Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Is it a New Day or Ground Hog Day?

 Every day you wake up is a New Day. When you get out of bed start thinking about what you can do today. Don't get out of bed and relive everything that happened yesterday. All that does is make everyday a repeat of yesterday like in the movie Ground Hog Day. It's the same old thing just a different day. You can't go through life reliving yesterday and enjoy your TODAY'S, no more than you can safely drive a car only looking in the rearview mirror. It's impossible to let go of your past if you keep it fresh on your mind. The instant the thought of yesterday pops up, JUST FLUSH IT out of your mind before you have to relive it again and again. Spend today and every today enjoying what TODAY brings for you to enjoy. To enjoy your life you got to enjoy it while you are living it. 

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