Wednesday, August 30, 2023

The rain will roll out as fast as it rolled in

    As you see the rain clouds forming you know there is a good chance that you could get rained on.

   The weather authorities can't predict the rain will definitely come but you should still make a plan for what you will do in case it rains.

  In our personal life we may also have storms that we have to endure.

  So if you see TROUBLE coming make sure you get out of it's way.

  If you get caught in a stormy personal situation remember that just like a rainstorm, the rain will roll out as fast as it came in.

  So don't do anything while you face that Stormy personal situation that will cause you to regret it after the storm has passed.



Monday, August 28, 2023

Don't let it distract you

    As the time has come to CELEBRATE where you are, don't let anything distract you from CELEBRATING where you are.

   When the time has come for you to REJOICE in how hard you worked to get you where you are, don't let anything distract you from REJOICING.

   If it makes you HAPPY then who cares what anyone else thinks.

  At the end of the day if you are PROUD of everything that you do each day then you should be PROUD of yourself.

  You can't PLEASE everyone so don't waste your precious TIME trying to PLEASE others.

  We only have the TIME we have so don't waste a moment of your TIME.

  Don't let WHAT anyone else thinks you should do DISTRACT you from doing what you want to do.

  YOU DO YOU and don't let anything or anyone DISTRACT you from being the BEST YOU that you can be.



Friday, August 25, 2023

If you want to look forward to it , you have to...

    If you want to move PAST IT you have to focus on what's coming next.

   If you want to look FORWARD to it you have to keep looking FORWARD.

  If you want a FRESH START then leave what didn't work in the past so you can have a FRESH START.

  If you want to see things DIFFERENTLY then you have to LOOK at things DIFFERENTLY.

   You can't keep RELIVING your YESTERDAY'S if you want to be able to enjoy LIVING your TODAY'S.

   That is like trying to drive your car while you only look in your REAR VIEW mirror.

  Yesterday is already gone and tomorrow may never come but TODAY is yours to ENJOY.

  If you want to ENJOY LIFE you have to ENJOY it while you are LIVING it.




Wednesday, August 23, 2023

You are just one POSITIVE thought away

    Our minds have an endless stream of THOUGHTS in our mind trying to GRAB our attention.

   So CHOOSE which THOUGHTS you will let GRAB your attention carefully.

  Your THOUGHTS are the REALITY that you live whether it is true reality or not, because it's true to you.

   If at a quick GLANCE you know a THOUGHT will only evoke negative feelings then quickly JUST FLUSH IT out of your mind.

   One THOUGHT at a time you can JUST FLUSH IT so PEACE OF MIND will have ROOM to get in.

   Negative THOUGHTS will CLOG you up if you let them, so don't let them.

   Remember if you want PEACE OF MIND you will have to make ROOM for it to get in!


Monday, August 21, 2023

What would you say to someone if they would listen?

    If you could PASS on only one piece of advice, what would you choose to PASS ON?

   If you could pick one THING that you wish everyone knew, what would that one THING be?

  If you could make just one POSITIVE change in the world, what one POSITIVE change would you make?

   If you could make one POSITIVE change in yourself, what would you change?

   If you need an ANSWER about what POSITIVE things that you can do, you just have to ASK yourself the QUESTIONS.




Friday, August 18, 2023

Don't focus on the negativity

    If you only FOCUS on the NEGATIVE things then all you will see is NEGATIVITY.

   If you FOCUS on the POSITIVE things then you will see POSITIVITY.

   If you look for TROUBLE you will find it.

   If you look for HOPE you will have HOPE.

   What are you looking for?

   If you see TROUBLE coming then get out of the way.

   Remember Peter Pan could only fly if he thought HAPPY THOUGHTS.

   Be like Peter Pan and you will be HAPPY.

   Your thoughts are the reality that you will live whether it is true reality or not.

   How you look at it will determine what you will see. 

   What are you looking for?

    If you want a POSITIVE outcome you have to have a POSITIVE attitude.

   HAPPINESS is a state of mind no matter what state or country you live in.

Wednesday, August 16, 2023

Don't say it just because you think you should, be HONEST

    If you don't like it then don't tell them that you like it, be HONEST.

   If you don't agree with them then don't tell them that you agree.

   Just because someone else is doing it doesn't mean that it is the right thing to do.

   You don't have to try to make them see your point of view just don't let them distort your point of view.

   Be HONEST with yourself and make sure you stick to what you believe in.

   If you keep changing to please OTHERS before you know it you will do things that you know just ain't right.

