Friday, December 29, 2023

Remembering what you are GRATEFUL for during 2023

    Before you can know what needs to change in the NEW YEAR you have to think about both the GOOD and the BAD that you experienced in 2023.

   Start first by making a list of what you are GRATEFUL for during the last year.

   You have to be HONEST WITH YOURSELF about what didn't work this year.

   Then make a list of things that you can do differently to have a FRESH START to the NEW YEAR.

   There are MANY THINGS that you can't change, so make a list of things that you can ADJUST how you REACT to those things to have a POSITIVE change.

  Don't make a NEW YEARS RESOLUTION that you aren't willing to HONESTLY DO.

  Don't make the same NEW YEARS RESOLUTION that you made last year because OBVIOUSLY that is setting yourself up for failure. 

   Instead of saying you will go on a STRICT DIET be realistic and say you won't eat sweets more than once a week.

   Instead of saying you will EXERCISE everyday just say you will park further away from the front door of the stores so you walk more. 

   Instead of saying you will CHANGE who you are just say you will be a better person. 

   If you will be HONEST WITH YOURSELF you can HONESTLY make 2024 your BEST YEAR EVER.



Wednesday, December 27, 2023

Don't set yourself up for failure, Make a NEW YEARS RESOLUTION that is DOABLE

    Well Christmas is over and that means that it is time for the Beginning of a NEW YEAR.

    Before you just say any NEW YEAR RESOLUTION, be HONEST with yourself about whether it is unrealistic.

    Don't set yourself up for failure by making a RESOLUTION that is just NOT REALISTICALLY DOABLE.

    You have a few days to sit down and reflect on where you are at the end of 2023 to TRULY KNOW what you want to do DIFFERENTLY in 2024.

   Remember that if it DIDN'T WORK for you in 2023 then DON'T DO IT AGAIN in 2024.

   If you want to have a FRESH START in the NEW YEAR you have to make sure that you don't bring any CRAP from LAST YEAR into the NEW YEAR.





Monday, December 25, 2023

Can you feel the magic of CHRISTMAS?

    Merry Christmas to everyone! 🎄

    Most HOLIDAYS you ONLY get ONE DAY , just 24 hours to ENJOY it.

    BUT  CHRISTMAS is a SEASON that you get to feel the LOVE, the PEACE, and the JOY that fills the AIR everywhere you go for an ENTIRE MONTH.

   The COLORFUL decorations in stores and in homes set the HOLLY JOLLY CHRISTMAS MOOD.

   The Aurora all around us in the air automatically makes you SMILE from ear to ear.

   No matter what AGE you are it brings out THE CHILD within you that stays bottled up the other 11 months of the year.

   Wouldn't it be Great if EVERY DAY we could RELAX and FEEL the AURORA OF CHRISTMAS JOY?

   Well WHEREVER you go, EVERYWHERE you go try to SPREAD KINDNESS AND JOY onto EVERYONE you meet.

    You can't be HOLLY and JOLLY EVERYDAY of the YEAR, but it's just as important to Remember that when you are ANGRY don't plant SEEDS of ANGER BY SPEWING your ANGER onto OTHERS.



Friday, December 22, 2023

Would you if you could?

    If you COULD make a positive difference in the World, WOULD you?

   If you COULD make things easier on others, WOULD you?

   If you COULD help someone who needed your help, WOULD you?

   If you COULD you SHOULD.

   The World won't get better on it's OWN we all must do OUR PART.

  The more SEEDS of KINDNESS you SPREAD the more KINDNESS there will be in the world.

   WORLD PEACE is possible by bringing PEACE of MIND to ONE PERSON at a time.

   Every ACT OF KINDNESS is one step closer to PEACE ON EARTH.


Wednesday, December 20, 2023

Remember the REASON for the SEASON

    I was watching a Christmas movie last night that was a different way to show that even the SCROOGES of the World little hearts are growing during Christmas.

   It is a time of the year when even the SCROOGES are showing KINDNESS for others.

   But Christmas time can be a lonely time for many people.

   I learned that an elderly person we had recently gotten to know, had not received a Christmas gift in over a decade.

