Monday, April 20, 2020

Find out if you can by trying

As new situations arise you have to get adventurous and creative. Obviously if it is something you have not done before you won't automatically know what to do. You won't know if you can do it unless you try to do it. As long as you try you can figure it out. You may not get it right the first time or do it like anyone else does but with a little creativity you can make it work for you. Things are different these days which means we will all have to learn to do things a little differently than we are used to. We have to entertain ourselves at home just like everyone did back in the "old days." At least nowadays we have our electronic gadgets and endless choices of television channels. Since time flys by before you know it things will open up again. Although we will have a new "normal" we will adjust to the changes and have some "normalcy"  in our lives soon. Meanwhile we have to follow the safety measures of social distancing to keep the spread of covid19 from getting out of control. By buying time for the scientist to figure out how to stop it from spreading and find a cure to keep people from dying who do get it. It is a sacrifice we all have to make to keep ourselves and our loved ones from dying during this pandemic. Distract yourself to stay busy so you don't have to much time on your hands to think about how bored you are or worry yourself sick over things that you can't do anything about. You can't forget we are living through a pandemic but you can be distracted for a little while as you focus on doing something to distract yourself. The busier you are the faster time will fly. We started watching full episodes of an old show one afternoon and before we knew it, it was getting dark outside. Look at it one day at a time instead of another month or two of lockdowns. We are one day closer to winning the war against covid19.

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