Wednesday, April 15, 2020

What you learn will make you more informed

We are all learning how to adapt to the changes that the covid19 virus has brought. Although the changes are challenging, they are necessary. I don't believe that we will be able to return to "normal" even after the lockdowns are lifted. But I do believe that we all have learned a lot about self discipline that will make us a better version of ourselves, when all is said and done. Families have grown closer because we have had to spend more time at home with our families. Home cooked meals had become almost extinct for some families who now look forward to them. Gardening which had become a "lost art" is being done out of boredom right now will be reoccurring events for years to come for some people. Although a quarantine has it's drawbacks, it also has positive changes that we will carry with us for our lifetimes. The bonds with our friends and family is stronger because of the pandemic. The HUMANITY that it has brought will replace some of the INSANITY we have all had to live with in society. The lessens we have learned through this tragic pandemic has United every single person in the world, reminding us that we are all HUMAN. Seeing each other as humans not the enemy is what we needed to have WORLD PEACE. Sometimes it takes a negative situation to bring out the best in ourselves. Just like after a devastating fire the grass grows back greener and healthier than ever, after the pandemic is over, we will all see PEACE on Earth everywhere.

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