Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Where will you end up if you are always a follower?

   If you follow them will you end up where you need to be?

  If you follow them will they lead you to a dead end?

  If you keep changing your opinion to match others before you know it you won't even know who you are.

  You both could have a different opinion yet still both be right. It's all in how you each look at it.

  Ten people could see or hear the same thing yet see ten different things. And they all ten could be right.

  Don't think that just because their opinion is different means that you should change your opinion. Even if they are more experienced or more educated than you.

 You know you best and the only opinion that really matters is yours. 

 You won't get where you need to be following other people on their journey to get where they need to be.

  The only way to make sure that you get where you need to be is for you to stay focused and lead yourself there. 


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