Friday, November 10, 2023

You don't have to say it just because it pops up in your mind

    You may want to REACT to what a friend or family member said the second they say it but SOMETIMES it is best if you DON'T.

    Remember that you DON'T have to BATTLE with them making sure they know your OPINION is different than theirs.

   It's not worth damaging your relationship with someone you love to make sure they know that your opinion is different than theirs.

   In the past we would simply say let's just AGREE to DISAGREE.

   I have seen people quit talking to each other over a simple difference of OPINION.

   What is even sadder is that WHAT they DISAGREED about was TRIVIAL, yet they couldn't just AGREE to DISAGREE.

   Just because you CHEER for DIFFERENT sports teams shouldn't destroy your SPECIAL bond with them.

   Just because you see things DIFFERENTLY doesn't mean you can't ENJOY spending time with them.

   Just because you have a different OPINION than they do doesn't mean you don't care about them.

   Let's just AGREE to DISAGREE and together we can still ENJOY being together.

   Let's AGREE to NOT TALK about SUBJECTS that we know we DISAGREE on so we DON'T have DISAGREEMENTS.

   Just because THEY like wearing RED doesn't mean YOU have to wear RED.

   Just because THEY like SPICY food doesn't change the FACT that YOU DON'T like SPICY food.

   We can AGREE to DISAGREE and still be BEST FRIENDS.


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