Wednesday, November 23, 2022

I finally got the last Thanksgiving decoration up, my Christmas tree.

   It's been a tradition of mine to always have my Christmas tree out and decorated so we can enjoy it while we enjoy our Thanksgiving dinner together.

   Now that my kids are all grown up and live on their own I don't buy a real tree, i put up an artificial tree.

   Although I miss the smell of a real Christmas tree, it sure is less of a mess putting up and taking down an artificial tree.

   I just started my Christmas shopping so there isn't any packages wrapped yet to put under the tree 

   The last two years of quarantine due to COVID-19 I have gotten in the habit of doing most of my shopping on Amazon.

  "Knock on wood" none of my packages have been stolen like I have seen happen to others on the news.

   My grown children don't need me to buy them gifts anymore. The older grandkids only want specific gifts that they ask their parents to buy for them. 

  So definitely not much shopping for me to do anymore. Which is a good thing but I treasure the years when I got the perfect gift for someone.

   Luckily tomorrow I will see the Joy on everyone's faces as we all still enjoy a good home cooked thanksgiving meal together.

   You might not need gifts anymore when you get older but we all still like to eat no matter how old we are.

  Happy Thanksgiving Everyone.



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