Monday, October 4, 2021

Did you know that RHYTHMIC sounds can ease your stress?

   Just as I was finally heading out my front door to do my errands, the dark rain clouds were just rolling in.

  I had planned on going earlier to do errands but apparently I shouldn't have procrastinated. 

  I knew that driving around was not a good idea because the sky was black all around me as far as I could see.

  I plopped down on my porch and started feeling disappointed that I had procrastinated at all.

  Within less than a minute the rain was pouring so hard you couldn't even see the house across the street.

   I began feeling anxiety building inside me about possibly not making it before the businesses closed that I needed to go to.

 Then the rhythmic sound of the rain drops falling on the many surfaces outside caught my attention.

  I could hear the metal tinging as it bounced on the table.

  I could hear the thud sounds as it bounced on the roof.

 I sat there enjoying the musical sounds that the rain had brought.

  Before I knew it I had forgot all about being upset that the rain was preventing me from getting my errands done and being upset with myself for procrastinating.

  The rain may delay your errands but instead of stressing out about it just sit down and let the RHYTHMIC sounds Keep you relaxed.


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