Monday, July 25, 2022

Some things you shouldn't say out loud.

   When you are comfortable in conversation with others you forget to keep your guard up.

  When you are comfortable in conversation with others you forget that it can be used against you later in life.

  You don't expect that they are gathering FACTS to use as ammo against you later in life.

  It is nice to sit and have "small talk" with others, so nice that you forget that that person could be a TWO FACE SNAKE.

   One of their faces smiles and makes you feel comfortable but their other face is smirking knowing that is ammo that will destroy you later in life.

  It doesn't mean you can't have some great times sharing "small talk" it just means that you need to limit what "small talk" you share with others.

  Some things you just don't share with anyone but your partner and your family.

  And you sure don't write about it in cyberspace permanent ink so that any two faced snake can collect it for ammo to use against you.

  You have to keep your guard up in life , that's just LIFE. 

  Don't give anyone the ammo or opportunity to hurt you later in Life.

  Something's are better left unsaid to keep the two faced snakes from hearing them. 

  Unfortunately two face snakes are good at hiding their second face so if it isn't a spouse or family member consider everyone else a two face snake to protect yourself.


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