Monday, November 9, 2020

Our lives are like a soap opera

 As the WORLD turns, is the name of a soap opera, but it is also the perfect name for the description of LIFE. You never know what you will have to face during your life's journey. No matter what happens, it is your life's journey. You will navigate through it as you face the good times and the bad times. No matter what gets thrown your way it's just life. And AS THE WORLD TURNS our life's journey continues. We only have one life to live and we just have to enjoy life while we are living it. It may not be the life you thought you would live but you have to be thankful that you are alive to live it. This pandemic has literally turned the entire World. And AS THE WORLD TURNS, this pandemic has thrown us all for a loop. But we will all get through this more united than ever as together we stood up against a common enemy. We saw each other as a partner not as enemies. Everything happens for a reason and sometimes a tornado in your life is the only way you were ever going to get there. 

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