Wednesday, November 29, 2023

You don't have to go into DEBT to make it a HOLLY JOLLY CHRISTMAS

    You shouldn't buy things that you can't afford to buy.

    The REASON for the SEASON is to ENJOY SPENDING time together not SPENDING MONEY that you don't have.

   But if you want to get someone a special gift you can make them their favorite kind of pie to ENJOY.

   Do remember the days when your neighbor would make A PLATE OF HOMEMADE COOKIES to pass out to the families she knew?

   We all excitedly waited each year until Mrs Debby would bring over her assortment of delicious cookies that were a big part of our CHRISTMAS JOY.

  One year we were going out of the state for Christmas so she gave us a big box of HOMEMADE COOKIES to ENJOY on our long 14 hour ride.

   When we arrived at our destination it was freezing outside and snowing so we quickly got our items out of the car and went inside to get warm. 

   We spent three days in the dead of winter visiting family and friends. 

   When we were packing the car up to go on that long drive home we realized that we had forgotten to take in our box of CHRISTMAS COOKIES.

   BUT..... LUCKILY....The freezing temperatures kept the cookies fresh so we could still ENJOY them on the long drive home.

   Do you have a favorite CHRISTMAS COOKIE RECIPE that you like to make?








Monday, November 27, 2023

Waiting until CYBER MONDAY cost me

   I was excitingly waiting for CYBER MONDAY as I searched for days through Amazon making my Christmas list.

   As I scrolled I would find a bargain then I would put it in my virtual shopping cart.

   I had plenty of time to find the best bargain and easily without making a mess I could take things out of my Shopping Cart.

   I knew how much everything in my Shopping Cart would cost now I just waited for CYBER MONDAY to hit the CHECK OUT BUTTON.

   But some of the BEST BARGAINS on the things in my Shopping Cart were priced cheaper on Saturday and Sunday.

   So having my Shopping Cart ready and waiting to check out when I was done shopping early cost me More on CYBER MONDAY.

   I took a chance that the prices would only get cheaper on CYBER MONDAY and I was wrong.

   But now the bulk of my Christmas Shopping was already done and it would be delivered right to my door.

   Luckily Amazon sends updates on when things will arrive to give you time to make sure you are there to get your packages before a PORCH PIRATE does.

   Home delivery makes things easier but unfortunately there are PORCH PIRATES who are out there looking for CHRISTMAS TREASURE to easily STEAL.

    DON'T let the SCROOGES in the world STEAL YOUR JOY. 




Friday, November 24, 2023

It's OFFICIALLY the START of Christmas shopping

    Do you remember when you had to physically be the FIRST OF TEN in line at the STROKE OF MIDNIGHT at a store to get the BEST BARGAINS?

   People used to CAMP outside of stores OVERNIGHT because the sale was only for a "FEW LIMITED ONES" that once they were gone ... you MISSED IT... now it's regular price.

   It was a very exciting START to the Christmas Shopping Season.

   The stores would be packed with shoppers and you couldn't find a place to even PARK in the PARKING LOT.

   Nowadays you don't have to leave the COMFORT of your HOME, you just PARK yourself in your favorite COMFY CHAIR.

   You don't have to MISS THE SALE because theres ONLY a "FEW LIMITED " ones available, it's an ALL DAY SALE PRICE.

  Nowadays you don't have to CARRY HEAVY PACKAGES, you just wait for them to be delivered RIGHT TO YOUR DOOR.

   And while that is all good, it also unfortunately TAKES AWAY the THRILL OF THE HUNT to get the items you want to even get, which made FINDING the perfect gift SPECIAL.

   Do you miss the MIDNIGHT MADNESS and the BLUE LIGHT SPECIALS that you could ONLY GET if you were PHYSICALLY there to get them?

   Well if you do then you KNOW YOU ARE OLD because you have to be OLD to even KNOW ABOUT them.

Wednesday, November 22, 2023

Diets don't exist on THANKSGIVING

    Tomorrow you can eat anything you want because there is no such thing as a diet on THANKSGIVING.

    Tomorrow everyone will get TOGETHER to spend some quality time visiting as we celebrate what we are THANKFUL for with a THANKSGIVING FEAST.

   Hopefully no one will notice that there is one less desert because tonight we couldn't resist and we ate the cheesecake.

   You never know what your leftovers will be but with all the food we have planned, you know there will be leftovers.

   It takes a lot of work to cook a THANKSGIVING FEAST but with so many leftovers you will have earned a break from cooking for a couple of days.

   The HOLIDAY CHINA finally comes out of hiding to welcome everyone over to celebrate THANKSGIVING with style.

   What is your favorite THANKSGIVING Dish that you are most looking forward to eating?

