Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Proving you are right sometimes proves to be the wrong thing to do

   It feels good to know you were right about things. 

  There are times when you may need to prove you were right in certain situations. But there are also situations where fighting to prove you were right will hurt you in some way.

  Knowing you were right is very important but proving you were right is not always important.

  Just like when you tried to warn someone not to do something and they did it anyways, the last thing they want to hear when they are hurt is you saying I TOLD YOU SO. 

  There will be times when you are proud of yourself for something you did but no one else even noticed what you did. Just because they didn't notice doesn't, or at least shouldn't, change how proud you are of yourself.

  Sometimes letting the other person think they were right is way more important than trying to prove to them that they were wrong and you were right.

  In life sometimes you PROVE how smart you are by making the right choice for the best outcome by not fighting to PROVE you were right.




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