Monday, May 31, 2021

Treasured memories

   Today is full of memories of those that are no longer living. They are treasured memories that allow us to relive special moments we had with them. 

  I went through some old photo albums today which triggered old memories that were buried deep in my mind. 

  I sure noticed that our clothing styles were quite different back then. As we age our looks change so much that I had to take a moment to recognize people in old photos. 

  Photo albums are not as important or common in the last decade. Although we have our memories in our mind, I can't imagine not having a picture to remind me of all the little details.

  And although millions of memories are somewhere buried deep in our mind you can't ENJOY it unless it is triggered and you unbury the treasured memories. 

  There are many days in our lives that we think of those that are no longer with us. But today is all about going treasure hunting in our mind to ENJOY treasured memories that are buried. 

  Spend as much time as you can every moment you can making treasured memories with those you love.




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