   Some DISHES I only make once a year even though I love it I save it for only THANKSGIVING so it stays a special THANKSGIVING DISH.




Monday, November 20, 2023

What are you most THANKFUL for this year?

    Take a moment each day to STOP and THINK about everything that you are THANKFUL for.

    Even though you don't have everything that you could have ever wanted, you should be THANKFUL that you have what you need.

   You can't be THANKFUL for what you have until you ACKNOWLEDGE what you have.

    Although you may have to face some CHALLENGES on your LIFE'S JOURNEY you have to be THANKFUL that you are ALIVE to face them.

   Today at the grocery store it was SO BUSY that I had to CONSTANTLY STOP for a moment in each and every aisle and take the FRUSTRATION over the chaos and JUST FLUSH IT to remain THANKFUL I was getting groceries today. Hahaha 

   Have a HAPPY THANKSGIVING everyone and if you have to travel stay SAFE.





Friday, November 17, 2023

Did you get your Christmas tree up yet?

   The best thing about switching from a Real Christmas tree to a fake Christmas tree is that you can put it up earlier to ENJOY it longer.

   It brightens up the house making it all COLORFUL and JOLLY for us all to ENJOY as we gather to eat our Thanksgiving Dinner.

   We had spent decades waiting until the day after Thanksgiving before bringing a fresh Christmas tree home.

   As Christmas approached that fresh Christmas tree was drying up and there are always dried up pine needles falling to the ground.

    An artificial Christmas tree is definitely less of a fire hazard but anything that gets plugged in is a fire hazard so you have to be safe.

   Seeing my Christmas trees up brings a smile to my face because it signals that it's time to celebrate the holidays together.

   Now as I am sitting here looking over my final grocery list for our Thanksgiving Meal, I realize that I am getting an extra week to ENJOY my beautiful, colorful, Holly Jolly artificial Christmas tree. 

   Every extra second you can find an EXTRA MOMENT you can ENJOY in your LIFE is an EXTRA MOMENT that you get to ENJOY.


Wednesday, November 15, 2023

You will be surprised just how many other people are looking for the same thing

   I thought I was going to experience something that not many people had experienced before but I found out it was a popular thing that many people did.

    I thought I would have a hard time finding a particular item because not many others would want it but it turns out it was a popular thing that many people also owned.

   I thought it wouldn't be busy because not many others would be interested in going there but it was packed with lots of people there to enjoy it too.

   If you want to meet other people who like the same thing that you do all you have to do is to look up what you like and you will find where to go to meet up with like minded people.

   There are many people who like the same thing that you do you but you won't know unless you look for people who like the same type of things that you do.

   You won't know that there is many people to ENJOY it with until you look for others that ENJOY it too. 

   Having other people to ENJOY doing it with makes it more ENJOYABLE. 


Monday, November 13, 2023

If it is easier to meet up on a different day that is okay, you can still ENJOY your turkey dinner

    Millions of people are predicted to be traveling to visit family for the THANKSGIVING feast.

   But if it is impossible for you to arrive on Thursday don't worry because you will be HUNGRY on Saturday too. 

   No matter what day you gather to ENJOY time together it makes it a family holiday just because you are together.

   The exact day is not what matters it is the fact that you get to spend the day with those that you love and that is all that matters.

   If you are going to travel make sure you give yourself enough time to travel so you don't have to rush anywhere.

   And most of all remember that there is no such thing as a diet on Holidays.

   ENJOY your Thanksgiving Feast whether it is eaten on Thursday or on a Saturday.

   All that matters is you get to ENJOY the day together. 🦃


Friday, November 10, 2023

You don't have to say it just because it pops up in your mind

    You may want to REACT to what a friend or family member said the second they say it but SOMETIMES it is best if you DON'T.

    Remember that you DON'T have to BATTLE with them making sure they know your OPINION is different than theirs.

   It's not worth damaging your relationship with someone you love to make sure they know that your opinion is different than theirs.

   In the past we would simply say let's just AGREE to DISAGREE.

   I have seen people quit talking to each other over a simple difference of OPINION.

   What is even sadder is that WHAT they DISAGREED about was TRIVIAL, yet they couldn't just AGREE to DISAGREE.

   Just because you CHEER for DIFFERENT sports teams shouldn't destroy your SPECIAL bond with them.

   Just because you see things DIFFERENTLY doesn't mean you can't ENJOY spending time with them.

   Just because you have a different OPINION than they do doesn't mean you don't care about them.

   Let's just AGREE to DISAGREE and together we can still ENJOY being together.

   Let's AGREE to NOT TALK about SUBJECTS that we know we DISAGREE on so we DON'T have DISAGREEMENTS.

