Wednesday, July 27, 2022

Be grateful that it wasn't WORSE because it could have been.

   On your life's Journey you will go through GOOD TIMES AND BAD TIMES. that is just LIFE.

  As you are experiencing TOUGH TIMES to HELP you get through them just remember that things could be WORSE, because they COULD.

   When you realize that although whatever you are going through is UNPLEASANT. As long as it is DOABLE, you have to be THANKFUL.

   Have you ever complained to someone about a MINOR setback in your life then found out they were facing a MAJOR tragedy in their life?

  Recently I ran into someone I hadn't seen in YEARS.

   As we began to catch up on what we had been up to, I started talking FIRST.

  After I complained about a few UNPLEASANT INCIDENTS, it was her turn to catch me up. 

  Suddenly I realized that there I was talking as if I had faced tough moments, while the TRUTH is it was nothing compared to the TRAGEDIES that she had FACED.

  I became more aware that day then ever that if all you have is HURDLES to overcome on your LIFE'S JOURNEY, you should be THANKFUL.

  Because there are some people that have MOUNTAINS that they are FORCED to climb on THEIR LIFE'S JOURNEY. 



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