Monday, October 30, 2023


    Every CHOICE you make matters, even CHOOSING to do NOTHING is still a CHOICE you MAKE.

    Since you and you ALONE will have to LIVE with the CONSEQUENCES for every DECISION you make  that is the ONLY REASON you need to not LET ANYONE else decide what you will do.

    Just because other people are doing it doesn't mean it is the RIGHT thing for YOU to do.

    You can BLAME it on the MOON but YOU are the ONLY ONE to BLAME for everything that YOU PERSONALLY do.

   If you want to be REWARDED for what you CHOOSE to do then CHOOSE WISELY what you WILL or WILL NOT do.

    Before you REACT..... STOP AND THINK about what your ACTIONS will bring.

    Because ONCE YOU REACT you will have to live with the CONSEQUENCES for your ACTIONS.


Friday, October 27, 2023

Is it really a BARGAIN if you DON'T NEED IT?

    If you BOUGHT IT and you will NEVER USE it then It's obviously NOT a BARGAIN, it is WASTED MONEY.

    Just because it is so CHEAP that they are practically GIVING it away, doesn't mean you should buy it if you don't need it. 

    Next time you are about to buy it because it is such a good BARGAIN, STOP and THINK about it and if you DON'T NEED it then DON'T BUY  it!

    We all have clothes hanging in our closet with the tags still on them of BARGAINS we got over time.

   No matter what a BARGAIN you get on an eight inch light fixture if you need a ten inch light fixture then DON'T BUY a size that won't fit.

   And just because it is a nice piece of old furniture made out of solid wood not particle board, doesn't mean you should buy it when you have no where to put it.

    STOP and ask yourself is it really a good BARGAIN if I DON'T NEED IT?

    Every few years you got to take All the BARGAINS that you had gotten that you DON'T WANT or NEED, and DROP them off at Goodwill for someone to find who NEEDS it.

   NEXT time you see a good BARGAIN enjoy looking at it then leave it and WALK AWAY saying...... someone is sure going to get a good BARGAIN.




Wednesday, October 25, 2023

From one person to another person

    Do you remember all the FUN you had playing the game TELEPHONE?

   We decided to play the TELEPHONE GAME with others without them even knowing that they were playing.

   We just wanted to see how long the STORY would take to make it's way from state to State amongst our group of friends. 

    We thought it would take weeks.

    But with the speed of lightning of technology within ONE day everyone knew some type of a version of the STORY.

    And just like the GAME OF TELEPHONE people's INTERPRETATION of the STORY CHANGED the story slightly.

     It's a reminder that if you want the FACTS before making your DECISION you need to get your FACTS from the HORSES MOUTH.

    Otherwise you will make the WRONG DECISION and make a DONKEY out of yourself.

    Get the FACTS so you can make an INFORMED DECISION not play the TELEPHONE GAME and make an UNEDUCATED GUESS that you will REGRET.


Monday, October 23, 2023

Encouraging WORDS that will Encourage them

    Whoever said WORDS don't hurt was not correct because WORDS do hurt.

    Be careful what you say to someone because your WORDS have an impact on their way of thinking.

   Remember that your negative WORDS will have a negative effect on them. 

   So like your Mom said... if you don't have anything NICE to say then don't say anything at all.

    Luckily your positive WORDS can have a positive effect on others as long as you say something positive to others.

   Your encouragement can give someone the courage they need but that is only possible if you say encouraging WORDS to them.

   Your WORDS of wisdom can save someone from making a bad decision but it is only possible if you share your WORDS of wisdom.

   Plant seeds of KINDNESS so KINDNESS will spread in our neighborhoods.

   Plant seeds of HOPE so HOPE will spread in our neighborhoods.

   Plant seeds of LOVE so LOVE will spread in our neighborhoods.

    Plant seeds of HUMANITY wherever you go so HUMANITY will spread and replace the insanity we see in society.

   It's true WE REAP WHAT WE SOW.

   What SEEDS are you planting?


Friday, October 20, 2023

When is the last time you had a good......

    When is the last TIME you did something just for yourself?

    When was the last TIME you got to sit down and totally relax?

    When is the last TIME you had a good belly laugh over something silly?

     When was the last TIME you stopped and smelled the flowers?

     We only have the TIME we have to ENJOY everything we can. 

    If you run around Too busy to ENJOY anything then you WON'T ENJOY anything.

    You can't wait to ENJOY a child because before you know it they will be all GROWN-UP.

    If you want to ENJOY LIFE you have to ENJOY it WHILE you are LIVING IT!

   When was the last TIME you treated yourself to your FAVORITE meal?

    Taking care of YOURSELF isn't being selfish it is having the WISDOM to KNOW that you are WORTH IT!

     A good belly laugh is good for your mind, body and your soul.


Wednesday, October 18, 2023

You can QUENCH your THIRST if you SIMPLY take a drink

     The road from point A to point B is complicated enough without adding more obstacles that you will have to go through.

    Anyone can make a MOUNTAIN out of a MOLE HILL if they keep adding DIRT.

    Don't try to tackle every single issue that you encounter just keep it SIMPLE by doing the necessities so you will have everything that you need.

   There will always be more that you need but you can manage as long as you have everything that you absolutely need.

   HAPPINESS is all in how you look at THINGS.

   Do you see the glass as HALF EMPTY or HALF FULL?

   You could die of thirst if you don't take a drink of that glass that is HALF FULL because you SIMPLY don't take advantage of what you do have.

    You don't need a FULL GLASS, you can QUENCH your THIRST if you SIMPLY take a DRINK., SO TAKE A DRINK.


