Monday, November 21, 2022

Let the Thanksgiving preparations begin.

    It begins with the planning and writing a list of what you want to eat for your Thanksgiving Feast.

   Followed by a search and find at your local grocery store to find all the ingredients you will need.

   Luckily this year I found everything at one grocery store. 

   After seeing the increase in the prices of groceries I sure wish I would have bought some of the ingredients back when they were cheaper.

  Now the dusting begins. From the ceiling fans to the shelves all the way down to the floors.

   Don't forget to take your turkey and Ham out of the freezer so they are thawed out by Thursday.

   Tomorrow it's time to write down the times and temperatures for all the food that gets cooked in the oven and create a schedule so everything gets done on time.

  This is definitely one time of year that I wish I had TWO OVENS. 

  Although I had completed my shopping list, I will be going back out tomorrow to get the ingredients for a couple of dishes I decided to add back to the list, despite the high prices.

  Remember that on Thanksgiving and Christmas there is no counting calories.

  There is a reason for the seasons and the reason on Thanksgiving and Christmas is to ENJOY THE FOOD.



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