Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Have you ever been in the middle of a thought and someone interrupts your train of thought?

Have you ever been interrupted in the middle of a thought then afterwards you can't remember what that thought even was? You search your mind later but you can't remember. It is frustrating. It does however show you how when negative thoughts pop up front and center in your mind you can interrupt them and JUST FLUSH IT out of your mind. Our minds have an endless stream of thoughts running through it. One by one they take turns popping up front and center trying to grab our attention. If it is a negative thought, JUST FLUSH IT at a quick glance. If you give it a second thought you will have an avalanche of negative thoughts. It's like seeing a cockroach come out of your grocery bag. If you don't squish it, before you know it your house will be infested with cockroaches. Your thoughts make up the reality you live in. As the thoughts stream through your mind choose the ones that will have a positive affect on you. When you see a negative one it is as easy as changing the channel on your TV to something else. And if you see a cockroach coming out of your grocery bag, JUST SQUISH IT.

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