Wednesday, November 30, 2022

If it is time for a change does it really matter what time it is?

    It's hard to want to make CHANGES but if things CHANGE you have to make the necessary CHANGES to adapt.

   You can not get too comfortable in Life because Life is always CHANGING.

   You can't refuse to CHANGE just because you don't like CHANGE, you just have to CHANGE.

   You may not like the changes but they did CHANGE so ADJUST.

   If it is time for a CHANGE does it really matter what time it is?

  You may not get to decide what CHANGES but you do get to decide to make the CHANGES to keep up.

   Just because you don't want to CHANGE doesn't mean nothing will CHANGE.

    It is what it is, so do what you got to do to make the necessary CHANGES so you keep moving forward.

    A CHANGE may be just what you need.

Monday, November 28, 2022

Giving to others is like giving to yourself

    The feeling you get when you give to OTHERS is a special gift that you give to YOURSELF. 

   It's hard to describe that feeling but all I can say is it's amazing to feel it.

   I will never forget, even though it was a decade ago, the time when I was ten cents short at a Dollar Tree store and the lady in line behind me gave me a dime.

  I literally could barely say Thank you because her kindness had me all choked up.

  I felt so moved by the fact that she wanted to help someone.

  I waited for her to come outside and I gave her the dime back from the change in my car. 

  My husband and I always look for people to give help to because it feels good to help OTHERS.

  That day by her giving me a dime let me FEEL what it was like for those who we had helped. 

  And that feeling I felt getting help made me want to give to OTHERS even more. 

  Every random act of kindness helps no matter if it is small or big makes a difference.

  When you give to OTHERS you are giving YOURSELF a good feeling inside.

  Let's all do one random act of kindness each week to better the lives of 52 people a year.

  World peace is possible by bringing PEACE OF MIND TO ONE PERSON AT A TIME!



Friday, November 25, 2022

What was one of your Thanksgiving memories?

   What was your favorite food out of your Thanksgiving Feast?

   Were you like me and ate WAY TOO MUCH regular food that you had no room for dessert?

   Since we gathered to eat at noon by the time dinner time came around I was starving and I ate another mini Thanksgiving Feast.

  Waking up this morning I wasn't hungry at all.

  But I couldn't resist eating a slice of cheesecake with my morning coffee. 

   Then I had to organize the MANY LEFTOVERS into a scheduled time to serve them so that none of the leftovers get left uneaten.

   Today I am THANKFUL that I have so many memories we shared after not being able to be together during the quarantine. 

  The China got tucked back in the cabinet to wait until it was NEEDED again when we all gather together to celebrate Christmas and then the New Year.

    Good thing I wasn't counting calories.





Wednesday, November 23, 2022

I finally got the last Thanksgiving decoration up, my Christmas tree.

   It's been a tradition of mine to always have my Christmas tree out and decorated so we can enjoy it while we enjoy our Thanksgiving dinner together.

   Now that my kids are all grown up and live on their own I don't buy a real tree, i put up an artificial tree.

   Although I miss the smell of a real Christmas tree, it sure is less of a mess putting up and taking down an artificial tree.

   I just started my Christmas shopping so there isn't any packages wrapped yet to put under the tree 

   The last two years of quarantine due to COVID-19 I have gotten in the habit of doing most of my shopping on Amazon.

  "Knock on wood" none of my packages have been stolen like I have seen happen to others on the news.

   My grown children don't need me to buy them gifts anymore. The older grandkids only want specific gifts that they ask their parents to buy for them. 

  So definitely not much shopping for me to do anymore. Which is a good thing but I treasure the years when I got the perfect gift for someone.

   Luckily tomorrow I will see the Joy on everyone's faces as we all still enjoy a good home cooked thanksgiving meal together.

   You might not need gifts anymore when you get older but we all still like to eat no matter how old we are.

  Happy Thanksgiving Everyone.



Monday, November 21, 2022

Let the Thanksgiving preparations begin.

    It begins with the planning and writing a list of what you want to eat for your Thanksgiving Feast.

   Followed by a search and find at your local grocery store to find all the ingredients you will need.

   Luckily this year I found everything at one grocery store. 

   After seeing the increase in the prices of groceries I sure wish I would have bought some of the ingredients back when they were cheaper.

  Now the dusting begins. From the ceiling fans to the shelves all the way down to the floors.

   Don't forget to take your turkey and Ham out of the freezer so they are thawed out by Thursday.

   Tomorrow it's time to write down the times and temperatures for all the food that gets cooked in the oven and create a schedule so everything gets done on time.

  This is definitely one time of year that I wish I had TWO OVENS. 

  Although I had completed my shopping list, I will be going back out tomorrow to get the ingredients for a couple of dishes I decided to add back to the list, despite the high prices.

  Remember that on Thanksgiving and Christmas there is no counting calories.

  There is a reason for the seasons and the reason on Thanksgiving and Christmas is to ENJOY THE FOOD.



Friday, November 18, 2022

The Grocery store shelves were at least stocked this year

   The last two years the pandemic has made finding the ingredients for your Thanksgiving dinner exhausting.

   There were several things that I couldn't find the last two years that I had to substitute ingredients and honestly it didn't taste the same.

   This year the shelves were stocked and I found everything that I needed at one store.

   Unfortunately the prices of every single ingredient was extremely expensive.

  Things were so expensive that there were a couple of dishes I took off the Thanksgiving dinner list because everything was just ridiculously too expensive.