Monday, October 16, 2023

You can't reach your goals if you don't set goals for yourself

     You can't fulfill your DREAMS if you don't have DREAMS.

    You can't reach your GOALS if you don't have GOALS.

    You can't reach your DESTINATION unless you GET UP and get MOVING.

   You can't HONESTLY say it is IMPOSSIBLE if you don't TRY TO DO IT.

   You can't stick to the PLAN unless you have made a PLAN.

    If you WANT IT then DO WHATEVER it takes to GET IT.


    If it is IMPORTANT to you then make it your PRIORITY to make doing it the most IMPORTANT thing for you to do.

    Life is what you make IT.

Friday, October 13, 2023

Just make sure you won't regret it

    You may have had no choice but to do it but you can still make sure you don't REGRET how you did it.

   You may not be happy about the changes you have to make but you can still make sure that you don't REGRET any changes that you made.

   Make sure that you are proud of everything that you do because you sure don't want to have any REGRETS.

   If you are about to do something and you have a feeling like it might not be right, then DON'T DO IT because once you do it you CAN'T take it back.

   If you know that you will REGRET doing it then DON'T DO IT it's that simple, JUST DON'T DO IT.

   When you feel it in the pit of your stomach it isn't always gas, it's your built in warning system trying to stop you from doing something that you will REGRET. 

   As long as you do what you think is best then you will not have any REGRETS.

   If it is something important that you want to do then DO IT because you don't want to REGRET NOT DOING IT.

   At the end of the day all that matters is that you are PROUD of yourself for everything that you did and as long as you are then you will be THANKFUL that you will have nothing to REGRET.

    STOP and THINK about what your ACTIONS will bring BEFORE you REACT or you might REGRET IT.


Wednesday, October 11, 2023

Be Thankful that you at least KNOW if you have a chance or NOT

    It may be very difficult but you have to be THANKFUL that at least you have a CHANCE.

   You may not have any CHANCE to get everything that you want but you should be THANKFUL if you have a CHANCE to have what you need.

    As long as you  KNOW that you at least have a CHANCE, you can have HOPE.

   And if you have NO CHANCE AT ALL then at least you KNOW so you will NOT waste your time on anything that you have NO CHANCE AT ALL at having.

   Being HONEST with yourself is HONESTLY what is best for you.

   An HONEST NO does far less damage then IGNORING THE TRUTH.

   People may tell you what you want to hear but that DOESN'T mean they are being HONEST with you.

   Remember if it sounds too good to be TRUE then it probably ISN'T TRUE.





Monday, October 9, 2023


    We all hope that we are FORGIVEN when we make a mistake.

   We all hope that we are FORGIVEN when we make the wrong decision.

   We all hope that we are FORGIVEN when we hurt someone's feelings.

   We all hope that we are FORGIVEN for all our sins.

   But when we are MAD about what someone else does, we say that we hope that one day that they will have to pay the CONSEQUENCES for what they have done.

  FORGIVENESS goes both ways.


Friday, October 6, 2023

Count to ten very slowly

    Don't REACT TOO QUICKLY to something that angers you, STOP and COUNT to TEN before you REACT.

   Don't REACT TOO QUICKLY to something that hurts you, STOP and COUNT to TEN before you REACT.

   Don't REACT TOO QUICKLY to anything. You should always STOP and COUNT to TEN.

   BEFORE you REACT you need to THINK about what your ACTIONS will bring.

   The OUTCOME you will have is not based on the circumstances that you face but on how you REACT to the circumstances that you face.

   Your first thought to any NEGATIVE situation is NEGATIVE so STOP and COUNT to TEN before you REACT. Because once you REACT you can't take it back.

   Sometimes you might even have to face a circumstances in Life that requires you to COUNT TO TEN VERY VERY VERY Slowly, but at the end of the day you will be GLAD that YOU DID.

  Just because a THOUGHT POPS IN YOUR MIND in an instant doesn't mean it should POP OUT OF YOUR MOUTH just as FAST.

   On your Life's Journey be prepared to STOP and COUNT to TEN before you REACT because how you REACT determines the OUTCOME.

Wednesday, October 4, 2023

We had fun with each other now you will have FUN with others at your TEA PARTY

   Sometimes even though it is something that YOU WOULD ENJOY again, you will ENJOY letting someone else ENJOY IT more.

   I enjoyed the blooming TEA POT with my family but you will ENJOY many TEA PARTY'S with your nieces and that brings me JOY.

   Although you will be ENJOYING your TEA PARTY far away, Me and Betty will be hiding inside EACH BLOOMING FLOWER to ENJOY it with you.

  Precious moments are all around for US to ENJOY we just have to SHARE OUR LOVE to make it a LOVING PRECIOUS MOMENT that we SHARE with each other.

   It's hard to be HAPPY knowing how much I will miss you but I am so HAPPY because you will be surrounded by LOVE and you will be so HAPPY.

  With technology we can SHARE OUR LOVE even though we may not see each other in person with Skype we can still watch each other grow old and wrinkly together.



Monday, October 2, 2023

Don't make your day off a busy WORK DAY

    During the week you have to put off taking time for RELAXING off until you get a DAY OFF to have time to RELAX.

   Sometimes you are so overwhelmed with things to do that you have to put off some errands you need done until you have a day off to have TIME to do them.

   Just make sure that you don't put TOO many things off to DO on your DAY OFF that it becomes a WORK DAY.

   There are always things that will NEED DONE but for your overall WELL BEING you NEED to make time to RELAX a priority.

   If you want to ENJOY LIFE you have to TAKE TIME to RELAX  to be able to RELAX and ENJOY LIFE.

  DON'T make your DAY OFF a BUSY WORKDAY, take the DAY OFF.