  At the end of the day all that matters is that you are proud of yourself.

   Set standards for yourself that you won't cross no matter what anyone else does.

  Karma is real and your karma is based on what you do, their karma is based on what they do.

   Be the best you that you can be by doing only what is best for you.


Monday, August 14, 2023

Don't make a TEMPORARY problem cause you PERMANENT problems

    As you are on your Life's Journey you will encounter obstacles along your way.

   The ROLLERCOASTER of LIFE is full of ups and downs as well as twists and turns.

    Sometimes you will have to deal with unpleasant TEMPORARY challenges.

   How you react to the challenges will determine how it will impact your Life's Journey.

   Don't turn a TEMPORARY challenge into a PERMANENT problem you will have to deal with for a LIFETIME.

   When you are faced with a negative situation you have to STOP and THINK about what your ACTIONS will bring BEFORE you REACT.

   Because once you REACT you will have to LIVE with the CONSEQUENCES that your ACTIONS will have, you can't take it back. 

  Don't turn a TEMPORARY problem into a PERMANENT problem you will have to deal with.

  STOP and THINK before you do something or say something that you will REGRET for a LIFETIME.

Friday, August 11, 2023

Be your normal self

    You are who you are unless you CHANGE to please OTHERS.

   What makes you UNIQUE is the TRUE you that makes you who you are.

   If you keep CHANGING to please OTHERS before you know it you won't even know who you are.

   You can't please everyone but you can please yourself by being the best YOU that you can be.

   If we were all the SAME then we wouldn't have anything NEW to talk about.

   If we all thought the SAME way we wouldn't have NEW things to ENJOY.

   You do you and let them do them and we all can enjoy being UNIQUELY ourselves.

   Stop trying to be just like everyone else and allow yourself to be UNIQUELY you. 

   Our DIFFERENCES are what makes us UNIQUELY different.


Wednesday, August 9, 2023

It's a family reunion at the flea market

    Walking around the flea market is a blast from your past.

    Many buried memories pop up front and Center grabbing your attention as they are triggered by objects that one of your relatives used to have.

   The moment you see the lamp that your Aunt had in her home, you relive memories of time you spent at her house.

   Then just a few tables down you see the dishes just like the ones your family had and you are transported back to memories of dinners with your family.

   As you walk through the flea market it's like having a family reunion as you relive the memories of special moments with your family that are triggered by objects from your past.

  You don't have to buy any of the objects to enjoy treasured memories either, they are free to ENJOY.

   The next time you are missing your family you can go to the flea market and have a family reunion even though it is only in your mind.

Monday, August 7, 2023

A lifetime of collecting is a lot of collected stuff

    Every few years something new catches your interest.

    What you liked back when you were a child you outgrow.

  Even what you liked when you became a young adult changes as time goes by.

   Every few years what you used to collect gets pushed to the side and you start collecting something totally different.

   Now after you have collected for decades you realize you have way to many things that you have collected.

   Now all your collections are collecting dust making dusting something you dread doing.

   When this happens it's time to pick a couple special things from each of your past collections and get rid of the rest so you won't mind dusting.

  Unfortunately it won't be easy nor will it happen in an instant.

   But one collection at a time you can enjoy looking at them all before you pick out your favorites to keep.

   And then pack up the rest then drop off the box at Goodwill so you can't change your mind and put them back.


Friday, August 4, 2023

Do you like to see rainbows?

    You can not see a rainbow without enduring the rain.

   You may not like the rain storms but you know that we need the rain.

   It's like Ying and Yang, you have to take the good with the bad.

   To get what you need you have to take what you get and make it work.

    In Life you have to ADJUST as you go through your Life's Journey to ENJOY LIFE while you are living it.

   When life gives you lemons turn them into lemonade to quench your thirst.

   You may not like getting wet in a rainstorm but we need the rain so you have to be thankful for the rain. 

   Remember only when it rains will you have a chance to relax and ENJOY a rainbow.



Wednesday, August 2, 2023

You are who you choose to be

    Although you are influenced by your family, you are who you choose to be.

   Although you are influenced by your friends, you are who you choose to be.

   Although you are influenced by your environment, you are who you choose to be.

  Although you are influenced by your circumstances, you are who you choose to be.

  Although you face many challenges on your Life's Journey, you are who you choose to be.

  You choose whether you are an honest person or not just like you choose what you are going to eat.

  You are who you are because you choose to be who you are.

  You can't be comfortable in the skin you are in unless you are comfortable with what you do in the skin you are in.

  At the end of the day all that matters is that you are proud of who you are.