   Just because THEY like wearing RED doesn't mean YOU have to wear RED.

   Just because THEY like SPICY food doesn't change the FACT that YOU DON'T like SPICY food.

   We can AGREE to DISAGREE and still be BEST FRIENDS.


Wednesday, November 8, 2023

Who is in the mirror looking back at me?

    As I looked back through some old pictures it reminds me just how fast time is passing.

    Seems like things happened just a few WEEKS ago then suddenly you realize that it was actually YEARS ago. 

    When I came across a picture of myself I didn't even recognize that OLD PERSON in that picture..

   I broke out in laughter when it was obvious that I was that OLD PERSON.

   I remember decades ago when my father in law told me that he felt 18 years old in his mind but when he looked in the mirror he saw an OLD MAN.

   Before you know it you will be that OLD PERSON staring back at you in the mirror.

    One day you too may feel like you are YOUNG but you will look in the mirror and see that you are obviously OLD.




Monday, November 6, 2023

Enjoy the laughter to stay healthy

    For your overall WELL BEING you have to not only watch what you eat, you have to watch what you let weigh heavy on your mind.

    For your overall WELL BEING you have to accept that you will have GOOD days and you will have BAD days so you WON'T expect everyday to be a good day.

    For your overall WELL BEING you have to be HONEST with yourself so you will HONESTLY KNOW that Life is a ROLLERCOASTER.

    For your overall WELL BEING you have to LAUGH whenever you can, even if it is at yourself.

   A good  BELLY LAUGH is good for your mind, body and your soul even if it is about yourself and it is something that you sure wouldn't dare share with anyone else.

    Making someone LAUGH doesn't cost you anything but it sure is PRICELESS to their overall WELL BEING.

   LAUGHTER is the best medicine and you can give it away for FREE and WITHOUT a DEGREE. 

   You can help others FLUSH AWAY A BAD DAY with a good BELLY LAUGH.




Friday, November 3, 2023

All they need you to do is to ACKNOWLEDGE that they have "THE PROBLEM"

    I can still remember the MOMENT that I saw the SIGN at the Church at the corner intersection of a busy road.

   I can still remember all the things that I was personally going through at that precise MOMENT that I saw it.

   I can still remember how frustrated I was at getting STUCK at nearly every RED LIGHT that day.

   But as I look back now I KNOW that I had to get STUCK at that RED LIGHT because it was the only way to get me to READ that MESSAGE that was meant for me to READ.

   I would like to share that MESSAGE with you because it just might be a MESSAGE that could bring you PEACE OF MIND.

    The SIGN said.....

     It's Ok to sit on your pity-potty every now and again just be sure and FLUSH when you are done.

    To me the MESSAGE was telling me that even God ACKNOWLEDGES that we are all going through SH*T that we shouldn't have to but....

    If we want PEACE OF MIND we have to take all the NEGATIVITY and JUST FLUSH IT out of our mind so PEACE OF MIND will have ROOM to get in!

   There will be GOOD days and there will be BAD days, but that's the ROLLERCOASTER called LIFE.

   When someone NEEDS to VENT about their STRUGGLES they don't NEED you to FIX them, they just NEED you to LISTEN to them so they can JUST FLUSH IT out of their mind to feel better.

   Just LISTENING to someone and ACKNOWLEDGING what they are going through is all they may need to FLUSH AWAY A BAD DAY.

   NEXT time you know that someone needs you to LISTEN so they can JUST FLUSH AWAY their bad day, Can you give them a MOMENT of your time and LISTEN?

   World PEACE is possible by bringing PEACE OF MIND to ONE PERSON at a time.

    PEACE OF MIND is just a FLUSH away but it is ONLY POSSIBLE if you...... JUST FLUSH IT so PEACE OF MIND has ROOM to get in.




Wednesday, November 1, 2023

POSITIVE thinking creates a POSITIVE outlook

    If you want a POSITIVE OUTCOME you have to keep a POSITIVE OUTLOOK.


   If you keep telling yourself that there is no way for a POSITIVE OUTCOME then you will go into it with a NEGATIVE ATTITUDE that will then prevent any chance for a POSITIVE OUTCOME.

   Your THOUGHTS are the REALITY you will LIVE whether it was TRUE REALITY or not your THOUGHTS determines the OUTCOME.

   Remember PETER PAN could ONLY FLY if he filled his mind with POSITIVE THOUGHTS.


   If you don't BELIEVE it is POSSIBLE then it will be IMPOSSIBLE for you.

   When you start to have any DOUBTS then channel the inner PETER PAN in you and FLUSH AWAY YOUR DOUBTS.