Monday, April 6, 2020

We all definitely have time to get our Spring cleaning done

Usually you have to squeeze in the time to do your Spring cleaning while you juggle a busy exhausting schedule. This year you got plenty of time and the energy to do it. You will even have time to go through things that you had tucked away for a decade or two. By the end of the shutdowns you will have organized, inventoried, and cleaned every nook and cranny of your house. You will have gotten rid of the things you didn't need making more use of the storage you had. Each day as you do a little Spring cleaning you will begin to notice the difference a day can make and it will inspire you to look forward to what you can do each day. If you work on your "Hobby" for a few minutes each day it will give you something to look forward to doing each day. You can finally have time to work on the outside of your house or your yard. Just think of all the things you never had time to do at your house and make a LIST. We know we are on lockdown for at least a month. Can you imagine what you can do in that month if you did something each day? The more distractions you have to distract you right now is necessary to maintain your overall good physical health and mental health. There is a lot of uncertainties ahead of all of us. We need to be concerned but not be so obsessed about it that it affects our personal well being. Stress can lower your immune system, which is very important to fight off any flu or virus let alone the covid19 virus. Stress can raise your blood pressure which has a negative affect on many of our vital organs. We all have more time on our hands allowing too much time to think. And if you don't keep yourself busy to distract yourself the chances are greater that a negative thought will be able to "grab your attention." And once that happens you will have an avalanche of negative thoughts that soon consumes you. When a negative thought pops up front and center in your mind, JUST FLUSH IT out of your mind. Just look at it this way. A negative thought is like a cockroach. If you invite one cockroach in you know it won't be long before your house is full of cockroaches.     

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