Friday, November 17, 2023

Did you get your Christmas tree up yet?

   The best thing about switching from a Real Christmas tree to a fake Christmas tree is that you can put it up earlier to ENJOY it longer.

   It brightens up the house making it all COLORFUL and JOLLY for us all to ENJOY as we gather to eat our Thanksgiving Dinner.

   We had spent decades waiting until the day after Thanksgiving before bringing a fresh Christmas tree home.

   As Christmas approached that fresh Christmas tree was drying up and there are always dried up pine needles falling to the ground.

    An artificial Christmas tree is definitely less of a fire hazard but anything that gets plugged in is a fire hazard so you have to be safe.

   Seeing my Christmas trees up brings a smile to my face because it signals that it's time to celebrate the holidays together.

   Now as I am sitting here looking over my final grocery list for our Thanksgiving Meal, I realize that I am getting an extra week to ENJOY my beautiful, colorful, Holly Jolly artificial Christmas tree. 

   Every extra second you can find an EXTRA MOMENT you can ENJOY in your LIFE is an EXTRA MOMENT that you get to ENJOY.


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