Friday, March 31, 2023

Is a bargain really worth it?

    Sometimes a BARGAIN isn't really a BARGAIN.

   Sometimes the CONS just far outweighs the PROS, so it's a BARGAIN that you just don't need.

  For instance you may have the opportunity to buy a well made piece of furniture at a BARGAIN price.

  But if you don't need it then you shouldn't get it no matter how much of a BARGAIN it is.

  It's important to STOP and think about what that BARGAIN will bring BEFORE YOU decide if it's a BARGAIN for you.

  Because once you REACT you can't take it back. 

  When you walk around a store remember no matter how much of a BARGAIN it is if you don't need it then DON'T buy it!

  Because it's not a BARGAIN at all, it's just MONEY WASTED because you don't need it!

  Sometimes you get STUCK with more than you BARGAINED for. 

  If you DON'T NEED it then you DON'T NEED it no matter how good of a BARGAIN it is.


Wednesday, March 29, 2023

How will you define it?

   How do you define success? You can be very successful yet feel you are not successful.

  How do you define happiness? Your thoughts about what you think you need to be happy may keep you from being happy.

  How do you define peace of mind? If you want peace of mind you will have to make ROOM in your mind for peace of mind to get in.

  How do you define hope? You can't be hopeful if you aren't realistic that there are ups and downs on your Life's Journey, that's just Life.

   How you look at things will determine what you see.

   What you look for is what you will find.

  Consider changing your definitions to THINGS so you can see the truth.

  Keep your eyes wide open so you can see what you are missing.

  If you narrow your point of view you won't see what is all around you.

  Happiness is a state of mind no matter what state you live in.


Monday, March 27, 2023

Being part of a TEAM means you aren't the only one

    Working together with a TEAM means you are a PART of something.

   Being part of a TEAM means you didn't do it all alone you did it TOGETHER.

  Being part of a TEAM means you don't have to figure it out ALONE.

  As a TEAM MEMBER you compromise on what you think should be done and you collaborate to decide what should be done and how to do it.

   There is NO YOU if you are part of a TEAM.

   There is NOT ONE PERSON who deserves the credit for a job well done.

   A person who takes credit for what the TEAM accomplishes is NOT A TEAM PLAYER.

   He knows he is not being honest because he knows he couldn't have done it without the work of everyone on the TEAM.

   If you work with your TEAM you should celebrate the victories with your TEAM because being PART of a TEAM means you proudly did it TOGETHER.

   I watched a manager get credit for doing it ALONE and they sent him ALONE to do it at another store and he FAILED because it couldn't be done ALONE.

  Give CREDIT where CREDIT is due and you will get the CREDIT for your PART of what the TEAM ACCOMPLISHES.

  Like they say TWO HEADS are better than ONE because TOGETHER you have TWICE the amount of EFFORT to get it done.

  And if you want to be part of a TEAM you have to remember that you are NOTHING without the TEAM.


Friday, March 24, 2023

In just twenty four hours everything can change

    You may have been faced with a circumstance  that you are not sure how to navigate through.

   You can then spend hours deciding what you need to do and just how you are going to navigate through it.

  Only to find out just TWENTY FOUR hours later that what you thought that you were going to have to navigate through, is totally different than what you end up actually having to navigate through.

  It's a reminded that you can never get too comfortable or too discouraged in Life because Life is always changing.

  It's also the reason why you should always wait at least TWENTY FOUR hours to see what a difference TWENTY FOUR hours can make.

  Your FIRST reaction to a negative situation is to think of all the negativity that you MAY have to face.

  But TWENTY FOUR hours later you may realize that it's just a minor set back that you know that you can easily do.

  Don't spend TWENTY FOUR hours stressing about what COULD HAPPEN.

  Because even if it turns out TWENTY FOUR hours later that you had nothing to stress about, the damage to your mind and body from stressing about it is UNNECESSARILY  already done.

  Choose your thoughts about a situation wisely because your thoughts are the reality that you will live whether it is reality or not.

  You never know the difference TWENTY FOUR hours can make but do you have the PATIENCE to wait?

  If it's not a life or death situation then don't make it one by worrying yourself to death about it.



Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Each of your "TOOL BAGS" holds different types of "TOOLS"

    There are two types of "TOOL BAGS" that you need to have. 

