Wednesday, June 16, 2021

If you want it then you will have to do whatever it takes to get it

 If you want it then it doesn't matter if anyone else thinks it is what you should want.

  If it is important to you then it doesn't matter if anyone else thinks it is important.

  You can't keep changing to please others because before you know it you won't even know who you are.

  We only have one life to live and to enjoy your life you have to enjoy it while you are living it. 

  It's okay and sometimes it can even be helpful to listen to other people's opinions. But in the end your opinion is the only one that matters. 

  Doing what makes you happy is the only way to be truly happy. 

  If you want to be comfortable in the skin you are in you have to be comfortable with what you do in the skin you are in. 

 You can never please everyone so don't try to. As long as you are pleased with yourself that is all that matters at the end of the day. 

  We will not always agree but as long as we all agree to disagree we will be able to enjoy each other's company. 

  Stay true to yourself. Be the best you that you can be.




Monday, June 14, 2021

Well I never thought I would but here I go

 Since I started blogging over 11 years ago I wanted to make sure I always wrote about things to distract anyone from stress, not write about things that were stressful that would cause them any stress.

  Unfortunately I am so upset by recent events that I have to write about them. 

  I have been told repeatedly that social media is the best way to promote your business and products. 

  I opened many social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. I tried them all but quickly felt uncomfortable realizing that you never know who someone truly is because they can easily make up fake identities.

  Therefore I was never really active on any social media sites. But during a year of quarantine I began actively trying LinkedIn again. 

  I knew that Daymond John was for sure really him on LinkedIn. As well as several others like Gary Vaynerchuk, Matt Higgins and Kim Kaupe, they too were really who they said they were.

  I began to forget about all the fake profiles that had kept me away from social media. I let down my guard and started connecting with people.

  I had always wanted to write a song to spread the positive message behind JUST FLUSH IT. Because those three powerful positive WORDS would help people but they won't help anyone if they never hear about them.

  I wrote a jingle and sang it on YouTube as soon as I got my trademark. Unfortunately my video didn't get heard either. If you would like to see it go to YouTube and look for the JUST FLUSH IT song by Billie Bob.

  Anyway back to my experience recently on LinkedIn. 

  One day the country singer Trace Adkins popped up and I sent him a request to join his community. To my surprise he ACCEPTED it.

  I was then able to message him and asked him if he would be interested in writing the JUST FLUSH IT song. I was SHOCKED when a couple of days later he wrote back yes but we needed to meet in person.

  I knew he was hosting the Ultimate Cowboy show as well as touring and being a presenter at the awards so he was busy.

  So I wrote my version of the JUST FLUSH IT song and sent it to him on LinkedIn where we had been communicating. 

  Five weeks went by then.....he wrote back saying my song really impressed him and we needed to meet in person.

  I was on cloud nine. I called all my family and friends to tell them the good news. Finally the WORLD would hear those three powerful positive WORDS. 

  I was upset when my family and friends said I shouldn't meet a stranger and the chances that it was really him was unlikely. He was too rich and famous to want to meet an average person like me.

  I got angry that they didn't feel like my JUST FLUSH IT song and the message behind JUST FLUSH IT was so moving to him and that was why he wanted to meet me to collaborate.

  After months of hoping to team up with him it was finally about to happen. But I promised my family and friends that I would listen to them and somehow verify it was actually Trace Adkins that I was in communication with on LinkedIn.

  That was going to be hard to do but I started looking for a way. 

  I was heartbroken when I ran across an article from 2018 in which Trace Adkins said he wanted to let his fans know that there were many fake profiles on the different social media sites claiming to be him.

  He said in the article that he would never personally send a message to anyone through any social media accounts. 

  I sure wish I would have read this article before I spent months thinking I was talking to Trace Adkins. 

  I had seen many instances on the news where fans connected with celebrities on social media and got them to go to there high school prom with them. So it didn't seem totally impossible to reach a real person on social media. 

  But unfortunately I had let down my guard and started to believe it was possible even though I had given up years ago. 

  I painfully was reminded that anyone can set up a fake profile and pretend to be whoever they want to be, including pretending to be Trace Adkins. 

  I feel stupid that I really, with all my heart, thought that I was talking to Trace Adkins. I. Knew better but I still fell for it.

  I wanted to write about it to warn everyone that this could happen to you too. I want to spare you the heartache and disappointment that I just went through.

  I have always known that if it sounds too good to be true then it probably isn't true. 

  I found out a long time ago that anyone can hide behind a fake profile and pretend to be whoever they want to be.

