Friday, November 18, 2022

The Grocery store shelves were at least stocked this year

   The last two years the pandemic has made finding the ingredients for your Thanksgiving dinner exhausting.

   There were several things that I couldn't find the last two years that I had to substitute ingredients and honestly it didn't taste the same.

   This year the shelves were stocked and I found everything that I needed at one store.

   Unfortunately the prices of every single ingredient was extremely expensive.

  Things were so expensive that there were a couple of dishes I took off the Thanksgiving dinner list because everything was just ridiculously too expensive.

  I had seen on the news before I left for the grocery store a list of groceries and how much each category had gone up in price since last year.

   Eggs alone had gone up 43%. Every category had gone up a minimum of 17%.

  So I am sure I will not be the only one making the list of Thanksgiving dishes a little shorter this year. 

  Definitely less deserts than I normally would have.

  And definitely there will be less leftovers because the portions of each dish will be smaller.

  I am still thankful that the quarantine is over and we can get together safely again to enjoy Thanksgiving dinner.

 And being able to spend time in person with those you love is something I am THANKFUL for.



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