   One that includes the normal things like a hammer and tape measure.

  But you also need a "TOOL BAG" that includes ways to distract yourself as well as "TOOLS" that encourages you to help you ENJOY your Life's Journey.

   When you need to hang up a picture you will need your hammer but you also may need your tape measure.

   When you need a screw driver you can't use the hammer you need a screwdriver.

   When you need to distract yourself then you will need many "TOOLS" to choose from.

   You may find that painting can help distract you but it can't be your only "TOOL" because there are times when you just can't paint.

   You may find that enjoying the beauty of nature helps calm you down but you can't always go outside.

   What works for you one moment may not work for you at other moments.

  What works for OTHERS may not work for you.

  The more "TOOLS" in your "TOOL BOX" the More "TOOLS" you will have to choose from.


Monday, March 20, 2023

There are some things that you shouldn't pass on to OTHERS

    There are times when your wisdom can HELP OTHERS so you SHOULD pass it on.

    There are also times when you SHOULDN'T say anything at all because even though you had a negative experience DOESN'T mean that they won't ENJOY it.

   Wisdom is one of those things that you need to THINK about  before you pass it on to OTHERS.

   We all know that if we have the FLU we SHOULDN'T pass it on to OTHERS because it will make them SICK.

   And the same goes for when you are ANGRY, you SHOULDN'T pass it on to OTHERS because it will make them SICK.

   Being WISE means you know when to TALK and when to BE QUIET. 



Friday, March 17, 2023

Be thankful it is what it is because it could have been worse.

    Be careful not to focus on what it could have been or you won't appreciate it for what it is.

   Nothing is perfect so don't expect things to be perfect.

  You can't be thankful for what you got until you acknowledge what you got so you can appreciate what you got.

   You have to look for the positive in every situation so you can have a positive outlook.

   If you look for trouble you will find it.

   If you look for a way to have the best outcome you will see what you need to do to have the best possible positive outcome.

  What you look for is what you will find.

   Like they say seek and you shall find.

  How you look at it will determine what you see.

  You can't have a feeling without first having a thought.

   Your thoughts are the reality that you will live whether it is the reality or not.

  Peter Pan could only fly if he thought happy thoughts so be like Peter Pan and think happy thoughts so you can fly.

Wednesday, March 15, 2023

Do they realize what will happen?

    They may not know what negative affect will happen if they do it but once they realize it will they stop doing it?

   They may not have seen how it could negatively affect those around them but once they realize it will they stop doing it?

   They may not have thought that they would do something ever that would HURT OTHERS but once they realize they were, will they stop doing it?

   We all make mistakes, we are human.

   But if you don't admit that you made a mistake you can't possibly learn from your mistakes.

   If you realize that you are going the wrong direction then do a U-turn so you don't continue on the wrong path.

   If you realize that you shouldn't be doing what you are doing then STOP doing it it's that simple.

  Once you realize that you have a chance to make a POSITIVE difference to OTHERS JUST DO IT.

  You can't HONESTLY say you didn't know if you realized that you knew better.

  If you know that you shouldn't do it then don't do it, it's that simple.



Monday, March 13, 2023

I had forgotten about it yet apparently they never let it go

    You can't remember every single thing you did after days, let alone years or decades ago.

    It's hard to remember every single thing that you did last week let alone years or decades ago.

   Some memories of things you had did in your past are buried memories that you can't remember unless they are triggered by something.

  But there are many many many things that you have done or said on your Life's Journey that you just have no memory of at all.

  I ran into someone I had not seen in nearly a decade ago.

  The first thing they did was apologize for something that they had done all those years ago.

   As I listened to them I could see that this had been weighing heavy on their mind for an entire decade.

   I had to be honest with them that there was no need to apologize because I had no memory of it happening a decade ago.

    When I saw how much it had bothered them I was the one apologizing that they had carried that burden of a wrong doing that I had no memory of them even doing.

    How many sand bags of burdens from your past do you carry with you weighing you down?

    You can lighten your load by taking the painful experiences from your PAST and JUST FLUSH IT out of your mind.




Friday, March 10, 2023

The clock will SPRING forward because SPRING is here.

   It will take some adjustments to get the SPRING in your step but you always have to adjust as you go through your Life's Journey.

