Wednesday, March 30, 2022

Do it while you can....

   There are things we want to do but for one reason or another we just can't do it at that very moment. So we make a BUCKET LIST of things we want to do. 

  Just keep in mind that there are TIME LIMITS on when we can actually do them. 

  You need to separate your BUCKET LIST into different list. Because there are FACTORS that determine what TIME FRAME they need to be done if you are going to be able to do them.

  Make a list of "it takes years to do" so you have an age limit when you have to do it. 

  Then of course there is some things you have to do when you are still young and healthy enough to do them at all. 

  You can't put everything off until TOMORROW because you might miss your OPPORTUNITY to be able to do them. 

  Don't make a BUCKET LIST and ignore it or it will simply be a GARBAGE CAN of things you meant to do but you waited too long to be able to do them. 

  Do what you can when you can NOT wait until you CAN'T DO THEM.  

Monday, March 28, 2022

Just agree to disagree

  We all have our own opinion. 

  We all like what we like.

  We are all unique individuals.

  We all have our own way of doing things.

  In order for us all to be who we want to be we have to respect the rights of others to be who they want to be. 

  You do you and let them do them, period. 

  You don't have to like what they do, you just have to respect their right to do what they want to do. 

  You be you and let them be whoever they want to be. 

  No one can be comfortable in the skin they are in unless they are comfortable with what they do in the skin they are in. 


Friday, March 25, 2022

You can't move a mountain so go around it

   You can't just move a mountain. So don't waste your energy trying. Just go around it.

  You can't control what other people do so don't waste your time trying. 

  If you know it is something that you need to get done then stop wasting your time waiting for someone else to do it.

  If you find yourself at a dead end don't waste your time standing there complaining, turn around and go a different way.

  If there is a curve in the road you can't just go straight if you want to stay on your path.

  Don't waste your time and energy complaining about what you can't do, just use your time and energy to do whatever you can.

  All we have is the time we have so don't waste it complaining about "a mountain" just go around it.


Wednesday, March 23, 2022

How did they do that?

   When I let my dogs out this morning they started barking at the edge of our fence but I didn't see anything. 

  I had a hard time getting them to stop barking and come back inside.

  The next time I let them out they ran straight to the edge of our fence and started barking and prancing.

  Again I looked but I didn't see anything. No dog, no cat, nothing. There was nothing there for them to be barking at.

  Again I had a hard time getting them to stop barking and come back inside.

  Then the next time I let them out they barked and pranced louder. Before I knew it they were digging in the dirt as if they were digging up burtied treasure.

  They wouldn't stop matter how much I yelled at them. 

  By the time I got up to them they had unburied a large turtle, that they were then fighting each other for.

  What was a turtle doing buried in My yard?

  Did you know that turtles dig underground?

  Somehow my dogs could sense that something was suddenly underground in our yard. They sure couldn't see it but they knew.

  I managed to get the turtle safely away from the dogs and release it in the wilderness where it would be safe.

  I would have never have guessed that a turtle would be digging a tunnel underground in my yard. Nature's wonders are amazing to see.

  Nor that my dogs would know if there was any animals living underground. 

How did my dogs know? And how did a turtle have the strength to move all that dirt as they made a tunnel underground?



Monday, March 21, 2022

The wall of rain that separates us

   Have you ever saw it be pouring rain in your neighbors yard yet it wasn't raining at all at your house?

  We had heard on the news for a couple of days that the rain was going to be here.

  It's always nice to be able to know what day it is going to rain so you can make plans to do your errands on any day but that one.

  As I sat on my porch I could see the dark clouds off in the distance rolling in straight towards our street.  

  I could see my neighbors across the street were also sitting out watching the storm head towards our houses.

  Their was no thunder or lighting so it felt nice just sitting outside enjoying the breeze that was blowing in ahead of the storm. 

   It didn't take long before you could here the rain was now just feet away.

  I saw it start pouring rain in your yard and I knew i it wouldn't take but a second before it would be pouring rain in my yard too.

  Then as I waited it STOPPED in a straight line right down the center halfway between us. 

  There was. LITERAL a WALL OF RAIN separating us. I had never seen a Wall of rain.

  Of course logically I knew it rained in some areas but not others. But to see a WALL OF RAIN. It was awesome to see.

  I had never seen one in my life and I may never see it again, but I am glad I got to see it.

  The wanders of nature are breathtaking.  

Friday, March 18, 2022

Don't forget that KINDNESS shows how awesome you are

   Being KIND to everyone you meet shows what a KIND person you are. 

    Just because you are a KIND person doesn't make you weak. It makes you a compassionate Human being.

   The notion that it makes you weak is what has been taught generation after generation. 

  That is the reason why so many people are so mean and they spew anger and hate onto others because it has been passed down generation after generation.

  Which is why we need to pass on love, compassion and kindness to everyone we meet to STOP the cruel mean angry seeds being spewed onto others.

  Plant seeds of HUMANITY and KINDNESS everywhere you go so it can SPREAD and replace the INSANITY we see in society. 

  The WORLD won't get better on it's own we all must do our part. 

  Be kind to everyone you meet because you have no idea what they may be facing.

    You may have a lot of LOVE in your heart but can anyone FEEL it?


Wednesday, March 16, 2022

Enjoy the breeze to help you breeze through the stormy times

 There are many times throughout your life when you will face tough situations, that's JUST LIFE.

   LUCKILY there are far more times when you have happy times. 

