Monday, November 30, 2020

Being entertained by nature

 During the quarantine I have been entertained by the animals and insects in my yard. They just move about freely with no knowledge that there is a pandemic going on. Today I watched and heard a woodpecker going from one yard to another. The squirrels that I call tree rats just scampered around grabbing acorns and burying them for food in the winter. There were two of them that played chase with each other for hours it seemed. The butterflies and hummingbirds stopped by on there way through the neighborhood to gather some pollen from my flowers. As I was entertained by nature I felt relaxed, no longer feeling cooped up in quarantine. Watching nature is yoga for the mind, body and soul. Then out of the blue I got bit by an ant. I was so busy watching the squirrels that I hadn't noticed that I had stepped in a line of ants blocking them. As I stepped back to get out of their way I noticed that they all seemed to be carrying stuff. One of the had what looked like a piece of leaf that was five times his size. He kept wobbling out of line as he struggled to carry it. But he just got back in line and continued on his journey. I followed the trail of ants to see where they were going. It lead to a crack in the cement where one by one they disappeared as they carried their treasures they had found. Who knows how deep their underground home was or how many ants were hidden deep in the ground. You would be surprised at just how many species of bugs and animals that are living in your own yard. When you are feeling cooped up during quarantine go outside and do some yoga for your mind to see how many you can find.

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