for nearly nine years and they are all on here ready to help relax you anywhere you are whenever you need distracted.

Friday, August 3, 2018

All you can do sometimes is watch them sabotage themselves

Have you ever known someone who constanly says they can't do it so therefore they never try. You know they can do it just like others do. It may not be what other's want to do nor do they know how to but because they have to they get up and figure out how to do it. You sabotage any chance of you doing it. In the end you will pay the consequences for not doing it. When your first thought is to say "I can't" stop before you say it out loud and think about that little ant that moved that rubber tree plant. Or think about the little engine who could as he changed I think I can to I know I can. When you know you can do it if you try then you will try for anything you want or need. Your thoughts make up your reality. You can't reach your dreams if you never dream.

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Where did it go?

One simple touch of a button while on the internet and everything in front of you disappears. And sometimes it disappears into cyberspace never to be seen again. You can hit any button you want but you won't find it. Where does it go? You can research it again starting over thinking it will pop up again but if it got sent to the cyberspace triangle you know it is gone. I was frustrated thinking about how easily it disdapeared then I thought about just how easily a thought can be on the tip of your tongue one minute then it disappears. And no matter how hard you try to remember it you can't. Suddenly after making this comparison to something that has happened to me many times the frustration over what had disappeared into cyberspace just disappeared. I was able to relax and quit looking for it.