  I had seen on the news before I left for the grocery store a list of groceries and how much each category had gone up in price since last year.

   Eggs alone had gone up 43%. Every category had gone up a minimum of 17%.

  So I am sure I will not be the only one making the list of Thanksgiving dishes a little shorter this year. 

  Definitely less deserts than I normally would have.

  And definitely there will be less leftovers because the portions of each dish will be smaller.

  I am still thankful that the quarantine is over and we can get together safely again to enjoy Thanksgiving dinner.

 And being able to spend time in person with those you love is something I am THANKFUL for.



Wednesday, November 16, 2022

SPREAD kindness so kindness will SPREAD

    It's true you reap what you sow.

    So what seeds are you planting?

   The WORLD won't get better on it's OWN we all must do our part.

   Every ACT OF KINDNESS makes a positive difference. 

   When you encounter someone spewing hate don't let them fill you with hate.

   You can't let what they did or say change who you are.

   Just remind yourself that they are hurting and they need kindness to heal.

   You can't ignore bad behavior but how you react to it determines how it affects yourself and others.

   Be kind to everyone because you have no idea what they may be facing.

   Spread HUMANITY to replace the INSANITY we see in society.

Monday, November 14, 2022

Don't blame the MESSENGER

    Although you have an opinion you have to decide if you should even give your opinion.

   If you don't give them your opinion and things turn out bad you will REGRET not giving them your opinion.

   But you have to carefully decide because sometimes the message your opinion sends may not be what they want to hear.

  At the end of the day you don't want to have any regrets for anything that you DID OR DID NOT SAY 

   I have to remind my friends sometimes that I don't want to regret NOT saying something that may help them. 

   Making sure they see all sides of a decision is the best way to help them make the best decision for themselves.

   Of course there are times when it is simply NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS and you know it is best to not say anything at all.

   Weigh the pros and the cons before you give your opinion because you want to make the best decision.



Friday, November 11, 2022

Thank You to our Veterans for making FREEDOM possible.

    We all know that FREEDOM isn't FREE 

   Our Veterans and their families make sacrifices so that we all have FREEDOM.

    TODAY is all about VETERANS. Thank You to each and every Veteran and their families. 

    There isn't anything else to say except THANK YOU, THANK YOU, AND THANK YOU.

Wednesday, November 9, 2022

Don't spend decades collecting DUST COLLECTORS.

    As you go on your LIFE'S JOURNEY you go through MANY DIFFERENT STAGES.

   What you like at one STAGE in your life doesn't mean that you will always like it.

   What you think is IMPORTANT at one STAGE may NOT always be IMPORTANT to you.

   What WORKED for you back then may NOT WORK for you now.

   What you thought would HAPPEN in your life may NOT HAPPEN at all.

   You can't get too COMFORTABLE in LIFE because LIFE is constantly CHANGING.

  What WORKS for someone else may NOT WORK for you. You do whatever WORKS for you.

  What you THOUGHT you always NEEDED you realize that you didn't really NEED IT at all, you just THOUGHT that you did.

    Oh yeah, don't spend every STAGE on your LIFE'S JOURNEY COLLECTING DUST COLLECTORS.

  BECAUSE when you get old you won't want to DUST all your COLLECTIONS. 






Monday, November 7, 2022

Did you see that?

   What you see depends on what you are looking for.

   If you look for trouble you will find it.

   If you look for the negative in something you will find it.

   If you look for the positive in something you will find it.

   If you look for the things that you are thankful for them you will be thankful.

   If you want a positive outcome you will have to have a positive outlook.

   Like they say... Seek and you shall find.

   How you look at it will determine what you see.


Friday, November 4, 2022

How well do you behave when the going gets tough?

    It's easy when things are going your way for you to be BEHAVING your best.

    But how do you BEHAVE when life throws boulders at you on your LIFE'S JOURNEY?

   Your true character is how you BEHAVE when times are tough.

   Your true character is how you BEHAVE when no one else is looking.

  Be HONEST with yourself about your true BEHAVIOR on both the good days and the bad days.

  Don't do anything to get through a tough time that you will regret for the rest of your life.

  LIFE is a ROLLERCOASTER and there will be ups and downs, that's just LIFE.

   Life is full of twists and turns, that's just LIFE.

   Life isn't always fair, that's just LIFE.

   We only have the TIME we have to ENJOY LIFE so don't waste a moment of your TIME.

   DON'T EXPECT that you won't face challenges on your LIFE'S JOURNEY because there will be challenges that you will have to face, that's just LIFE.


   Like the plaque on my wall says...

    I asked God for all things that I might enjoy LIFE, he gave me LIFE that I might enjoy all things.

Wednesday, November 2, 2022

A DREAM can't come true if you don't have a DREAM

   You can't reach your GOALS if you don't have any GOALS.

   Your DREAMS can't come true if you don't have any DREAMS.

   IF you don't TRY then you won't be SUCCESSFUL.  at it.

   If you DOUBT that you can do it then you won't do it because you won't even TRY to do it.

   You can either be your worst ENEMY or your biggest CHEERLEADER.

   Your THOUGHTS are the REALITY you live. 

   If you want a POSITIVE OUTCOME then think about how to have a POSITIVE OUTLOOK.


   How you look at it determines what you see so look for the POSITIVE in everything to have a POSITIVE OUTCOME.

   As long as you know that your glass is HALF FULL you will be able to QUENCH YOUR THIRST. 

  You could die of thirst surrounded by water if you don't take a drink.