   They are talking about NO LONGER CHANGING the time clocks as we mark the CHANGE in fall and spring seasons.

  But we are all used to the TIME CHANGE so why stop what we are used to? 

  We are used to waking up to a certain amount of daylight so we might wake up late.

  We are used to it being dark at a certain time so I hope we manage to get enough sleep.

   We are all still ADJUSTING to the CHANGES that the PANDEMIC brought.

  Do we really need to CHANGE the SPRING and FALL TIME CHANGES?

  Most CHANGES we have to make to keep up with the CHANGES that we are not in control of.

  But we are in control of keeping the Spring and fall TIME CHANGES so DON'T CHANGE IT.

   Unfortunately I am not in control of whether they STOP CHANGING the time or not so I will have to ADJUST to whatever they decide.


  But for now get ready for the clock to SPRING FORWARD SOON.

Wednesday, March 8, 2023

A free event to enjoy

   Outside my dining room window tucked tightly in the bushes that are six feet tall covering the entire window, was a Blue Bird making a nest. 
   I gave her privacy and kept the blinds shut only peeking occasionally as she slowly brought back little twigs that she tucked tightly together till it was strong enough for her to lay her eggs. 
   She sat patiently keeping them warm all day long day after day until all four eggs hatched. 
   After they hatched I realized she needed that long rest as they began chirping day and night requiring her to fly back and fourth with a tiny bite for one of the four beaks held widely open squawking loudly to get her attention to get some food. 
   Once they were born I could open the shades as she had to feed them. 
   Although the mother Bird was annoyed as I sat watching and enjoyed the natural Wonder of it all, she still had to take care of her babies.
   As they grew they began walking out on the branches to start stretching their wings to prepare to fly away from the nest. 
   Before I knew it the nest was empty, they had gotten strong enough and had flown away. 
   I will remove the nest now so another Bird will see an empty bush and build her nest there so I can ENJOY it again.
   In your own Yard there are many natural events that are FREE for you to ENJOY.

Monday, March 6, 2023

Shut out the NOISE

    It's hard to hear when the NOISE around you is so LOUD you can't hear anything else.

   It's hard to think clearly when the NOISE around you is so LOUD you can't think at all.

   It's hard to see what is going on around you when the NOISE is so LOUD you can't see clearly at all.

   It's hard to decide what is best for yourself when the NOISE is so LOUD you can't judge what is best for you.

   The LOUDEST VOICE is the one that gets heard so shut out the NOISE around you so your VOICE is the only one that you hear.

  Who cares what OTHERS say the ONLY OPINION that matters is yours.

  You know you BEST and the BEST that you can do for yourself  is shut out all the NOISE so you can be the BEST YOU that you can be. 

Friday, March 3, 2023

Every second you can get is another second you get

   Every dollar you save is another dollar that you have to spend.

  Every day you eat healthy the healthier you will be.

   Every act of kindness you do will spread and make a kinder world for everyone to live in.

  Every time you make your heart work harder than it should it is one less second that your heart will work.

  Every time you skip the greasy fries you gain one more second to live 

  Every choice you make matters.

  Every second you have to live matters.

  To maintain your overall well being you have to watch what you eat as well as what thoughts you let eat at your mind.

  One fry at a time, one day at a time, one thought at a time, you can choose to add one more second of time to enjoy.


Wednesday, March 1, 2023

You didn't think you could but then you actually did it

    When you see that it is hard you don't think you can do it but AFTER you do it you know that you can do hard things.

   You doubted that you could do it but AFTER you do it you realize you shouldn't have doubted yourself at all.

  You may not have been able to do it better than everyone but AFTER you do it you realize that you did it and it doesn't matter if do it better than everyone else.

  Others may tell you that you SHOULDN'T do it but that doesn't mean that you CAN'T do it if you want to.

   If you keep telling yourself that you can't do it then you won't because you will never try to do it. 

  If you let OTHERS DECIDE what you can and can't do then you are not giving yourself the chance to be the best you that you can be.

   You can either be your biggest cheerleader or your worst enemy.

  To be the BEST YOU that you can be, you have to do things even though they will be hard to do.

  To be the BEST YOU that you can be, you have to do what you think is best for you no matter if anyone else thinks you should do it.

  You know you BEST so you know what is BEST FOR YOU.