Friday, April 30, 2021

Talk is cheap

   Talking about it doesn't matter if you don't put action behind it. Talking about it is just chatter unless you walk the talk.

  You may have a great plan but if you don't follow through with what you have planned you just waste your time. It is bad enough if you waste your time but if you don't follow through with your plan you have with others, you waste their time too. 

  When someone ask you for help don't tell them yes you will help if you have no intentions of helping them. An honest NO does far less damage. 

  If you tell them yes then they won't look for anyone else to help them. If the answer is NO then say NO. 

  If you want to achieve what you have planned it is only possible if you execute your plan by actions. If you don't get up and get going you won't get anywhere.

  To GET 'R DONE you got to get up and do whatever it takes to GET 'R DONE.


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