Friday, March 30, 2012

The reality that your thoughts create

If you form an opinion before you ever know all the facts then your opinion may keep you from ever learning the truth. Keep an open mind because new doors may open for you throughout life but the fact is that your unsubstantiated opinions may slam them shut never revealing what was meant for you inside. Your opinion is definitely the only one that should count but you definitely should exam all the facts because your "point of view" is your reality that your thoughts create.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Give me a break

There are times when we all need a little break every now and again. It may be a break from a seemingly endless string of unpleasant issues that you are facing or a break just to relax and catch your breath. You will have to make time to relax no matter how busy you are because too much stress can squeeze the life out of you. Too many physical demands can force you to have a sudden break by physically breaking down. Give yourself a break when you need one. You can relax while you are doing activities that you enjoy as well as just sitting quietly. Your mind and body will tell you what it needs you just got to listen when it says give me a break.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Don't slam the door

Sometimes when things don't go your way it is because what you really need is not what you thought. You will quit looking for what you need if you get what you thought you needed. Don't give up when things don't go your way or you will miss out on what was meant to give you what you really need. If you get so angry over what might have been then your anger will prevent you from getting what you need. When one door closes another one opens that will lead you where you need to be unless you are so angry that you slam the doors closed as they open.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Regroup your thoughts

There are many reasons why things have happened and if they have hurt you then not one reason will make your hurt go away. You must acknowledge your pain because you can not ignore it nor get the answer to why that will make your pain any less real and pretending it didn't happen won't make it go away. Accept that what has happened has happened then you can quit looking for "why" it happened and regroup your thoughts to figure out "how" to make sure it doesn't happen again.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

No matter what state you live in

I have heard people say if only I had this or if only this would happen I would be happy. The truth is you can't be happy in your own skin if you don't learn to be happy in the skin you are in. Happiness is only felt in your mind. You can not buy it or feel it just because someone says you should be happy. You could be a millionaire or even a rock star but that won't make you happy. Happiness is simply a state of mind no matter what state you live in.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Words do hurt

Just because a thought pops into your mind in a split second doesn't mean it should come out of your mouth that fast. Our first thought in a situation can be a little blunt and hurtful. Think about it before you say it keeping in mind that it may be best to say nothing at all. No matter what anyone says WORDS DO HURT. Physical bruises will heal but the damage that words can do can stay on someones mind causing personal turmoil for a lifetime. Think about it before you say it out loud.

Friday, March 16, 2012

You will just have to adjust

The milder winter means the bug population didn't slow down and their numbers are going to give them the upper hand the rest of the year. It is as if the bees know it already and they have become a lot braver around my house. They stop at our eye level and hover as if they are letting us know who will be the boss this year. Looks like there will be more indoor tea parties than outdoor picnics. As life just seems to throw it's curves at us we will just have to adjust because that is just life.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

An honest no hurts less

If you promise someone that you will do something and then you don't you make things worse for them. An honest no would have kept them searching for help. Since you said you would do it they quit looking for help and that could do unnecessary damage to them with far more consequences than the fact that your word means nothing. If you don't want to help or if you can't help then just simply say no sorry I can't help you. Saying yes when you have no intention to help is like throwing someone a life preserver but pulling away before they grab it only for your boat waves to drown them.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Whatever it takes

You may have to wait to get what you need but if you need it then you will just have to wait. If you get angry and walk away then you will only hurt yourself and make what you need further away then it was before. It may seem like a long journey but if the journey is necessary to get what you need then it is the journey you will have to take, no matter how long it is, it will be the road you need to be on to get where you need to be. You will just have to do whatever you have to do because if you need it then you will have to do what it takes to get what you need.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Don't fry your Brain

Too many issues to deal with at one time bring on sound waves from every direction creating so much friction that thinking about them is electrifying and painful. Simplify your thoughts so you don't fry your brain. Take a five minute breather to just take a deep breath or two to clear your mind to prevent an overload over issues that don't mean a thing in the overall scheme of your life. Your life can be less stressful if you focus only on what is important not giving things that really don't matter a second thought and you will have less to stress over.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Just to distract you

As I watch the clouds roll in I wander just where they have been. Just as I began to recognize it's shape it bends and twists till it attaches itself as it collides with another cloud. Before too long that little cloud gets lost in the cluster of clouds that now covers half the town. There is no moral to this nor a lesson to learn just a chance to distract you from any dark cloud that may seem to be hanging over your head causing misery in your life right now to give you a little hope and a little peace of mind knowing clouds roll out as fast as they roll in.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Which one are you?

The reality for many is that no one seems to care not one little bit about what is humanely and morally right anymore. It's like some scary episode of twilight zone that doesn't end. The people who we interact with don't seem to have human emotions that evoke or even show the basic compassion for another human being. The best reality show out there that will plant seeds of Humanity is "What would you do?"
Some people ask "Why things happen"
Some people ask "How things happen"
Some people "Make things happen"
Which one are You?

Friday, March 2, 2012

Human aspects v.s. technology

Technology is good but it still takes human contact to get some things done. It is easy to ignore an e-mail. Sometimes it is just an excuse to simply say I e-mailed them which simply means the buck has been passed and that is all they are required to do. The human touch by telephone or face to face may be required to get any results. Technology seems to be replacing humanity which can sometimes lead to outcomes that are inhumane that no one sees and the human aspect of human beings gets lost in the technology. The closest thing some people get to a hug is a poke on face book.