  When you are facing a tough situation keep in mind that there will be bumps along your journey, that's just life. 

  Life is a rollercoaster full of ups and downs as well as twists and turns, that's just LIFE.

   You can't get too comfortable in life because life is always changing. Change is uncomfortable but you have to accept the things you can not change, that's just life.

   You will have to keep adjusting as you go through life, that's just life. 

   The changes that covid-19 will have on us, is not yet known. 

  One thing is for sure is that things will never be the same.

  You have to be flexible to adapt to the changes, that's just LIFE.

  It is also the PERFECT TIME to make some POSITIVE changes to things we know should have been changed a long time ago.



Monday, March 14, 2022

One two how are you?

   You may live too far away to visit them in person but you can call them and spend time catching up with them.

  You may not have time to go visit them in person but you can call them and say hello.

   You may not get to hang out with them as much as you would like to but when you do get together, treasure every moment you have with them.

  Because there is no guarantee that Tomorrow will come TODAY it is important to create memories with those that you love.

  You may have a lot of LOVE in your heart but can they feel it? 

   Take the time to let them know how much you love them. 

  All we have is the time we have so make every second count.



Friday, March 11, 2022

What is the reason for the change in seasons?

   It's more obvious to know when the seasons are going to change and to expect the weather outside will change with each season.

   It is a little harder to know when the changes are coming so you can prepare for the changes in the seasons in your personal journey. They come and go at random times.

  There is obvious reasons why environmentally it is necessary for the change of seasons is to maintain a healthy environment.

  But in your personal life you could feel happy and comfortable and not see any reason for anything to change. 

  Like they say; you can't get too comfortable in your life because things are changing all the time. Therefore you have to change to adjust to what is changing.

  There is not always a rhyme or reason why your personal Life changes are even necessary, it's just life.

  And some things in Life there are just no answer for, not even on Google.

  Just because you don't understand why doesn't mean anything. Because like it or not you have to figure how to ADJUST to the changes.

  Just like you have to ADJUST according to the weather outside you have to also ADJUST according to what your Life's Journey is.

  Sometimes it takes a TORNADO in your personal Life to get you where you NEED to be.



Wednesday, March 9, 2022

Finally we can get out so enjoy yourself whenever you are out

   After two years of being cooped up in quarantine we are finally able to go out and enjoy the things we want to do.

  It's not as busy where you go as it used to be. As people slowly get comfortable with going out again.

  That actually makes going out more relaxing as there are no lines no waiting. 

  The workers are more excited to be at work making steady incomes again. Which makes them more pleasant and that makes your outing more enjoyable.

  There are many things that you learned to enjoy while in quarantine that we will keep doing to keep enjoying it.

  Even enjoying a lot more time at home instead of always going at such a fast pace wearing yourself ragged.

  There are certain homemade meals they were forced to cook because restraunts we're closed. And COVID-19 was spreading everywhere. 

  They will look forward to and continue to cook the family favorite homemade meals that they will all sit down together at home and eating.

  That is one thing that the pandemic brought us is to ENJOY homemade dinners with your family. 

  There are certain TV shows that we watched out of boredom during quarantine, that we now look forward to watching again and again. 

  Getting back to enjoying yourself at home with your family is one GOOD thing that came out of the quarantine. 


Monday, March 7, 2022

They might not be listening but they are watching

    If all you do is talk about what you could do, then it's all talk.

   They may not stop and listen to your advice but they will see what you have done.

   They may not see the possibilities but when they see what you have done they will see what is possible.

   If you want to teach them then show them how it is done.

   You can have a great plan but you have to do what you had planned to do to know if your plan really works.

  If all we do is talk about what needs to be done, nothing will get done.

  If we want things to change we have to change the way we do things. 

  Remember choosing to do nothing is still a choice you make.

  Don't just talk about it, JUST DO IT.

  Your ACTIONS speak louder than WORDS.



Friday, March 4, 2022

Look ahead to see where you are going.

   You can't be absolutely certain about what lies ahead on your life's journey.

  You have to keep looking ahead as you navigate through your life's journey so you can stay on the right track.

  It's the same as when you are driving your car down a road. You know you have to just focus on the road ahead to drive safely. 

  You sure can't drive your car safely while you are looking in your rearview mirror.

  It's the same as only focusing on your past as you go through your life's journey.

  Keep your eyes wide open as you focus on where you are going and you will stay on track.

  What is done is done. Knowing what is coming let's you know what you need to do to get where you want to be.

  Keep your eyes on the road ahead.


Wednesday, March 2, 2022

Well you can't help but feel human when you connect with them on a human level.

  It didn't seem like everyone around us was even HUMAN at times.

  There were wrong doings that were going on right in front of them yet they were able to just ignore them and hurry past them.

  Although the news lately was hard to witness, you couldn't help but see it or hear about it.

  It was on every television station, on every radio station, on every social media outlets and everyone around you are talking about it.

 So it was impossible for anyone to ignore it. It makes the HUMAN side of all of us come up front and center causing each of us to react to the tragedy going on in the world.

  Not being able to ignore it has made us all connect with our HUMAN SIDE.

  And HUMANITY SHINES bright all over the WORLD.


  It's painful to witness it and not be able to prevent it from happening. 

  HUMANITY UNITES us and UNITED THE WORLD will prevail. 

  No matter what country you are from we are all HUMAN. WELL...all but a handful of people. 


  HUMANITY UNITES us and we all will STAND UNITED.