Friday, November 20, 2020

There will be a lot more leftovers this Thanksgiving

 We had planned on eating Thanksgiving outside this year. But with the number of those having covid-19 on the rise, doesn't seem safe to gather outside either. I had already made my list for the Thanksgiving Feast, now I will have to shorten my list. I don't need everything on the list if no one is coming. It was a surprise to see just how many of the items on my list I still wanted. And even though I know we won't eat much of each item, it wouldn't be Thanksgiving without them. So I am going to still make our traditional Thanksgiving Feast knowing that there is going to be a lot of leftovers. Which means for days we will be eating leftovers. Now I just have to choose which desserts I want to have leftovers from for later. Instead of gaining five pounds like I normally do from Thanksgiving Dinner I worry that I will gain ten pounds from having too many leftovers. 

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