Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Why is it harder to forgive yourself?

   Forgiving someone else is a lot easier than to forgive yourself.

  Forgiveness for others is something you do for yourself not for them.

  They don't have to acknowledge what they did nor do they have to apologize for what they did. 

  You forgive them so that you can JUST FLUSH IT out of your mind so it doesn't affect you negatively by weighing heavily on your mind.

  So why is it so harder to forgive yourself?

  Perhaps it's because you think that you need to let those involved know that you are aware of what you did wrong.

   That way they understand that you know so they don't hold it against you.

  The problem is that they won't forget so the damage to your reputation they have of you won't change.

  That makes it harder for you to forgive yourself because you have to live forever with the consequences.

  You feel like if they would just let you explain then they would forget about whatever you did or said. 

  But you know deep down that they will never forget.

  If it is a dear friend or family member your past bond together and the many years they have known you will heal from your mistake.

  But if it is a new personal or business connection your first mistake can cause them to close the door of communication immediately and permanently.

  That makes forgiving yourself harder. Especially if you know how important of a connection they would have been for you.

  You have to forgive yourself because letting it weigh so heavily on your mind won't change the outcome that you have with them. PERIOD.

 No only if I could explain.

 No only if I could do it differently.

 No would've, could've, or should've will change WHAT IT IS.



  Remember FORGIVENESS is something you do for YOURSELF. 


  Always remember that no one is perfect and we all make mistakes.







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