Friday, October 29, 2021

Are you sure?

   You have to think about it to be sure you are making the right decision.

  You have to consider all the facts to make a knowledgeable decision.

  You have to stick to your moral compass to make a morally sound decision.

  You have to also follow your heart to make a decision that will make you happy.

  You have to consider what is best for everyone involved to make a decision that works for everyone.

  You have to accept that just because you want it doesn't mean you should get it.

  You have to make sure that you don't make a decision to get through hard times that in the end you will regret.

  Every decision you make matters. At the end of the day it's important for you to be proud of yourself. 

  Keep in mind that choosing to do nothing is also a choice you make.

  Before you decide what action you will take, STOP and THINK about what consequences your actions will bring.



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