Monday, November 20, 2023

What are you most THANKFUL for this year?

    Take a moment each day to STOP and THINK about everything that you are THANKFUL for.

    Even though you don't have everything that you could have ever wanted, you should be THANKFUL that you have what you need.

   You can't be THANKFUL for what you have until you ACKNOWLEDGE what you have.

    Although you may have to face some CHALLENGES on your LIFE'S JOURNEY you have to be THANKFUL that you are ALIVE to face them.

   Today at the grocery store it was SO BUSY that I had to CONSTANTLY STOP for a moment in each and every aisle and take the FRUSTRATION over the chaos and JUST FLUSH IT to remain THANKFUL I was getting groceries today. Hahaha 

   Have a HAPPY THANKSGIVING everyone and if you have to travel stay SAFE.





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