Monday, December 6, 2021

Everywhere you look you can see that it's the Christmas Season

   Now that my children are all grown up, I don't have to be a sneaky Santa anymore.

  I sure do miss the excitement of secretively keeping the magic of Christmas alive. 

  This will be the second year due to the pandemic that I have let the Older grandkids just pick out the gifts they would like for us to get them on Amazon.

  I know it took away the surprise on Christmas day but they sure were smiling ear to ear when they got to pick anything they wanted in October!

  And I sure had some awesome one on one time with each of them while sitting on the couch as they excitedly searched.

 Now here I go again as I get all the gifts wrapped I have an uneven amount. And kids keep track of how many each person gets. 

  Every year this happens. I always have to go back out to get gifts just to keep the number of packages even to be fair.

  I did it when my kids were young and now I do it with my grandkids.

  Yesterday I had so many for one of my granddaughters that I had to get her to open three of them Early.

 I didn't want to go out and by all the other grandkids three each to make them all even.

  I hope you are COUNTING them as you go so you don't have to keep SHOPPING to keep things EVEN.




Friday, December 3, 2021

If you know it is UNACCEPTABLE then make sure that no one has to ACCEPT IT.

   It is hard to not ACCEPT it when you have no choice but to ACCEPT it. 

  If you ignore bad behavior then it becomes ACCEPTABLE. 

  And if you don't prevent it from happening to someone else then ACCEPT that you can EXPECT it to happen to you or someone you love.

  As I struggled to pay a once a year payment it became very frustrating.

  I had to go through all the questions you had to answer before you could even reach a human being to get help. 

  But just because I finally got to a human being didn't mean I reached a compassionate human.

  I would reach someone but after explaining what I needed they would transfer me to another department to explain it again.

 Twice I was hung up on and had to call back and start at the beginning answering the questions all over again to reach a human.

  I was on the phone for over an hour and I spoke today to SIX different employees before I got my problem solved. 

  As I spoke to the SIXTH EMPLOYEE AND THE SECOND SUPERVISOR I begged her to HELP prevent this from happening to anyone else.

  Will she? I have no idea. But I sure hope she is human enough and has the HUMAN COMPASSION to make a positive difference to prevent it from happening to anyone else.

  If you IGNORE bad behavior then it becomes ACCEPTABLE and if it is ACCEPTED then you can EXPECT it to happen to you or someone you love.


  I know you said you didn't know if anyone will listen to you, please try.

  The world won't get better on it's own we all must do our part. Even if you don't succeed you can be proud to say you TRIED. 



Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Old habits are hard to break

   It is hard to break the habit of doing things that have always worked for you in the past.

  It is hard to get out of the habit even though it may not have been working great for you.

  Change is hard even if in the end it is what is best for you.

  And you know you should never get too comfortable in life anyways because life is always changing.

  But being forced to constantly change as fast as technology changes how you can do everything and anything, is way harder.

  For decades before computer technology came along it was smaller changes that were easier to change and adjust to.

  But in just one day things can change so drastically that you struggle to adjust to the changes. 

 And whether you like the changes or not things change.

  All you can do is accept the things you can not change, period.

  It is what it is, period. 


Monday, November 29, 2021

Cyber Monday madness

   Here we go again, we have to deal with a pandemic for a second Christmas shopping season. 

  Cyber Monday has become the busiest shopping day of the Year. 

  Although you can find anything you want on the internet, it isn't nearly as special as going from store to store.

  There was something special about having to search in person until you saw that perfect gift.

  It's easy to just pick something you find in cyberspace and order it just to have a gift.

  But knowing that you went from store to store looking for the gift you give them makes the gift way more special to them.

 And the gifts that someone makes themselves are the most treasured gifts of all.

  Last year my friend and her husband made bird houses for gifts because of quarantine. This year they were happy to be able to go out to search for that perfect gift.

  No matter if you decide to do your shopping in cyberspace or brick and mortar places, don't buy just to be buying.

  In case you haven't already it's time to get out the Holly Jolly Christmas music. I know Elvis will be setting the Holly Jolly Mood this Christmas just like he always does.


Friday, November 26, 2021

Today is officially Thanksgiving LEFTOVER DAY!

   Once we celebrate Thanksgiving the count down until Christmas officially begins. 

  You, along with millions of other people, probably had already completed most of your Christmas gift purchases before Thanksgiving. 

  But it isn't until you officially have celebrated Thanksgiving that the official count down until Christmas begins. 

  It's time to get your presents wrapped and put under the tree because before you know it Christmas day will be here.

  The cheery colors from your wrapped gifts will greet you every day to cheer you up and bring a smile to your face.

  The day after Christmas when you miss being greeted by cheery colors to make you smile, you have to think of how happy they were when they opened your gift to make you smile.

  Keep in mind that you don't need to buy people expensive gifts they don't need. 

  Remember the reason for the season is to spend time with those you love, not to go in debt to buy people things. 

  Enjoy your official Thanksgiving LEFTOVER day today. 




Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Starting the first day of cooking

   You just can't cook everything for your Thanksgiving Feast all in one day. Because this isn't just a dinner, it is a FEAST.

  It takes a lot of time and energy to make the FEAST that we all look forward to enjoying  every Thanksgiving.

  There just are no shortcuts on Thanksgiving. And every dish is someone's favorite Thanksgiving dish.

  I am glad that many of the dishes can be made the day before Thanksgiving. It would be impossible to make everything in just a few hours.

  The pandemic had kept us from being together last year for any holidays. 

  We can all be thankful that we are able to gather to enjoy Thanksgiving Dinner together. 

  Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Remember there is no dieting on Thanksgiving!

  Today my house is full of the smell as the cooking has begun.

  This year I decided to take a little bit of cake batter to make myself a cupcake that I could enjoy eating today. 

 And I am sure looking forward to eating it. It's going to be a new tradition I will start doing.

  I can't believe I never thought of it before this year. 



Monday, November 22, 2021

Quiet time requires being quiet

   You can't enjoy the quiet moments if you don't spend time being quiet.

  To think clearly requires some quiet time so you can think clearly.

  When you quietly enjoy a few moments of quiet time, you feel relaxed.

  When you can relax you can think clearer.

  Don't let the noise distract you from making the right decision for yourself.

  If it is an important decision you have to make, then you know it is important that you can think clearly to make the right decision.