Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Some of the changes we have had to make during a pandemic are changes we will be glad we made

 As I have had more time on my hands during quarantine, I find myself just glancing through cyberspace. I read things I never would have read about if I didn't have to be in quarantine.

  I must admit that it has been fun. I also have learned a lot of things that are inspiring. Some things I have learned will be life changing for me in a positive way that I am so grateful for.

  After a year of all the negative and heartbreaking events that the pandemic has brought, we can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel.

  It's time to get out some pen and paper to write down the things that you couldn't do that you are looking forward to doing again. You also need to write a list of all the things you couldn't do that you have no interest in doing again.

  Write a list of all the new things that you have had to change to get by that you will be thankful to change. And a list of all the things that you had to change that you look forward to continuing doing.

  There are many more list you need to make as well as a list of people you can't wait to see again.

   What was a positive change you had to make that you are glad you made?

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