Wednesday, February 21, 2024

When it is gone it's gone

    You won't ENJOY the gentle breeze if you don't slow down so you can feel it.

   You won't get to see the beauty of a flower when it blooms if you don't stop long enough to ENJOY it before it withers away.

   You won't notice let alone ENJOY the little things in life if you only look for the big things that may or may not come your way.

   You can't wait to ENJOY your children because before you know it they will be grown ups.

   You can't put off doing something when you are younger that you won't be able to do physically when you are old.

   If you have something to say to those around you then say it because you don't want to miss your opportunity to say it because there is no guarantee that tomorrow will come.

   Slow down so you can ENJOY the gentle breeze while it is blowing.

   Stop and smell the flowers while they are in bloom.

    You can only ENJOY the laughter of a child when they are still children.

   To ENJOY LIFE you have to slow down so you can ENJOY it while you are living it.

Monday, February 19, 2024

Pay attention to your GUT

     Your GUT INSTINCTS are trying to WARN you about something.

     Your GUT INSTINCTS are your BUILT-IN WARNING system trying to GRAB YOUR ATTENTION to WARN you.

    When you feel your GUT gargling it DOESN'T always mean you have GAS.

    When you are about to do something and your GUT starts TUMBLING you need to STOP and THINK before you do it.

    At the end of the day you don't want to say I had a FEELING that I shouldn't do it but I IGNORED the FEELING.

   MISTAKES happen but is it a MISTAKE that could have been AVOIDED?

   IF you pay attention to your GUT you will be able to AVOID the DANGER if you HEED the WARNINGS.



Friday, February 16, 2024

You get used to your surroundings so surround yourself with positivity

    If it is the ONLY way you had ever done it then it is NORMAL for you to do.

   If you live in a state that it always SNOWS then you will learn how to DRIVE in SNOWY weather.

   If you live in a state that NEVER SNOWS you might not know how to safely DRIVE in the SNOW.

   If you surround yourself with NEGATIVITY then you will have a NEGATIVE outlook.

   If you surround yourself with POSITIVITY then you will  have a POSITIVE outlook.

    If you surround yourself with people who INSPIRE you then you will feel INSPIRED.

    If you surround yourself with people who have nothing POSITIVE to say then you will only hear NEGATIVITY.

   It is BETTER to SWIM alone in the ocean then to be surrounded by SHARKS.

   CHOOSING who to surround yourself with is CHOOSING who you want to be.


Wednesday, February 14, 2024

Have you ever met a Bee that could outsmart you?

    About a Decade ago I couldn't get past a BEE that was guarding my front door.

   He would fly off the porch and I would think I could finally go on the porch and go inside.

   Then before I could grip the door handle, he would come out of nowhere and I would retreat as I screamed back out to the front yard.

   I didn't want to open the door and take a chance that he would fly inside and take over where I could go inside too.

   Here I find myself again a Decade later being controlled and told what to do by a BEE.

   I wandered whether it was possibly the same BEE but I Looked up the lifespan of a BEE, so I knew it definitely wasn't.

   Turns out that I am JUST LUCKY to get to have ANOTHER encounter with a BEE who was ENJOYING how easily he could stop a giant human.

   But this Time I decided to show the BEE that I had made a plan a decade ago, in case it ever happened again, that I would just walk around to the side door and go inside.

   And after I went inside I looked out the front window on the porch and let him see me LAUGHING from INSIDE my house.


Monday, February 12, 2024



   When you are facing a NEGATIVE MOMENT don't turn it into a PERMANENT LIFETIME PROBLEM.

   How you REACT to the CIRCUMSTANCES that you must face will DETERMINE whether you have a POSITIVE OUTCOME or a NEGATIVE OUTCOME.

   STOP and THINK about what your REACTION will BRING because ONCE YOU REACT you CAN'T TAKE IT BACK.

   You will have to LIVE with the CONSEQUENCES that your ACTIONS will BRING.

   Don't let a TEMPORARY FIX to the TEMPORARY PROBLEM that you are facing be something that you will have a LIFETIME OF REGRET DOING.

   Your CHARACTER is not JUDGED by how you REACT when TIMES are GOOD but your CHARACTER is BASED on what you do when TIMES ARE TOUGH.

   Anyone can turn a MOLE HILL into a MOUNTAIN if they keep ADDING DIRT. 


   Life is HARD ENOUGH without you making it HARDER ON YOURSELF.


Friday, February 9, 2024

You may not be able to FIX it but you definitely can make sure you don't make it WORSE

    You may not have the SOLUTION to their problem but you can make sure you don't cause them anymore PROBLEMS.

    You may not know the ANSWERS to their QUESTIONS but you can make them feel HEARD.

    You may not UNDERSTAND what they are going through but you can ACKNOWLEDGE what they are going through.

    You may not know what to SAY to HELP but you can take the time to LISTEN to them and that will HELP.

   They are not EXPECTING you to FIX their PROBLEMS but they are HOPING that you CARE enough to LISTEN to them.

   If you LISTEN to them it will give them a chance to JUST FLUSH IT out of their minds so PEACE OF MIND will have ROOM to get in.

   If you take the time to LISTEN, it will give them a chance to FIGURE out what they need to do for themselves as they SAY it OUT LOUD.

    All they may need is someone to take the time to LISTEN so they can CLEAR their mind so they can think MORE CLEARLY to FIGURE out what THEY NEED to do to FIX IT.

   Will you give them a MOMENT of your time?


Wednesday, February 7, 2024

Since prices on groceries are rising you got to UP YOUR GAME

    Grocery prices started rising during the pandemic but now the pandemic is over but PRICE GOUGING is apparently here to stay.

   At first they said it was because of the pandemic but now they won't say that it is because they can GET AWAY WITH IT. 

   Unfortunately we all have to ACCEPT that the prices are not going down so we have to get CREATIVE to be able to AFFORD to eat.

   Luckily being CREATIVITY is fun especially if you make it an EASTER EGG HUNT to find a bargain price.

   I get excited to find items on sale especially when I get something BOGO.


   It isn't a BARGAIN PRICE if it EXPIRES before you can eat it. 

   There are many things in Life that you have NO CONTROL OVER like the HIGH PRICES of groceries but you are IN CONTROL of how CREATIVE you are to find a BARGAIN PRICE.

  With a little bit of a IMAGINATION and some CREATIVITY and PLANNING you can keep your COST for FOOD down to earth.