Monday, May 3, 2021

Everything has gone haywire today

   I don't understand how so many things can break in one day. I started out the day with one problem that I had been working on for days. 

  I thought I had a solution for it, although costly and time consuming. But after days of trying to fix it I had to accept that it was just going to be expensive but it needed fixed. 

  By the time I got back from fixing the one problem I realized it caused a more serious problem that I thought would be fixed once I took care of the first problem. Unfortunately not.

  Computers are not necessarily expensive to replace but all the information on it was impossible to recover. Especially the information on my customers for billing purposes. Definitely should have had a backup plan before it crashed and the information was hidden from me.

  As I struggled to try and research if there was anything I could do to recover it, the electricity went out. For hours. When it finally came back on the fish tank pump wouldn't work.

  Now besides my computer crashing my fish would die if I don't get a new pump right away. That became the priority even though my computer problem was seriously a big problem. 

  After driving 30 minutes to the closest fish store they don't have any pumps the size I needed. So off 30 minutes in the opposite direction to another fish store I go.

  So now the fish are okay and my first problem was solved but there just isn't any way I can fix the computer problem. Sure I can buy a computer but getting all the customers addresses was going to be a big challenge. 

   There are many challenges in life and some are simple but expensive and some are harder than others. But when you are too stressed over them it is best to JUST FLUSH IT OUT OF YOUR MIND and get some rest and deal with it another day. 

  Like they say sometimes in life when it rains it pours and today it has rained so hard that it has caused a flood. But I know that soon the sun will be shining.



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