Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Stand beside them from a distance

Even from a long distance you can be close. Although you may live many miles away you can have your presence be felt as if you were standing beside them. Once you have established a bond that makes you feel personally connected to someone you just always feel it. As long as you pick up the phone and call them from time to time to catch up as you each grow you will never grow apart. E-mail and text can help but to hear their voice will bring you close enough that it feels as if you were standing beside them. Hearing the sound of their voice is music to your ears that you feel from your head to your toes.

Monday, July 28, 2014

I feel like I am in "Twilight Zone"

Whenever I am in a situation that does not seem like it could even possibly be happening I feel like I am in "Twilight Zone." When I watch the News and see all the senseless inhumane treatment I feel like I live in "Twilight Zone." It would be nice if we could change the channel off of "Twilight Zone" to return to a time where we all had the right to feel free and safe to pursue our dreams of Happiness. The World won't get better on it's Own We All must do Our Part to make it NOT feel like "Twilight Zone."

Friday, July 25, 2014

A small distraction that refreshes you

I have always believed that you will never know till you have walked a mile in someone else's shoes just how hard their Life really is. That is why it is so important to be kind to everyone you meet for you have no idea the troubles they may be facing. Not even those around you that you may think you know the troubles they are facing because you have been there with them. You may not be able to know what they are going through nor help them ease their stress but you can be sure to not add any more stress on them. A simple smile from you to them may be a small distraction that they need to take a breath of fresh air to be able to tackle the issues they are facing.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Destress to prevent being Distress

Have you heard the phrase "I'm having a Calgon moment?" Well although the name Calgon brings to mind a relaxing soak in the tub it means the complete opposite. When you are facing so many stressful situation swirling in your mind there is "no room" to figure out the solution to any of them. Heck even the simplest task that you normally automatically do are impossible because they are being blocked from your mind. It is important at these times to stand still and FLUSH anything out of your mind that you can to make room for you to think clearly so you can one by one figure them out so you can FLUSH AWAY your stress. Too much stress on your mind can lead to too much stress on you which will cause you to be in physical Distress. So "Just Flush It" and DE-STRESS your mind before you are in physical DISTRESS.

Monday, July 21, 2014

It's hard to find if you lose

Being patient is something that you must work on every moment. Accepting that there are times when losing your patience will make finding the patience needed in a situation very difficult. No matter what frustrates you that is testing your patience if you lose your patience you will fail the test and the outcome will be negative. So to keep a grip on your patience you will have to remind yourself that patience is the key. In other words once you lose your patience it is hard to find so don't lose it, you will need the key to unlock the way to finish the task at hand. You must be patient to get what you need so you can't blame whatever or whomever when you don't get it you will have only yourself to blame because you didn't get it because you lost your patience.

Friday, July 18, 2014

It may take more bricks than you thought

I have learned that building the first steps to reach your goal takes a lot more bricks than I ever thought. The foundation that you must first establish has to be sturdy enough to withstand all the pressure and hard work that it will take to reach your goal. Every time you finish one task it seems as if you discover that there are two more that must be completed also. As you finally finish the foundation and are firmly standing you are able to see just how close you are to your goal and just how necessary every single brick was to get you where you want to be.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

More likely to get struck by lightning

Every Family Tree has a few nuts in it but all the green leaves will still provide enough shade if you don't get rid of the tree. There are times when you may choose to be alone but if you want you can choose to enjoy the breeze as you sway in the wind with the other leaves in your family Tree. Sometimes just knowing you don't have to be alone is enough to keep you from feeling alone. As your Family Tree grows into a Forest it can protect you from a storm although you still have to stand tall on your own to get the sun so you can grow. You will also have to get wet in the cold rain to quench your thirst. A Tree standing alone becomes more likely to get struck by lightning.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Make plans to enjoy life while you are living

Where will you be in 5 years from now? What about 10 years from now? My answer is I hope I am still alive but the truth is you can't wait to be happy because now may be all you have. You absolutely should make plans that you will follow to get you where you want to be when you are older but you have to also plan on enjoying Life while you are living it. Time flies the older you get and if you are lucky enough to learn that at a young age then you will have enjoyed every second that you would otherwise realize when you are older that you had wasted. Whatever age you are tomorrow may never come and yesterday has already gone but Today is yours to enjoy.

Friday, July 11, 2014

A warning is warning you of danger

With Wisdom comes Frustration. It is frustrating when you try to share your wisdom to help those around you yet they don't seem to hear you. Saying "I told you so" as a child felt like bragging yet saying it now that I am older feels frustrating. Sometimes it even feels painful to see the trouble they must face because they didn't hear the warning that your years of wisdom was sending out. There are many things in Life that there are no warning signals to help you but please if and when you get a warning be wise and avoid the danger.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

The right time at the right place

As you sit there and wait for your Lucky Break you will miss your chance. It takes hard work and dedication and if your Lucky you won't Break anything while you are doing it. You must plan what you want and plan on how you can get it so you will be where you need to be. If you are Lucky you will get the Break you have been working for. Just sitting where you are waiting for it is like sitting in your house instead of at the Bus Stop and think you will get a ride.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Which face said it?

In the end those that are two faced will face the consequences that each of their faces deserve. Karma will bite them in the butt twice as hard. Lets face it the only thing that is more shocking then how many people are two faced is how on Earth you could not see that they had two faces. But unfortunately it is still even worse to fall victim to accept whole heartedly the millions of made up faces of "Facebook friends." Unfortunately until you are sure they have only one face in society today especially in cyberspace you have to assume they have two faces. You must make sure so you can be sure the words coming out of their mouth is from a face you know.

Friday, July 4, 2014

Not Only on Independence Day

As long as you have your Independence you will have the Freedom to be who you want to be. In order to keep our Independence we all Depend on others to Independently make sure that Everyone has the Freedom to choose what to do. Being "Free to Choose" means we all "Have No Choice" but to Respect each other's Right to be Free to choose. You may not like what they choose to do but if any of us are to have Freedom we must allow Everyone to Independently choose. Not Everyone celebrates Independence the same way but we should all Celebrate our Independence each and every day.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

You will be glad you did

You might want to take a moment to step back and think about it first. What you feel the instant something happens to you may not be how you feel after you have had a moment to think about it. Our first reaction to something that has hurt us is usually not a reaction that is in our best interest. So it is in your best interest to stop and think about it first so you don't react in a way that will only hurt you some more. After you have had time to think about it I am sure you will be glad you did. Sometimes you just need to back off for a moment.