  Every year they would send out Christmas cards to share the Joy of Christmas.

   Every year they would put up their Christmas tree.

   They sent me a Christmas card with a sweet message inside and they also sent my husband a Christmas card with a special message inside.

   When I called her to thank her and to let her know that since I had been married no one had ever sent us EACH a card.

  When I asked her why she sent different cards she said because you are EACH individual people and I had a special message I wanted to say specifically to EACH of you.

   Just goes to show you that you are never too Old to experience a NEW WAY to be made feel special during the CHRISTMAS SEASON.

  Share your CHRISTMAS JOY.

Monday, December 18, 2023

Did you buy yourself a gift for Christmas?

     As I scrolled through the Internet looking for special GIFTS to buy for those on my LIST I found the perfect GIFT for myself.

    But I didn't buy it I scrolled on past it and continued selecting GIFTS that I was sure someone on my LIST would ENJOY.

    As I walked through the stores with my LIST of those I still needed to buy a GIFT for I found several GIFTS that I would sure ENJOY.

   As I was wrapping up my GIFTS to put under the Christmas tree, I couldn't help but think about the two GIFTS I had seen but didn't buy for myself.

   I was sure hoping that I might get them as a GIFT from someone.

   Then I realized that no one would have a chance to know those two silly things that I had wanted when I had seen them

   So I went back on Amazon and ordered them both for myself and surprisingly I don't feel guilty for buying myself a GIFT.

   I will still wrap them when they arrive and I am excitedly waiting for Christmas morning to come so I can open them.

   I am curious did anyone else buy themselves a Christmas GIFT for themselves?

     I guess that makes me my own SECRET SANTA HAHAHA.



Friday, December 15, 2023

Take a moment to sit down and RELAX

    If you NEED a BREAK then TAKE a BREAK because if you NEED a BREAK then you NEED a BREAK.

   As we prepare for Christmas we NEED to take a BREAK to RELAX AND ENJOY the holidays.

   Before you know it Santa will be here, then just days after that we will ring in the NEW YEAR.

   The OLDER you are the FASTER TIME seems to FLY.

   As I wrap up the presents I get to invision the SMILE that each gift will bring on their face for me to ENJOY seeing.

   I can imagine the smell of Christmas breakfast greeting them at My door which makes them SMILE from their HUNGRY BELLY INSIDE as well as a SMILE from ear to ear on the outside.

   As I shopped the TOY AISLE to buy them their presents I have to admit the KID in ME came out and played from time to time.

  I couldn't resist touching THINGS that I didn't even plan on buying.

   The kid in me just had to touch it to ENJOY and then put it back on the shelf.

  REMEMBER the REASON FOR THE SEASON is to ENJOY each other not GO IN DEBT buying things you CAN'T AFFORD for each other.


Wednesday, December 13, 2023

Saying THANK YOU makes them feel APPRECIATED

    When someone hears the words THANK YOU for what they have done, it makes them feel APPRECIATED for what they have done.

   And when you feel APPRECIATED you feel like what you have done was worth the effort it took for you to do it.

    When you get in the HABIT of saying THANK YOU for even the LITTLE THINGS, you will see just how many LITTLE THINGS that you should be THANKFUL for.

   And when those around you get used to you saying THANK YOU to them, they will suddenly start saying THANK YOU to people too.

   You can plant seeds of THANK YOU everywhere you go and watch it SPREAD into a place where everyone  learns to APPRECIATE one another.

   Like Ghandi SAID.....



Monday, December 11, 2023

Do you know what will happen if you don't remove ALL of the ROTTEN fruit ?

    If you only REMOVE 10% of the fruit that is ROTTEN in  your fruit salad, then it will SPREAD and RUIN 100% of your fruit salad.

    If you build a bridge only 90% of the way you STILL CAN'T get to the other side.

   You have to FINISH the other 10% before you can SUCCESSFULLY get to the other side.

   You can't only take your SEVEN DAYS of medicine for  THREE DAYS and expect to get well, you MUST take it for SEVEN DAYS.