  I have no idea how I let myself believe it was really Trace Adkins. I just wanted it to be him so bad that I became blinded and forgot everything I knew that should have protected me from being so vulnerable to scammers.

  Although I will always keep my guard up by reminding myself about this incident, I will continue reading post on LinkedIn.

  More than any other social media I have tried on over these last 11 years, their Post spread seeds of compassion for others and stories that uplift and inspire people. 

  And I know that if we all spread seeds of Humanity it will grow and replace the INSANITY we see in our society. 

  The World won't get better on its own we all must do our part. 

  World peace is possible by bringing peace of mind to one person at a time. 

    And to keep peace of mind you must NEVER FORGET that you can enjoy social media sites but you must NEVER LET YOUR GUARD DOWN. 

    Please help me spread the powerful positive message behind JUST FLUSH IT so it can bring peace of mind to one person at a time. 








Friday, June 11, 2021

Don't focus on what is wrong or you will lose focus

   If you only FOCUS on what went wrong you will not see what went right. You can't build on your strengths if you don't FOCUS so that you see them. 

  No one is good at everything. But they can use what they are good at to accomplish what they want to.

  You can either be your biggest cheerleader or your worst enemy. 

  If you FOCUS on what you are good at you can build on your strengths. If you only FOCUS on your faults then you will weaken yourself. 

  Your thoughts are the reality you live whether it is based on facts or not. If you keep telling yourself that you can't do it then without a doubt you will never do it because you will never try to do it.

  Don't FOCUS on your faults and judge yourself so harshly. Remember NO ONE is good at everything. 

  Be proud and thankful for the things that you are good at. Pat yourself on the back for a job well done and acknowledge your hard work even if it doesn't turn out like you had hoped. 

  Remember the turtle won the race not because he was faster than the rabbit but because he stayed FOCUSED on getting to the finish line. 

  Stay FOCUSED and CHEER yourself on.


Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Proving you are right sometimes proves to be the wrong thing to do

   It feels good to know you were right about things. 

  There are times when you may need to prove you were right in certain situations. But there are also situations where fighting to prove you were right will hurt you in some way.

  Knowing you were right is very important but proving you were right is not always important.

  Just like when you tried to warn someone not to do something and they did it anyways, the last thing they want to hear when they are hurt is you saying I TOLD YOU SO. 

  There will be times when you are proud of yourself for something you did but no one else even noticed what you did. Just because they didn't notice doesn't, or at least shouldn't, change how proud you are of yourself.

  Sometimes letting the other person think they were right is way more important than trying to prove to them that they were wrong and you were right.

  In life sometimes you PROVE how smart you are by making the right choice for the best outcome by not fighting to PROVE you were right.




Monday, June 7, 2021

We have had plenty of time to learn

   Being in quarantine for over a year gave us all plenty of time to get to know our friends, families, neighbors as well as ourselves better.

  The fast paced World we all lived in never gave us a chance to STOP AND SMELL THE ROSES. There wasn't time for SMALL TALK. No time to just relax and enjoy quiet moments.

  Then came the pandemic. Suddenly our busy life's came to a screeching halt. We suddenly were in quarantine and had plenty of time on our hands.

  When the quarantine ends our lives will gradually get busier. But would you want it to get back into your old fast paced lifestyle where you didn't have time to even STOP AND SMELL THE ROSES?

  What have you done or had to change during quarantine that you will continue even after the quarantine is over?



Friday, June 4, 2021

You can die from thirst surrounded by water

   You could die of thirst even though you are surrounded by water if you don't take a drink 

  Your glass may only be half full but it will quench your thirst if you take a drink.

  You may not have everything you ever wanted but as long as you have everything that you need you should be grateful.

  If you expect things to go perfectly as you had planned then you better plan on being dissappointed because nothing is perfect.

  You can't wait on the perfect opportunity because it doesn't exist and you will miss the opportunities that come your way.

  Your dreams can't come true if you don't have dreams. Keep your dreams realistic or you will set yourself up for failure.

 Remember you can't please everyone so don't try. But at the end of the day as long as you are proud of everything you have done that is all that matters.


Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Don't JUDGE too harshly it will stunt their growth

 I know you have heard the phrase.....

  You can't JUDGE a book by its cover. Things are not always what they appear to be. 

   You shouldn't JUDGE others because you have no idea why they are who they are to understand why they choose to do what they do.

  You may think that they are making a mistake and maybe they are. But give people the right to make mistakes.

  We need to accept that anyone including ourselves won't always make the right decisions. 

  Keep in mind that our failures are a necessary step to being successful. It's growing pains.

 And if you JUDGE too harshly you can stunt the growth.