Wednesday, November 9, 2022

Don't spend decades collecting DUST COLLECTORS.

    As you go on your LIFE'S JOURNEY you go through MANY DIFFERENT STAGES.

   What you like at one STAGE in your life doesn't mean that you will always like it.

   What you think is IMPORTANT at one STAGE may NOT always be IMPORTANT to you.

   What WORKED for you back then may NOT WORK for you now.

   What you thought would HAPPEN in your life may NOT HAPPEN at all.

   You can't get too COMFORTABLE in LIFE because LIFE is constantly CHANGING.

  What WORKS for someone else may NOT WORK for you. You do whatever WORKS for you.

  What you THOUGHT you always NEEDED you realize that you didn't really NEED IT at all, you just THOUGHT that you did.

    Oh yeah, don't spend every STAGE on your LIFE'S JOURNEY COLLECTING DUST COLLECTORS.

  BECAUSE when you get old you won't want to DUST all your COLLECTIONS. 






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