   You can't say you DID ALL that you could do unless you DO EVERYTHING that you NEED to do.

   HALFWAY there is ONLY HALFWAY there no matter WHICH HALF you do. 

  Building a STAIRCASE only HALFWAY will NOT get you to the TOP where you NEED to Go.

  It's NOT DONE until it is 100% DONE.

Friday, December 8, 2023

Decades from now it will be the NEW THING

     The other day my granddaughter came over wearing BELL BOTTOM PANTS.

    When I was a teenager BELL BOTTOM PANTS were IN STYLE.

   As soon I saw my granddaughters pants OLD MEMORIES of myself as a teenager getting my first pair of BELL BOTTOM PANTS came flooding in my MIND.

    I could suddenly vividly see myself in my peach colored BELL BOTTOM PANTS with my new flowered shirt that matched perfectly.

   I can remember the JOY I felt as I was heading out with my friends who also had gotten themselves a pair of BELL BOTTOMS.

   Although I knew I probably had thrown my BELL BOTTOM PANTS away decades ago, I still went in my closet to look.

    I began wandering what other OLD THINGS would be the NEW THING AGAIN.

   Would the OLD HAIRSTYLES come back into style too?

    Although OLD CARS won't come back in style and be made again for sale, who doesn't enjoy the look of an OLD CAR when it drives by.

    I hope the HUMANITY and the COMMUNITY UNITY from the GOOD OLD DAYS becomes the NEW NORMAL in our neighborhoods again.

   What do you still have that you have saved for decades?

   I have many things that I have had for decades but my OLD CLOTHES, including my OLD BELL BOTTOM PANTS aren't one of them.

    If you are OLD enough to have worn BELL BOTTOM PANTS then you know that you are OLD.



Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Don't give up, JUST ADJUST and KEEP MOVING

       Don't give up when things get TOUGH just dig deep inside yourself and KEEP MOVING.

       Don't let one bad MOMENT affect you all day, JUST FLUSH IT and KEEP MOVING.

       Don't stay around someone who STEALS your JOY, just KEEP MOVING.

       Don't let a small SETBACK that KNOCKED you down keep you down, just GET back up and KEEP MOVING.

       Don't keep anything negative FRESH on your mind to WEIGH you down, JUST FLUSH IT out of your mind and KEEP MOVING.

       Don't let ANYONE tell you that you CAN'T do it STOP you from doing it, because YOU CAN do anything that you want to if you JUST KEEP MOVING. 

      To get where you want to be all you got to do is KEEP MOVING!

Monday, December 4, 2023

Do you drive around the neighborhoods looking at all the Christmas Lights?

     One of the Joys of the Christmas Season is driving around to ENJOY all the Houses that people take the time to Decorate on the OUTSIDE.

    I often wander do they know how much their OUT DOOR colorful Christmas Lights brings JOY to others?

   I look forward to doing my annual CHRISTMAS DRIVE by the Houses that I have ENJOYED Year after Year.

   Do you decorate the outside of your house for CHRISTMAS?

   I have to admit that I don't.

   But I sure am THANKFUL for those who do so that EVERYONE can ENJOY them.

   If you are someone who DOES DECORATE OUTSIDE, I would like to THANK YOU on behalf of EVERYTIME you put a SMILE on someone's FACE when they saw them.

    If you have ever wanted to DECORATE OUTSIDE now MORE THAN EVER people could use a REASON TO SMILE.




Friday, December 1, 2023

Have you ever said ....

    Have you ever said.....I wish I wouldn't have SAID THAT?

    Have you ever said....I wish I wouldn't have DONE THAT?

    Have you ever said....I KNEW THAT but I FORGOT?

  Have you ever said.....I can't believe that I DIDN'T NOTICE THAT?

   Have you ever said.....I KNOW NOW so I WON'T DO THAT again?

    Have you ever said.... I will STOP AND THINK ABOUT whether I SHOULD SAY THAT OUT LOUD?

   Have you ever said.... BEFORE I REACT I will STOP AND THINK ABOUT what my ACTIONS would bring?

    You should always STOP AND THINK ABOUT IT FIRST.